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In the aftermath of a brutal attack at his antiques business from an intruder, Arlington Cross receives comfort in the arms of an unlikely angel, Pao Tse-Ling.

Never had danger touched his life before. But, mystery landed on this antique dealer's doorstep with the upcoming auction of some fabled objects of romance.
Rack desire. Rack adventure. Rack your nerves. "Rack Em".........

Arlington Cross selected an apt tune for the evening's premiere performance. Album on turntable, he placed silver arm and needle into its minute groove.

Frank Sinatra's tempered tone and Nelson Riddle's orchestration gave breath to this maudlin sliver of wax from 1958. Seven tiered diamonds next to Sinatra's face of Pagliacci regret, gave any person lucky enough to hear these fourteen tracks a twisted heartstring. First movement began to fill this Vancouver bedroom with "Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely.”

Concept albums of varied artists were just another chic sprinkle of diamond dust atop the world of collectible's dealer Arlington Cross. Trinket treasures being sold onto the Canadian and international markets nicely twinned to glistening gems of melodious magic.

Sounds of Sinatra's soul wrapped around Arlington Cross, as a memory of Pao Tse-Ling's lips reminded him of a sunny day in May. Even standing in his bedroom on a warm August night, she was a special being that brought a moment of bliss to Arlington.

Motioning around to face his guest, he was greeted with a wonderful sight, "Oh, my.”

Pao Tse-Ling's emerald dress floated downward, as manicured fingernails unzipped it. Bra and panties of sea-foam hue, gave that silky skin the wrapping of a jade treasure.
Slowly making his way towards her, Cross’s hands waved against delicate shoulders, "Behold, a gem in my lair.”
"One which cannot wait for a humble jeweler's stamp of certification,” Head stretched upward in a kiss to this wounded man, Tse-Ling whispered, "An inspection by you, would be more than suitable,” Using a bit more strength than usual, Pao pushed him into a seated position, "You just let me handle you, Mr. Cross.”

Thrill of making love to Ling, vanished in an instant of throbbing discomfort within bruised flesh, "But, Pao, I'm not,” Arlington began to think about his ability to satisfy this woman on a Vancouver summer night.

"Cross, you're a man in need of healing. Let me tend to you, tonight,” Handling him with care, she ran fingers through his mixed hair and calmly remarked, "I can't make the bruises go away,” Circling thumbs lightly on Arlington's forehead, "But, I'll try to minimize the pain.”

Becoming more relaxed with every rounding of a thumb on forehead, Cross chuckled ever so slightly, "Hmm. And, how are you going to do that, m'lady?"

Reaching down and unbuttoning his shirt, she slowly revealed that right shoulder into the light. Mixed colors of red and bluish green took up a space of about the size of two American half dollars. Brown eyes viewed this unpleasant sight of soreness, as a slight silence overtook her. Pao's cape of charm returned to full flourish within seconds.

"Like this,” Light pink lips tapped along the periphery of that shoulder, making a final touch with tongue tip at its bull's-eye, "This also, kind lord,” Mouth moved from shoulder to side of neck, as a trio of smooches met their target of Tse-Ling’s desire, "I want you to lay down for me, Arlington.”

Being tended to with such gentleness, Cross couldn't resist a little needling of this beauty in his midst, "It's nice to hear the pearl wants to take control of this night's situation.”

Cross couldn't resist a little needling of this beauty in his midst, as he never had been tended to before with such gentleness "It's nice to hear the pearl wanting to take control of this night's situation.”

"It's not for my need, Mr. Cross.” Without a doubt aroused by him, Pao Tse-Ling had another reason to get this man onto a bed. "It's for the benefit of you.” Watching him laying flat on that bed, the explanation became clearer, "To relax your muscles.” Taking his shoes off and placing them under the bed, as he laid on powder blue sheets.

Laying there in black pants and socks alone, Arlington's stomach revealed a bruise the size of a Bosc pear, a quarter of an inch from his navel, "You could relax the knottiest enigma known to man, Pao.”

Bending her body over him, Ling licked that fruit shaped sore spot on Cross’s flesh, "Every knot can be untangled,” Starting to unbuckle his belt, pleasure would be theirs for the night, "Just relax and let me show you just how gentle I can be.”

Small hands worked zipper and charmed a cock out of white boxers. Pants off and boxers tossed onto a chair in the corner left Cross wearing socks alone. Each exhale of his awakening cock in her mouth, gave Pao a power over Arlington. He grasped comforter with childish glee and howled, "That's so good.”

"I hope so, Arlington,” Continual sucking of cock and caring for those balls, she knew he was ready for the next stage of healing. Taking bra off in a quick unhooking, Pao's palms rubbed against her breasts. With every motion over those nipples, they came to attention for her.

In this army of arousal, all of this woman's arsenal would be used for conquering him. Light green panties were twirled around left index finger and flicked onto the chair that held his boxers. Pao's flesh soaked in the light and a man's gaze of desire.

Mounting him lightly, she wiggled about on that suddenly throbbing piece of meat. His cock became consumed beneath a warm slot of sweet essence. Feathery fantasy atop of him, took Arlington to a place he'd thought was beyond his clasp. Tse-Ling's cooing and supple snarling added to this duo's titillation.

Playfully nibbling on his left ear caused a rigid cock to bang her pussy even harder. It was just the effect she desired most. Pao's pinky nails began to dig into her mate's sides, getting another reaction of heightened excitement from him.

Arlington Cross could feel a river building inside of himself, as its rapids raced to culmination. Pao Tse-Ling didn't wish to wait any longer for him to ejaculate. A trick of tawdry wares appeared in her actions with him.

Back arched slightly backward, those painted nails reached behind her bare ass and firmly squeezed those spongy sapphires of manhood. Cross moaned in a stew of ecstasy and minute agony. As Pao silently counted the number of ten, his balls were freed from a clinging grasp of fingers.

He was almost there. Yet, the moment was incomplete. She would make it happen, one way or another.

Cock cramming into dripping pussy several more times over those following moments, caused both to howl in lustful joy. Tse-Ling's expansive membrane of pleasure moved back and forth with him inside of her.

Light as air, Pao moved off of him and knelt on the edge of that bed. Waiting for him to explode, pink lips opened and closed slowly.

He came. And, she was the recipient of his life-stream against her quivering bottom lip. Kneeling there, Pao was a masterpiece of sensuality.

Arlington's sore flesh had been blunted by a turbulent fuck in that apartment. Tse-Ling's care was just what Cross needed.

Ancient secrets and techniques that Pao Tse-Ling used on many partners came from several memorized pillow books that she reenacted.

Papyrus to rice paper, and parchment to gold leaf, those tender fingers handled many a journal of decadence. Demure eyes of dark brown widened with every fluttering of a delicate lash, while consuming those varied expressions of imagery.

Aspects from Asia, invoked a special place in Pao's mesmerized mind and prickling pussy.

Becoming an aficionado of Shibari and Shunga didn't hurt the image of a world wise woman of countless coital compasses.

Ropes could bind flesh of a willing soul. Yet, also free oneself onto a roundabout of rapture. Escalation of ecstasy occurred with every tightened twist of twine around a limb or torso. Suspension by restraint always remained one of Pao’s propitious positions. Those venerable procedures in divine darkness were Pao's private vocation of victorious arousal.

She smiled and dressed in under ten minutes, as he sat up in that bed, "Pao, don't leave.”

Zipping green sleeveless dress upward, Ling fixed her hair to a proper appearance, "Oh, Cross. You need to get your sleep, sir. My work here is done for tonight.”

"Maybe you can stay until morning,” Slighting covering satisfied staff with portion of a blue sheet, this happy man was full of joy for her.

"Ah, Arlington,” Brushing left hand over his face, those brown eyes twinkled, "Predictability can be boring.”

A musical zenith tracked this evening's events, as Sinatra's final song titled "Gone with the Wind" seemed to fit this moment. Sounds of the orchestra behind Francis Albert filled the bedroom, as this pretty pigeon was about to fly out of Arlington's finely feathered nest. "And, Pao, you are anything but that" Cross understood what she meant by her words, as a twinge of romantic regret came over him. Bird of affection was about to take flight from his fingertips.

Nursing Arlington Cross back to health was the honorable thing to do by Pao Tse-Ling, "You need your rest,” that same virtue, also came into play of her business dealings with this antique dealer. She did have her own reason to get this man on his feet again, "And, besides I want you to be in top form for the auction, dear Arlington.”

After the run in with Moss earlier, he was relieved that Isaac would no longer be in Vancouver for an upcoming event, "When will I see you again?"

Her left hand tapped against the bedroom doorframe, as she grinned and faced him, "The 13th's coming up. You shall see me then,” Reveling in this man's attentive ways with her, Pao conveyed concern to a still sore Arlington, "Take care of yourself, Cross,” Hand waved in exit, "Good night, Arlington.”

Saying farewell, Pao Tse-Ling was out of that apartment within moments. Remaining seated on his bed, Cross heard the front door close behind a refined ruby of warm whispers and light touch.

Album finished, as did midnight's minuet of a jade jewel in the palm of Arlington's hands....


In the world of international auctions, a Vancouver antiques dealer is at the center of an erotic & exotic quest for treasures from a pair of fated lovers of centuries gone by.

A woman's love for a man delivered danger onto the doorstep of Arlington Cross. Love was adventure he never saw coming his way. Yet, romance was beyond the bounds of time.

From a simple action in 1758 France, Manon was a woman who sacrificed her glittering bobbles to get a lover out of prison. Seems like something so innocuous to lead to a modern day mystery. Yet, her name was Manon Balletti. And, the man who held her heart was known more famously by his last name - Casanova...

A.H. Scott sets the game of life on edge in the pages of "Rack Em".

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romance is beyond the bounds of time.....

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JUST RELEASED! - "Jennifer" by A.H.Scott

Jennifer felt a tingling sensation within, as Teddy’s warm hands motioned down her back slowly. Fingers fanned out around each butt cheek and scooped her ass upward.

Her posterior was not an apple shape of firmness, but a cream puff of fluff.

Teddy was eager to explore every morsel of this bountiful woman standing before him, as Jennifer cast off those crumbs of embarrassment about herself.

Kisses so tender began upon her left cheek and down onto the corresponding shoulder, as she couldn’t help but whisper “Please, be gentle with me, Teddy…”

“Like a feather, dear Jennifer” Hands motioned along her torso gently, as Teddy circled each plush blossom with his tongue. He was going to make a scintillating feast of her with every touch this night.

Bending downward slightly, his mouth met pillowy stomach with a trail of puckers towards a patch of dark pubic hair.

Teddy’s tongue darted inside of her and Jennifer tittered.

His head returned upward and kissed each breast once more “I want you, Jennifer” Taking her by the right hand, Teddy and she sat upon the bed covered in rose petals.

Scent of red and pink scattered petals were the aromatic accent to an aria of arousal which was about to take place for them.

Lightly, he pushed her body into a reclined position. Teddy’s hands parted plush thighs and tongue tip made contact with her pearl......


Jennifer never saw herself as something special. She only saw herself as something different. Sometimes things that are different hold a rarity above the ordinary.

A.H. Scott caresses romance in “Jennifer”.

..Every woman is a feast for the senses..