Monday, August 22, 2011

Drilled For Defense - Erotica by A.H. Scott


A perky trainee has caught the eye of an iron-fisted Sergeant. She's eager to learn. He's eager to lead her.

Bubbly Katie Pillowes was the most unlikely member of the Army. Soft, sexy and under 25-years old, Pillowes lived up to her pillowy last name. Drill Sergeant Thomas Jagger relished his position in having a hands on training of those beneath him. The chain of command was firmly connected to a leash in this man's hand.

Author A.H. Scott opens thighs and minds wide in "Drilled For Defense".


Drilled For Defense


A.H. Scott

('Chain Of Command')

Katie stood at attention, as the drill sergeant walked into the barracks. She was out of her Army issued uniform and accessories. Powder blue tank top and light blue shorts were like a sore red thumb to the rest of her unit.

"Attention!", Private Patricia Arts yelled out, as the other women lined up in front of their bunks.

Tight ass and walk to match, Drill Sergeant Thomas Jagger marched into the middle of two rows of eight beds in that barracks, "Ladies, good morning".

"Good morning, Sergeant Jagger", in unison they all bellowed with respect. Katie stood there with shoulders straight and chest pressed forward. She had gotten up late and forgot to put on a bra. As Jagger moved down the line, his green eyes caught a glimpse of Katie's nipples that could be seen easily under the lights.....

(so, you didn't think I'd let you see it all right here, did you? No, no, no. You'll have to read the full ebook over at Smashwords..)

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