Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ambrosial Melody - A Romance by A.H. Scott


Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can be just the pick me up or diversion from the everyday grind of life. Maybe, it's time for grind of a different kind. Hmmm.....

A.H. Scott brings you a story of an average encounter, which leads into an erotic explosion.

Here's a short riddle, which might make you ponder & let your imaginations wander: Way back in the 70's, events were wild. Nothing was off the table for rock and roll Gods. A pair of which enjoyed many a lovely lass. Even as an event of 1974 was about to come soon to pass, it made an impression on all which would forever last.

Rock and Roll is dependent upon four things. One is talent. Two is luck. Three is ambition. Fourth is inspiration. Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can come out of the blue. And, that's what happens to a waitress in a California diner. What she thought was just another boring night working in a greasy spoon, turned to be one she would soon never forget. Let the rhythm move your soul. A.H. Scott is serving up a side of titillation with a few dollops of carnal cream..;)

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The Quotable A.H. Scott

The Quotable A.H. Scott -

"To look at something and seeing it, is two aspects of the whole. At face value, when we look at another human being, what we see is obvious on it's surface. Seeing that being's soul beneath the camouflage over covering is illuminating". - A.H.Scott


"The slightest action can redeem a soul in ways unseen in daylight. As for moonlight; clarity comes to us all". - A.H. Scott


"Miracles don't have to be something which changes the world around you. You are the miracle that can transform your own world". - A.H. Scott


"The best things in life are those which are unexpected. When you least expect the unexpected, a rose of life blossoms upon your heart". - A.H. Scott

Rack Em - A Romantic Thriller by A.H. Scott

A.H. Scott brings you into the world of international auctions and intrigue. Roll the dice of desire and "Rack Em". Eirelander Publishing presents this tale of romance, adventure, and mystery.

In a small, French village, a grand dame of envied collectibles has been murdered in the night, as a trail of treasure and tears leads onto the doorstep of an unsuspecting Vancouver auction house. Recaptured bobbles of devotion from two fated lovers of long days gone by, bring together varied egos into the life of an antiques dealer.

Beauty came to Vancouver, as if it were a smiling wind from across the ocean. For this harried male, a pair of bodacious Italian belles and woman of gentle grace from China proved to be something extra for him. Man and woman, who were once strangers and adversaries, became bound in each other’s arms and hearts. A liquidator in fine fabric has woven itself amongst the sublime class of international buyers and sellers of collectible curios.

Seduction's game is about to break. Question is; can a man fight temptation or join in? Only one move is left to make.



Romance is beyond the bounds of time.

Three years after Giacomo Casanova's release from Paris' Fort-l’Eveque in 1758, a nonchalant conversation between the prison's warden and a guard was overheard.

A 16-year-old jail cleaner, Pepon Larionne, was in the process of collecting garbage in the hallway outside of Lieutenant Hugo Arrieyenne's office, while the warden and longtime prison guard, Edgar DeSaviage continued speaking to each other inside.

Pepon was one of three men who had the task of cleaning the warden's office, guard tower, and guard barracks. This night, it was Larionne's job to handle the outer hallway, which led to Lieutenant Arrieyenne's office. The other two jail cleaners had already started going towards the barracks. This young man, who seemed an unlikely vessel of history, became Cupid's messenger.

It was at this moment in 1761, when Pepon's fate changed for the better. Lieutenant Arrieyenne spoke to Edgar DeSaviage about Casanova's imprisonment and release in 1758. Manon Balletti, one of Giacomo Casanova's great loves, procured his freedom with a pair of diamond earrings in 1758.

The fabled lover had received mercy from a long prison sentence at the bequest of a beautiful woman. And, this is the story which followed through the years........

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Quotable A.H. Scott - VALUES


"Values aren't the pennies that we acquire over the years, but the helping hand we have all needed as a pat on the back and friendly smile. Sometimes it's hard to forget the bad times in life. But, it's the hope that the good times and kind words and actions that people have shown, will make you smile in the moments when you are feeling down". - A.H. Scott

September 10, 2011