Sunday, August 7, 2011

No Tears - Poetry by A.H. Scott

No Tears

No tears
My mother would say, when I was younger and skimmed my knee
No tears
My teacher would say, when I was scared to stand up and speak
No tears
My high school crush would say, when he decided to date the head cheerleader
No tears
My employer would say, as my first job blew away
No tears
Yet, tears are the validation of a heart's crush and fears
They build up your pride and brush away the smears
Tears are mine to hold within my soul
Tears are what has crafted my vision so bold
To understand loss, devastation and isolation so cold
So when anybody says to you no tears on this day
I say to them take your words of negativity and go away...
These tears are mine
Go and get your own....

- A.H. Scott


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