Monday, August 1, 2011

Parchment Of Passion: Helaine's Diary - Erotica by A.H. Scott

"Parchment Of Passion: Helaine's Diary" is the first in a series of erotic encounters from the pen of A.H. Scott.

Helaine gives us all a peek inside of her erotic encounter with Alberto..


Alberto and I had been lovers for almost a year. His condo was made a palace of pleasure that was a tempting treasure for my soul. My name is Helaine and this is my diary of delights, which delves into a certain exciting night...

Jade satin robe peeled off, as strands of my dark brown hair swept against my tanned shoulders. A ruby ring Alberto had given me, and lipstick the color of crimson were the flicker flare of fantasy for this night.

What I have planned is a sensuous encounter for the two of us, Alberto. But, then again, when we start light, it always ends up heavy, hard and howling between us, Alberto.

Twisting the red cap off that glass bottle of almond oil, I drizzled a stream of it upon your lovely chest. My sandy polished fingernails tenderly ran through that dark brown thicket of hair, almost like I were on an expedition of sorts. Oh, my love, you laid there licking your lips in eager anticipation of what I would do next. Unique is what you are and even every hair upon your body has that same status, sexy Alberto.

Oil had that almost sweet aroma, as I felt that heart beneath my hands starting to beat harder...................

(Now, everyone lick your lips and get ready for more)


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