Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 2 - Erotica by A.H. Scott

In the second installment of this multi-part series, Lissette is learning the ropes and becoming the perfect submissive. Her training is elevating her mind, body and soul.

"Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 2" is author A.H. Scott's sexual exploration of a submissive in training.


“Parchment Of Passion: Lissette 2


A.H. Scott

Lissete's blue eyes scanned over the pages of her journal, as she sauntered down a memory lane of lust and diminishment.

Dates and years seemed to have flown by, as this woman in her forties relived those events of seduction gone by.

Scenarios set forth by Lissette's dom, revealed this sub's desire to fulfill the tiniest detail of desire he wished for...

Wednesday, May 19th -

I wonder where the sash on this white robe I'm wearing is? I know I had it before I came into this room. As I walk towards my dom sitting in an Italian leather chair, this white garment starts to part with every movement of my luscious legs. On my feet are a pair of red stilettos. I know my dom is a man of such distinct intelligence and power loves his sub in high heels.

Once again, I wonder where could that robe sash possibly is?

Well, of course, there it is. In the hands of a powerful man. My dom slowly twists it around both of his hands and I smile ever so gently at him. Because, I think I know exactly what's going to happen to me. But, then again, I know the wheels inside of my dom's lusty mind are twisting.

There I stand before you with a white robe that barely covers my naked body beneath. Since the robe is so short, you can see a few strands of......

end of excerpt

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