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The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed - An Amazon Exclusive

Private detective Delilah Archer is hired by a socialite to investigate her daughter’s changing behavior and goings on at the prestigious school she attends.

Behind the walls of the Baynebridge Academy, Southern charm of the student body had a way of allowing fresh cream to always rise above the rest of the crop.

After all, the destination of Archer’s assignment was a town called Pleasureville.

Author A.H. Scott presents "A Delilah Archer Mystery: The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed".

Exclusively at Amazon Worldwide

.........Sultry Suspense On Target......

A Delilah Archer Mystery: The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed by A.H. Scott

Private detective Delilah Archer is hired by a socialite to investigate her daughter’s changing behavior and goings on at the prestigious school she attends.

Behind the walls of the Baynebridge Academy, Southern charm of the student body had a way of allowing fresh cream to always rise above the rest of the crop.

After all, the destination of Archer’s assignment was a town called Pleasureville.

excerpt -

All eight of them thought their activity in the dungeon had concluded. Yet, Mistress Honey always had something spicy up her sleeve for participants there.

Doctor Elias, Audriana and Evelyn had waited for Mistress Honey in the enema room, when they were called into action by her “Doctor and nurses!! Bring me the goods!” As they approached, Honey spoke in a cheerful tone “I believe in full equality for all men and women”.

Purveyors of prayer for the brotherhood of mankind smiled with erections and ejaculative euphoria over experiencing delights within Mistress Honey’s dungeon.

“That’s why” Uncovering a tray which Audriana held “You will” Nodding to Doctor Elias for him to uncover the tray Evelyn held “Know what it’s like for a girl” Revealing four strap-on dildos of vanilla hue, Mistress Honey smiled “Girls, it’s now your turn to turn out the guys”.

Violet, Millicent, Wyler and Polly light giggled at the reversal about to take place in the dungeon.

Man who’d just banged Millicent very hard and raw became hesitant “Well, uh…I don’t know about that, Mistress”.

Laying down the stinging truth about the rules of the dungeon, Mistress Honey manifested complete control “You think you can fuck my girls in the ass at my largesse and think you have no obligation to obey me!!”

Everything in that dungeon came to a total standstill.

Taken aback, this man of over six feet tall and over two-hundred pounds knew that he’d come up against a physically tiny terror with great tits and golden locks. Meekly, this man with a defensive tackle’s physique used a diminished voice to her “Please, accept my humblest apology, Mistress”.

Below the surface of calm, a rage was within her. Yet, she smiled “Don’t worry, I accept your apology” Gently taking one of the strap-ons off that tray, Mistress Honey placed it on herself and whispered “Hey, I hope I didn’t scare a big, strong guy like you” Smiling broadly, “Let me just play a little bit back there, okay?”

Seeing only the surface of the water as this female appeared to be, he slightly gave a shrug and nonchalant chuckle to the perceived dimensions of this situation “Oh, I know that little you can’t make me cry, Mistress”.

Size was never a problem for Honey, for confidence was Mistress Honey’s purview.

“You know something” Mistress Honey used some charm on this unsuspecting man, as she slowly let that dildo rub around the rim of his asshole “I know that I can’t make you cry” Rolling eyes of disdain to the two men on either side of him “But, you know what?” Nonverbal signal was given for him to be held still “This dildo in your ass can!!”

Those who assumed lace received steel fist in ass for good measure.

“God........Damnit!!” Thunderous yelp filled the dungeon.

“No, you fucker!!” Mistress Honey crammed dildo inside of him deeply, as both men held him as still as they could. She was on a verbal tirade against him “God damned you for not heeding your Mistress!!” Banging plastic inside of him in three strong thrusts “Hold him still, fellas” Giving warning to them also “Or, the same will happen to you without lube like this one here!!”

Silently, they nodded to her, as the other occupants of the dungeon had front seats to Mistress Honey’s wraith.

Breathless in this unexpected action by a woman less than half his weight, his thighs tried to clamp down on that dildo and push it out of himself some way “Oh, oh…..owwww!!”
Delilah held hand over mouth, as vomit ascended into throat over this sight.

Man with full erection was being fucked in his ass by a dildo-wearing woman of slight frame, just blew the doors of Archer’s thoughts of sexuality off their hinges.

“Let him go, fellas” Mistress Honey had an instinct about how to handle those who came to her dungeon “He’s not going to move or run from my cock in his ass” Moderation of movement in and out of that man kept his cock hard, as she rode him to a state of surprise “You see, everyone. He’s enjoying it” Gently rubbing hands against this man’s sweaty back “You enjoying this?”

His muscular body was accepting the punishment from her, as stress of fighting those invasive movements subsided. Moving with the cock inside of himself, he grinded back and forth on it “Yes, Mistress”.

Mistress Honey had just broken in another man in her dungeon.

With care, she extracted dildo from his ass and he responded in an unexpected way to her “Bless you, Mistress”.

Mistress Honey kissed him on the cheek for saying those words of praise to her....
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"A Delilah Archer Mystery: The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed"

.....Sultry Suspense On Target....

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Now Is (Live It Or Lose It) - a poem by A.H. Scott

Now Is (Live It Or Lose It)

Now is the time Now is forever

Now or never

Now is war from without and within

Now is conflict of hating that which is other

Now is seeing the enemy as our brother

Now is the time to make the most of it

Now is peace if ego steps aside

Now is a rocket to the moon the kid in us wants to ride

Now is nowhere quick

Now is everywhere fast

Now is me

Now is you

Now is all the which the past has put us all through

Now is the scent of a baby fresh and new

Now is that smell of an old person who stews

Now is those celestial wheels which churns

Now is the death machine and ensuing rage that burns

Now is that single spot which holds you

Now is the distance to Timbuktu

Now is MINE

Now is YOURS

Now is THE time

Now is that snore that holds off morn

Now is that yawn that cradles a new dawn

Now is the moment

Now is the reason

Now is the oxygen that inflates your lungs

Now is the season for singing those special songs

Now is right

Now is wrong

Now is memory of a first time

Now is cold ocean water engulfing your ankles

Now is those snowballs plastering your coat

Now is being at the local pool learning to float

Now is children at play

Now is hoping innocence will stay that way

Now is knowing the Devil's card tricks make a play

Now is knowing that God's love has to give sway

Now is a laugh

Now is a tear

Now is telling a stranger that you care

Now is nature pulling the brakes on mankind from time to time

Now is a blanket of snow which covers blanket of leaves

Now is a hot cup of cocoa to take off the chill

Now is being lucky enough to have heat inside of a home

Now is hands pressed in prayer for those who have none

Now is trying better for yourself and others around

Now is an opportunity that abounds

Now is the flame of curiosity in the twinkle of your eye

Now is a miracle on this mortal earth

Now is proving courage is stronger than dirt

Now is making a way out of nothing

Now is recognizing there is no room for punting

Now is building a better world for generations to come

Now is not a sprint, but a long, long run

Now is gone as you read along

Now is sun rising at dawn

Now is rain cascading down

Now is a rose beginning to bloom

Now is a petal cast to the wind too soon

Now is a whisper of hush and roar of WOW!

Now is not yesterday

Now is not tomorrow

Now is this second not to waste

Now is to live without haste

Now is what it is

Now is NOW

(live it or lose it)

- A.H. Scott


Friday, November 2, 2012

Origami: Jasmine's Journey - an A.H. Scott erotic experience

Jasmine needed a special type of tutoring in her first year of study at Tokyo University.

A friend of hers, Kapaya, suggested she get a mentor instead.

His name was Teyoko.

In the house of Kishuriko, pleasure is paramount.

A.H. Scott unfolds, “Origami: Jasmine's Journey”.

Fantasy by design…..


<<<<< tsuukai >>>>>


..I could only think about those clamps on her nipples. I whispered to Wan-Lu “Isn’t he going to remove those clamps? Won’t he give her mercy?”

“Mercy comes in many shapes and forms, my dear” Wan-Lu gave coy smile.

Soft ass had a gentle sway, as Morris ran hands around both posterior cheeks. Without a word, his light touch became heavier with a tightening grip.

“Sir….ooooh” Daisy tried to motion away from his fingers pressing against her ass.

Morris compressed and parted those cheeks a bit, as his favorite game of question and answer began “Whose ass is this, huh?”Growling further and pinpointing his command and control of her “Is it yours, slut?”

“Yours…” Knowing exactly how she should answer him, Daisy did not address him properly. And, she waited impatiently for a prompt correction.

“Daisy….Daisy…Daisy” He knew exactly what she was doing in replying to him that way “Spread your cheeks open for me” Giving her instructions “Use your spit to get that hole nice and ready for me, baby”

Holding small hands in front of mouth, Daisy spit globs of saliva into the palms of her hands and lubricated a hole that wasn’t made for a smooth ride.

Blonde strands of hair brushed around her shoulders, as Daisy expanded cheeks with both hands.

Wan-Lu and I watched, as she prepared to take his tool into her shed of salaciousness.

“Now, I’m going to ask you again” Morris motioned forward against her back “Whose ass is this?” Feeding cock into asshole, he used a slow amount of pressure.

Daisy sputtered “Yours…..sir”

“Good girl” Morris motioned head past blonde hair and kissed her cheek “Since we now know whose ass this is” Rolling tip of tongue along that cheek, he added “What should I do with my ass……hmmm?”

“Fuck it….hard” She gave a careless answer to him.

Morris didn’t appreciate her insolence and his cock made her ass pay “Hard?” Thrusting cock several times inside of asshole “You think I should fuck my asshole hard?”

Daisy howled “Sir…yes!!” Clasping back of that wooden chair, red painted fingernails motioned up and down “Your asshole needs to be fucked hard…..”

One word was missing from her lips.

And, I knew what it was.

But, more importantly than me knowing what she should have said; Morris knew.............


Jasmine needed a special type of tutoring in her first year of study at Tokyo University.

A friend of hers, Kapaya, suggested she get a mentor instead.

His name was Teyoko.

A.H. Scott unfolds, “Origami: Jasmine's Journey”.

Fantasy by design…..

Take a peek at the trailer for "Origami: Jasmine's Journey" here: Origami: Jasmine's Journey

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Thorn - a spooky n' spicy nibble by A.H. Scott


Excerpt -

.....As they arrived inside the castle gates, he made an offer of an ancient tonic

Standing in the grand hall, Sandra gazed at a portrait upon the marble wall

Oil painting of a raven haired beauty with eyes of green captivated this guest

Sandra’s brown hair was twisted in a luscious bun

Thorne appeared with two goblets and asked, “Want some?”

Liquid of amber swirled inside of silver, as he passed a drink to his attractive visitor

She sipped slowly and felt the room begin to spin

All he could do was grin

Goblet met floor, as Sandra was supported by Thorne

Carrying her up the grand staircase, she listlessly sighed

Barely any liquid was needed to ply

Into his bed chamber she was quickly taken

Sandra’s satin dress with slit on one side, revealed a bare left thigh

It was removed by Thorne’s skilled hands

Aroma of fragrant candles awakened this maiden beyond the hour of midnight

Naked and confused, she didn’t know what to do

She sat up and saw a sight that caused a pant

Thorne stood at the foot of the bed

He wore arousal and nothing else

Thorne set his sights on Sandra right then

Sandra was under a spell she had little control over

His hand reached out and she placed hers in it

Eyes locked in a waltz of wonder............

- End Of Excerpt

download the FREE poem from A.H. Scott's website - Thorn: An Erotic Halloween Poem

4 Play Or Foreplay: Four Angles Of Lust

A.H. Scott's Amazon Exclusives

"Ursula Unwrapped" - Ursula needed a raise. Denise needed satisfaction. Both got what they came for - IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. A.H. Scott exposes varied skills of negotiation in "Ursula Unwrapped".
Excerpt -

Denise was only a lady during the hours of business. Yet, after hours she was a mistress of mayhem on men and women. And, at this moment of late night, it was Ursula's turn on the wheel of pleasing Denise.

Fingernails dug into Ursula’s gyrating thighs, as Denise held her open for after hours dining.

"Get on your knees and eat me out. If you get me off, Ursula, you'll be getting that raise. But, if I don't get off, you won't get your raise" Denise licked her lips and sat on the edge of the desk, while Ursula got on her knees and ate her out.

Denise held Ursula’s mouth directly at her pussy, almost as if she didn’t want this woman to breathe anything but a hot snatch. And, Ursula inhaled Denise in silence for several moments, until hands released stationary head.

“Now, do me good….. My pussy needs only the best” Denise licked lips and waited for Ursula to promptly continue, “Are you worthy of such a luscious hole?”

Ursula was a woman on a mission. Not just to get Denise off. She was going to get that raise, too.

Ursula Unwrapped

"Sudsy" - Sunny gets a surprise from a rubber duck and Chuck in "Sudsy". A.H. Scott advises you watch out for the bubbles...
Excerpt -

Key into lock, I'm waiting for him to come into the bathroom and find his sexy mermaid waiting with warmth and moisture engulfing my body and soul.

The door opens and he's standing there with a bottle of Champagne in one hand. But, in the other, he's got a rubber duck. Oh, rubber duckie, I couldn't have a bath without you....


He placed the bottle down onto the edge of the tub. I was about to rise up and greet him. But, he had other ideas. Holding that yellow duck in between both hands, he twisted the orange beak. Oh, he was in a quite playful mood. Whirring sound of that beak swirling round and round caught my attention. Smiling at me, he tossed it into the tub. Almost like it had it's own radar for my sensitive parts; the duckie made a b-line straight between my thighs. I guess it must have been a lonely quacker. My thighs caught the beak before it burrowed betwixt strands of blond down below.

I looked up at him and whispered, "Do you think I'm that easy to please?" As he licked his lips, there was only one word from this man's lips, "No". Aaah, he did know me too well. I laid back into the tub and spread my thighs for him to see where the duckie would go when I released it. And, wouldn't ya' know it - duckie went down. As for my man, well, he knelt at the side of the tub and ran his hand through the rose petals...........


"Catalina's Commotion" - Catalina used transportation to her benefit. Public sex with men was the best part of it. Catalina takes a ride.
Excerpt -

A man's hand between my thighs is so nice. The power of his fingers and strong hand take charge of anything that's in his grasp.

You take charge of my pubic hair and twist the patch that covers my pussy lips. As for my other lips, my pink lipstick is the ultimate facade for the coy smile I start to have, as you work your fingers in and out of me.

When that train starts to pivot to the left and right, as it goes down the tracks through the tunnel, my pussy is moving in unison with your hand.

I know you can feel my pussy starting to drip and you smile down at me.

I'm standing there using that silver pole to give myself a bit of balance, while you are making me come..


The train comes to a complete standstill and the lights go out for a short period of time.

It's time enough for you to remove your hand after completing this carnal task upon this seemingly sexy stranger and even lick your fingers from those droplets of a dripping pussy.

Catalina's Commotion

"Hot Butter, Hot Hands, Hot Cakes" - Hannah's got a surprise for her honey. It's a naughty tale of hotcakes, that's sexy and funny. Syrup and butter are a sticky requirement. A.H. Scott is servin' it up steamin' in "Hot Butter, Hot Hands, Hot Cakes". Lick your lips and get ready for a good readin'.....
Excerpt -

Hannah's buns were bare in the latex apron she was wearing.

She shifted hips from side to side.

Giving Oliver the idea of what he wanted to ride.

Turning around, Hannah smiled at him.

"Happy Birthday, Ollie!"

Skillet off the burner and spatula placed on counter, Hannah knew that her husband wanted to hump her.

Wrapping her arms around the man she loved, their bodies embraced like hand in glove.

"What a nice surprise for my nose and my eyes" , kissing her bare shoulder, Oliver laughed.

Hannah pressed both hands against Oliver's pajama top and whispered, "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet".

She wiggled from Oliver's grasp and walked over towards the stove.

Yet, it wasn't food Ollie was hungry for.

He wanted to explore Hannah's treasure trove.

"You go on back upstairs for the rest of your surprise, my darling" ,Hannah wiggled her bare buns to give him a preview of coming attractions.

Oliver licked his lips and knew what was coming soon.

But, he was a birthday boy whose wife knew how to truly make him drool.

Upstairs he went and sat in bed waiting for Hannah to join him.

Five to ten minutes whistled by and when Oliver saw Hannah with tray in hand he knew he was a lucky guy.

Pink high heels and latex apron on Hannah, made her look like a SnowBall from childhood he remembered.....

Hot Butter, Hot Hands, Hot Cakes



Author A.H. Scott is guest blogging for Friday, November 2, 2012 at Toni V. Sweeney's blog.

The myths of what makes a hero is the subject I've decided to set in my target sights. It's titled, "A White Hat Ain't Gonna Get The Job Done".

Crossroads of hero & coward are taken up on the blog.

Fellow author Toni V. Sweeney has cordially invited one and all to leave a comment on this guest blog posting.
A.H. Scott Guest Blog - Toni V. Sweeney

Please stop by and enjoy an interesting read. Thanks..

A.H. Scott