Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 4 - Erotica by A.H. Scott

Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 4


A.H. Scott

Lissette's journey is complete. In the aftermath of her dom's death, Lissette reflects on all she'd learned from him. This sub relishes each encounter she shared with him. No matter her level of prior resistance..

In the final installment of "Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 4", one woman's journey of sexual exploration and psychological expansion comes to it's conclusion.

Lissette is a sub who has reached an exquisite plateau of demure perfection.

A final act of mutual devotion between her departed dom and Lissette, proves she made the right choice in being trained by him all along.

Collars take many shapes and forms. And, love is a constraint which is the most complex link of all....


Lissette's gifts of perfections included servicing her dom wherever he wished it to occur. This included on that floor of his town car, as he was driven through traffic. She sat in the chair remembering it all from those pages that were just read.

Scent of lavender and a leather object whacked against soft skin filled Lissette's mind, as she thought of an event in her dom's bedroom. Only matched by his toys placed in.....

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