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Breaking In - Erotica by A.H. Scott

Breaking In


A.H. Scott

Tanya was spoiled. She always got her way. Well, that was until a certain day. Her father's ranch help was treated like the horses they were charged to take care of. Larry the stable hand had other ideas to handle Tanya, as she would quickly find out.

Brunette brat learns some lessons that aren't taught in the expensive boarding school she went went. "Breaking In" is A.H. Scott's scandalous story of what happens when the tables of status are switched.

Being on top isn't all it's cracked up to be. And, a riding crop in hand is worth a million in the bank....



Breaking In


A.H. Scott

(‘A Ride So Bittersweet’)

How do you break a wild horse? With complete command and control.

Tanya always looked down on her father's help on the family ranch. When her father was out of town on a business trip purchasing new properties, a lesson in humility was given to this woman.

After a long ride that afternoon, she dismounted one of her favorite horses, Oscar. Seeing stable manager, Larry, mucking out one of the stalls, she cleaned her teeth loud enough for him to hear, "Oh, Larry, could you take care of Oscar. I think he could use some water".

Man in his late 30's to early 40's with a slim build and brown hair, Larry stuck his shovel into a pile of shit and turned to face her, "Tanya, you know that there's a bucket right outside next to the spigot".

Tanya was a woman who didn't like to be spoken back to by any man, specifically the household help. She tied Oscar to an oak hitch and walked over to this man with her hands on both hips, "Do your job, Larry".

Larry looked at this woman dressed in a red and white blouse with a knot at it's waist and a pair of jeans, "You look like a healthy girl, Tanya. Get your horse the water yourself".

Tanya's jet black hair was parted with two long braids running down her back. She was not amused with this attitude coming from him, "Do as I say, Larry".

Standing still in front of her, he folded his arms, "Or, what are you going to do, lady?"

"I'm going to tell my father about this", starting to walk away from him, Tanya used her position to threaten this capable stable manager. With back to him, she scowled. But, Larry had another way to settle this situation.

"You're not woman enough to handle this yourself?", snickering at this raven haired beauty, Larry placed right hand against his corresponding cheek.

Turning around, Tanya's temper got the best of her, "I'm more woman than you can handle".

"Prove it", Larry patted his....

(Well, I'm not going to give away where Larry's skillful hands patted. You'll just have to see for yourself when you read the FREE ebook over at Smashwords.. Take the hard ride, one and all..!!)


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