Friday, August 19, 2011

Fireproof Heart by A.H. Scott


"If only the human heart, mind and soul could be encased in asbestos, we would never experience a level of devastation in acts of betrayal upon us. Alas, we are only flesh and blood. We cry and sigh in moments of dejection and loneliness. But, there is the morn. Everyday we live is a day that a soothing balm of relief can be placed upon our hearts. The devastation is never too far from the surface. But, the sweet moments of a friend's smile or a lover's laugh can keep the pit of flames doused for a brief respite. Or even the simple act of feeling the sun upon our faces, proves that life is ever evolving. And, mankind always has an ability to change course for the better. - A.H. Scott

August 19, 2011

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