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!!!JUST 99 CENTS!!!

Snaking himself behind her, Nick Bell whispered into Angie Chase's ear, "Your husband is one unlucky son of a bitch", bringing Larry's name into the mix, "What makes you think he's going to pay back that amount", knowing that kind of money was far from that accountant's grasp, he focused on the heiress of the Carter Manufacturing fortune, "Without his wifey's help?"

"Help? You call this help?", seeing nothing positive in that description of what Bell was implying in hearing about a sexual encounter happening between them.

"Look at it, Angie", Bell smiled at her, "You are his ace in the hole", seeing just how determined this wife was to her husband's cause, while adding, "And, he doesn't even know it yet".

Turning doorknob without wishing to stay in that location with Bell any longer, Chase became resolute in her actions, "I'm leaving".

"Not yet", situated behind her, Nicholas held door closed with hand on it, "I have something to tell you".

"Let me out of here", Angela's hand twisted the knob, looking for exit from Nick's office in the Eight Ball.

"Listen to me, Angela", his voice fell to a tone of gentle coaxing, "If you walk out of that door", licking tongue against teeth in a loud flicker, "Then your husband will have to pay up", calmly laying out the consequences of leaving his office without thinking over an offer, "Sooner, rather than later", motioning hand away from that door in a quick movement, Nick wouldn't be keeping her any longer, if she wished to go right then.

Longing for this conversation to get back on the track of repaying a debt and not what Bell wished it to become in future moments, Angela uttered, "Nick, the money can be in your hands under 48 hours".

Nick turned his back to Angela and walked back to his desk without pressuring her, "Oh, don't I know it", resting himself on that desk edge, Bell played coy, "Angela, daddy's money won't satisfy me", taking in a deep whiff of light fragrance in that once stale office air, she was in his sights, "But, you can".

Slowly facing him, Angela tried to use a little charm of her own, "Nick, I'm begging you", attempting to reject this unpleasant request, "Don't do this".

"Do what, huh?", slyly snickering, Nick feigned ignorance over her objections, "I'm giving you a compromise", placing that reality of a spouse's debt into the open, "Your flesh for Larry's".

Lawrence Chase may have been imperfect. But, what Nicholas Bell was suggesting Angela Carter Chase do to pay off that debt, became an alien insurrection of internal conflicts, "I can't do this to my husband".

Looking at Angela, it was obvious that this young wife had no idea of how reckless her husband had actually been in gambling, "Do you honestly think Larry gives a damn about how this would affect your marriage", releasing a laugh from those lips to her, "He kept coming back for more and more", eyes of a churning sea started to squint at this brown haired heiress, while putting an offer of desire in focus, "Even when he knew he had the losing hands".

"He just had a bad streak, that's all", always trying to paper over the stench of Larry's mistakes, Angie stood up for the man who had her hand and heart.

Nick folded arms, as he sat on that desk edge, "How many times has dear Lawrence needed you to come to bail him out, huh?" understanding the benefits that Chase had in marrying Arthur Carter's little girl and all of the access to accounts that came with it.

Armor of protecting marital status and parental ties to her, Angela Carter Chase took umbrage, "That's none of your business".

"You know something", Nick nodded in agreement to Angie's utterance, "You're right. It is none of my business what you did in the past with your husband and his debts", upright and walking to face her, he rubbed thumb and index finger of right hand together, "But, this 250 is the here and now", slight irritation over this woman's reaction began taking a toll, as he proceeded, "And, I'm going to collect", blue eyes imagining how good it would be to be with her, he gazed Angela up and down....




Debt leads to desire. Desire leads to danger. Danger leads to a dormant disguise. Disguises dissolve and devotion's claw rips through society's satiny facade.

Lies and secrets are like molecules of fat. They always rise to the surface.

Lawrence Chase owed a debt. His wife, Angela, decides to take a gamble of her own, which leads to places that unseen consequences roam. What begins as a bargain of assisting a spouse with a problem, takes a woman down a rocky road of self reflection, desire and unraveling a secret from the past.

Looking at a portrait of a man and wife, the fractures of a marriage aren't easily seen. Smile and supportive caress hide the barren wasteland of a relationship. Desire can take us to places that the heart can never capture. A simple hand out to a stranger can be all that a lonely person could ever need. Even if it came from an unexpected source.

Man of varied lies and devilish alibis has snaked his way into the lives of this couple. Before either knows it, they are submerged in something beyond their control. For what was a frivolous flirtation, became a shower of a heart's hidden obsession onto a floor of doom's dance.

Sexy brunette with a pouting sense of privilege, Angela Carter Chase is the spoiled daughter of tycoon, Arthur Carter. Yet, daddy's dimes couldn't protect her from what she'd become immersed in.

It leads her to a culminating moment of wondering to stay afloat in a marriage's rickety vessel of distress or forever going "Over My Head".

Singular event on a sexually charged night with Angela Chase at it's core, turns from a bubblegum pop song of simplicity into a Wagnerian symphony of doom within the pages of "Over My Head".

A wife. A husband. A lover.

Sex. Money. Power. Lies. Obsession. Murder.

No one gets out of this life without paying a price.

Devotion came in a single kiss.


Over a kiss. Over the limit. Over the edge. Overboard. Over My Head.

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love is the greatest gamble of all....;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



"If you look in the mirror and see a stranger standing before you, then you know it's time to change your trajectory in life. If you look in the mirror and see an old friend, then you know your soul is home again. Mirrors can be a snapshot in time. But, also an ever evolving and revolving reflector of mind, body and soul. Some moments sparkle with light. Some moments diffuse in contrast shadow. Yet, the mirror doesn't lie in the corner of your eye." - A.H. Scott

"A classic is a classic, no matter who may turn their noses up to it. A person who doesn't open their mind to something on the edge of stark realism in any form, will never absorb an expanding horizon." - A.H. Scott

"Deepest recesses of the human soul are darkest before the crimson flag of eternity" - A.H. Scott 6/16/12

"The day that Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/TheLeft stop being sprinters; maybe they will catch up with the Conservatives/TheRight/Republicans, who are running a marathon. Short distance is as far as the tip of your nose. Long distance is a memory, which gets a person to see decades down the road. Now, that's what those who sprint should learn and ALWAYS remember." - A.H. Scott 6/24/12

"Walls can't contain the human spirit. Some people are imprisoned with impoverished souls. While others find tranquility in the solitude of the smallest of spaces. It doesn't matter where you may lay your head at night, if your mind is adrift in the dark abyss. Three hots and a cot can be more priceless than the gilded ransom of a king. Behind the wall, there is wisdom of life's purest form. Some who have been on the inside are smarter than many of us on the outside." - A.H. Scott

"Not everybody in the world will love you. But, if at least one person likes you; then you don't have to convince anyone else of your worth. You know you are a good person inside. And, besides, if everyone you meet will love you; that concept of affection will be so watered down that you won't know champagne from cherry Kool-Aid." - A. H. Scott

"Backwoods doesn't mean backwards. Gotham doesn't mean gifted. Wisdom is beyond location." - A.H. Scott

"It's not where your feet land that matters most. It's where your head is, when it's time to find your way out of the wilderness. From the greenest grass to the grayest concrete, your path is what you make of it." - A.H. Scott