Monday, August 8, 2011

Shivers - poetry by A.H. Scott


Shivering in my bed alone
I dreamed of you laying next to me
Shivering without a sheet
I dreamed of you caressing me
Feeling a thousand kisses all over my skin is the shiver of seduction you bring
And, now you are here with me after a short while
Kissing you and running my fingers up and down your arms
You are my feathery charm in the night
Passion fills you and bring us to glory's peak
Shivers encase my body when you're near
Whispering in my ear, you make my soul shiver
Those words which no one else will ever know, tenderly begin to flow
Shivers are the memories I hold when I'm in bed alone
Sliver of my slippery sensuality is parted by your strong hands
Along my thighs, your hands slowly rise
Stomach rubbed gently and then breasts cupped with porcelain precision
Tender grapes pinched by your teeth
I feel shivers as every touch is a tingle
Entering my zone of joy, you made me sigh
Fulfilling the glacial void is the reason why
Scorching snake melts away the icy petals of my iris
My soul shivers and quakes with every move your body makes with me
Taking a deep breath, we rise and tangle within those sheets of blue
Muscles and moans twist through the night
Arched back and pretzel lock of lust continue
Oh, when you touch me, you are my Sexy Shiver Man
I came for you.....

- A.H. Scott


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