Friday, August 12, 2011

The Quotable A.H. Scott - August 12, 2011


AUGUST 12, 2011

"Looking at my own reflection in the mirror, I am proud of the person I see before me. I am center stage in the play of my own life. And, I'm not playing understudy to anyone ever again. No longer last row of the chorus, I am the voice of my own happiness. This is the essence of my heart and soul, laid bare for the world to see." - A.H. Scott.


"Your enemy is as strong as you are weak. The weaker you are, the stronger your enemy will get". - A.H. Scott


"Roses are beautiful. And, the thorns are memorable. Life's all about taking the sweet and bitter. And, praying that there's enough spice in between those moments of boredom. Oops, just pricked my finger and that's where the spice makes it debut..;)". - A.H. Scott


"Pain is flesh untouched. Pleasure is the tingle of arousal that comes with a hand or an organ of lust spreading your thighs and fields of floral delight. Discomfort is nothing in the arms of a lover. Discomfort is no arms embracing you at all..;)". - A.H. Scott

(more to come...)


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