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Can love be just around the corner, or beyond the stars?

Some men fall in love with the girl next door. For one man, his heart was touched by a woman from farther than he could imagine.

Brian fell in love with a dream.

Yet, the fantasy was a nightmare, because this woman was not what she seemed.

Her name was....."Sangre".

A.H. Scott invites you into a new dimension in “Sangre (Daughters Of The Rose Moon)”.

On that pathway to happiness in this romantic adventure fantasy, love is the ultimate destination.

“In the end….we are left with ourselves” – A.H. Scott


Brian slumped onto the edge of the sofa with a blank stare on his face.

Gregorio Esapeda placed a hand on Brian’s shoulders to reassure him that he wasn’t losing his faculties. The elder man caught a glimpse of something he hadn’t seen earlier when Cromwell revealed the photographs of Sangre.

A single item in a single image of that young woman drew Gregorio into a mystery, which even he wouldn’t believe.

Esapeda’s voice raised, “Brian? Tell me about this item in the photograph with her” He pointed at a necklace, which hung around Sangre’s sinuous neck.

Brian stood up and looked at the picture slowly, “It’s a necklace she had been given by her grandmother”. Placing picture down, “I was helping her move some boxes at her place and it fell out of a denim pouch that contained that necklace”. He wondered out loud, “Do you know something about that necklace, Greg?”

“I’ve seen that necklace somewhere” Right hand began rubbing chin gently, as he thought, “But, it can’t be….can it?”

Brian was curious, “Gregorio, what is it?”

Professor Esapeda didn’t say another word, as he began looking through a stack of books located in a small cabinet next to the kitchen. As he did so, Nathan and Brian gave quizzical looks to one another.

Thick leather tome with raised lettering upon it was removed from that cabinet and held in Gregorio’s hands. Sitting down in the middle of that sofa, he cracked the book open slowly. As a scent of aged wood wafted from the faded pages of that book, this man gazed once more at a particular image of Sangre.

“Come, both of you. Please, sit down on either side of me” Gregorio Esapeda sounded like an explorer finding a new world, “I knew this necklace was one which I’d seen before”.

Nathan asked, “Grandfather, what is it?”

“Greg, what does my Sangre have to do with this old book?” Brian was befuddled over the intersection of the young beauty which captured his heart and a book that had seen too many days gone by.

With either man aside him, Gregorio held the photograph of Sangre in his left hand and his right thumb upon a page of that book, “Look at both pictures, Brian”.

There it was in a fading book of ancient myths and legends, an image of a necklace upon a Goddess of Citirion.

Cromwell knew Esapeda was only trying to assist him with finding Sangre. But, a picture in a dusty, old book had nothing to do with a woman of the present day.

“I’m the man here, who should be grasping at straws, Gregorio”, Brian was just brushing off this implication of what his friend just said, “Not you”.

“Citirionites are nomads” Gregorio continued, “They came from a dying star many moons ago” Squinting his eyes at the image in that book, Esapeda spoke with resolution of his analysis, “The necklace matches. But, stop and look carefully at the resemblance”.

Sometimes skeptical of his own elders’ observations, Littlefeather lightly chuckled, “Grandfather, what you are saying is not logical”.

Reining in level of respect he required from his grandson, Gregorio Esapeda spoke from a position of a man who treasured the lineage of history, “We’ve learned from our elders. That knowledge has descended the ancients to our elders”

Single word barely escaped Brian’s mouth, “Alien?”

Knowing how odd this may have sounded to the two younger men in his presence, Esapeda wasn’t speaking about little green men out of tin can spacecraft scurrying about this earth.

Gregorio was speaking of an ancient people who found a home on planet earth – the Citirionites.

“What I am telling you is this” Sternly he spoke, while gazing downward at both images, “Only Goddesses of Citirion are chosen to wear that necklace”.

Gregorio was not backing away from that fact.

“If what you are saying is true, then I’ve lost her forever” Brian took a long breath.

Nathan sighed, “Grandfather, is that true?”

“All moments hold opportunity. And, even her decision to leave here right now, is most timely” Gregorio placed palms together, as another aspect of the legend was told, “There is a brief period when this location known as Paraiso de la Rosa Luna. Or, Paradise of the Rose Moon can be accessed”.

Brian held a piece of paper in his hand, which he never thought would be shown to anyone else, “I found this in her bedroom. But, I didn’t realize the importance of what she wrote until right now”.

As Nathan was handed the slip of paper, he slowly began to read it out loud, “Cuando una pizca de rubor se ve en la Luna, que es cuando me encuentro a mi casa” Then, he repeated it in English, “When a speck of blush is seen upon the moon, that is when I find my home”.

Sangre’s words were almost a roadmap for Brian to locate her. He just hoped the moment to hold her in his arms once more hadn’t been lost to eternity.

“You have said you love this woman, Brian” Gregorio added a question to that statement, “How far are you willing to go to have her in your arms again, Brian?”

Brian Cromwell was at a crossroads of logic and legend. For what would have been simple to say in response, this man in love loosened the boundaries of his own thinking about probabilities and possibilities to hold Sangre once more, “Anywhere that is possible”.

“Love makes fools of men” Elder male smiled and inhaled at the reason for even bringing up a solution to this predicament, “Love makes the impossible possible”…end of excerpt



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“In the end…..we are left with ourselves” – A.H. Scott