Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parchment Of Passion: Argenia's Ascent - Erotica by A.H. Scott

She's up. He's down...

This is A.H. Scott's "Parchment Of Passion: Argenia's Ascent" -

In second of the diary series, "Parchment Of Passion", Argenia is a woman who takes charge over her lover, Peter. She reveals that power can come from deeper than the flesh.

Argenia and Peter had met each other at a party a few years ago in Copenhagen. He had longed for a certain fantasy to be fulfilled. Yet, he was ashamed to tell any of his previous girlfriends. Argenia was a woman who knew the delicious temptation of making men's dreams come true. No matter what their fetish was.

For Peter, he'd found the right twist to do the certain job he was calling for. As for Argenia, she obliged in ways that made even her blush...


"Parchment Of Passion: Argenia's Ascent


A.H. Scott

Argenia slid into bed alone that night, thinking of what happened last week at Peter's apartment. She pulled the black diary off a red nightstand and started to grin as the words glistened up her green eyes....

Wednesday, August 22 -

Exploration and experimentation is just a part of life. Curiosity isn't a sin either. Chances are a part of everyday life. Always remember, Peter, there are no judgments between you and I.

And, guess you are an adventurous sort, aren't you, Peter? So, the naughty man wants me to strap on a dildo and work it into your ....

(well, it rhymes with sass...HA,HA,HA)


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