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Ambrosial Melody - Contemporary Romance by A.H. Scott

"Ambrosial Melody"


A.H. Scott

Way back in the 70's, events were wild. Nothing was off the table for rock and roll Gods. A pair of which enjoyed many a lovely lass. Even as an event of 1974 was about to come soon to pass, it made an impression on all which would forever last.

Rock and Roll is dependent upon four things. One is talent. Two is luck. Three is ambition. Fourth is inspiration.

Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can come out of the blue. And, that's what happens to a waitress in a California diner. What she thought was just another boring night working in a greasy spoon, turned to be one she would soon never forget.

Let the rhythm move your soul..





A.H. Scott

Working the night shift at the Wintergreen Diner in Bakersfield never seemed to be something life changing for me. But, in the fourth month of 1974, seedlings of adventure came into bloom.

A chance meeting burned a blistering memory into the heart of this California girl.

There was only one other waitress who worked at the diner. She and I had exchanged our work hours for that entire week. My brunette friend had plans with a new boyfriend in nearby Ontario.

Blondes having fun was far from reality for me, as I stacked coffee cups on a shelf in the supply room that night. Howling moans of Joe Cocker on a small transistor radio kept me company.

Swaying gently to "Delta Lady", my coral painted lips began to smile. I was brought out of my musical trance with the dinging of the pick-up bell on an outside counter at 10:35 pm.

"Pick up!" Cook in stained, off white t-shirt called out in a raspy voice. Vic Green was a former transplant from Brooklyn. A former boxer with several Golden Gloves wins under his belt; Green had purchased this eatery about fifteen years prior.

I pushed myself slowly through the swinging doors, "Vic? What table?"

"Ah, I'm glad the princess decided to bless me with her presence" Giving a belly laugh, he added "Lucky 7".

"Or, maybe craps" I pulled a trio of plates from that counter and placed them onto a black serving tray. There were two guys seated at the counter, cramming food into their mouths.

The place was almost bare, except for the men at the counter and a quartet that were sitting in the booth located in rear. With all the other empty booths and tables at the Wintergreen, it made me wonder why these customers were sitting all the way in the back at table seven.

Putting the serving tray onto the booth next to table seven, I still was a bit curious of why they sat there. A pair of men sat in the booth, on either side of a canary yellow table.

One of the men was older with a thinning comb-over. It always amazes that a man thinks no one will possibly know that he's losing his hair. But, it's not for me to judge. it's for me to place the order in front of him.

The balding man was definitely dressed in colors of Easter. White seersucker jacket and light blue pants, gave the image of spring being sprung in California, "Oh, here comes our order. Damn, I could eat a horse".

Wisecracks always lightened my workday and this was no different a moment of levity, "From your words, honey. It seems like I've come at the right time" Taking one of the three plates off the serving tray, "I've got a roasted chicken sandwich. Who wants the damage?"

Slender male in his middle 40's was seated next to the man of pastel colors spoke up, "That's mine" He began giggling like a schoolboy of decades gone by.

As I grabbed another plate, the customer in seersucker added, "Mine is surf and turf. Steak, haddock, Miss".

"Here you go, sir" I laid plate in front of him and began to turn to the final item on my serving tray. Not having paid much attention to the two men who were seated across from the others, I casually added, "And, which one of you two get the rings?"

Holding third plate in my hands, I got a closer look at these two male customers. They hadn't spoken a word to me. Yet, as I realized who they were, the silence of shock became a Wagnerian symphony all on its own.

Almost speechless, I stood there holding a plate full of Vic's greasy, onion rings in front of two of music's mystical masters. Oh, the heart beat a bit quicker. And, I'll admit that I got a little wetter, too.

Seeing my reaction to them, this customer smiled and spoke in a medium tone to me, "The rings are mine".

"Oh, such a lucky guy, huh?" My pearly whites, returned the smile, as I placed plate on the table, "It's a pity your seating partner is left out in the cold".

With those words escaping my lips, I was amazed that I was actually flirting with both of them. And, what happened next were the first strings of desires overture taking flight.

As an onion ring went into mouth, this man looked over to his colleague and laughed, "We gotta get you warmed up, buddy".

I actually pushed for a larger order, in hoping for a more substantial tip, "Are you sure you don't want something, sir?"



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