Saturday, December 10, 2016

Author A.H. Scott Invites You To Nibble On A Sliver Of Sensuality - This Is "BREAK AWAY"!

What happens when duty takes leave?

a sliver of sensuality

Ellen Sanders is a woman of duty.

Duty to her family, friends, and work were all signs of her dependability and sense of making everyone around her feel assured and welcome.

What happens when duty takes leave?

“Break Away”.

For a woman who has always been charming and ever so reliable; a slow transformation began after meeting a stranger, during a chance encounter on an elevator at her job which awakened something inside of her.

This is Ellen’s story.

This is “Break Away”.

*****Author A.H. Scott invites you to nibble on a new sliver of sensuality. *****

Coming December 16th, 2016 to the following locations:

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