Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strokes - poetry by A.H. Scott



A.H. Scott

Laying in bed, the dream of desire filled my head Fingers played my piano of pouting lust Skillful maestros took the lead and my flesh. which was ever in need As another set of hands massaged my heavenly bust Pinching and circling my balloons of bliss Hands of varied shades of fingernails upon them rubbed my calves so slowly Manicured nails were like pens upon my thighs, As a symphony of sensuality was being written across my flesh Then came his hands, those hands of power took over from the others My ruby was polished by those lips of his Excavator of eroticism burrowed to my core I whispered, "More, more, more" I sighed, moaned and started to groan, as he did this After a while, the numbers of hands and lips partook of my tender body Enraptured in this dream, I felt the release of love's nectar escaping me Fulfilled in the depths of those hours before dawn, I rustled a bit in a tangle of joy Again and again, that feeling of euphoria took my body and soul beyond the cliff of breaking apart I wanted the dream never to end, but it did and I feel asleep with a smile of satisfaction upon my face When I awakened, I found a single red rose upon the other pillow on my bed I guess dreams do come true... - A.H. Scott 8/10/11

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