Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WHISPER - A Poem By A.H. Scott



Whisper as you come into the darkened room

Whisper to me as my skin glistens by the light of the moon

Whisper with a chuckle that gets my attention

Whisper things that only a lover would mention

Whisper words wild

Whisper words mild

Whisper words that show off your style

Whisper with light touches of air from your lips to my ear

Whisper to the one you always call dear

Whisper to the one you've never caused a tear

Whisper words of assurance of good times to flow

Whisper in a virile tone that's so low

Whisper with hands moving along my soft curves

Whisper with fingers probing the depths of my soul

Whisper like a man that's got a hell of a lot of nerve

Whisper with strength that never needs to be growled

Whisper with nibbles on my tingling earlobes

Whisper something profane

Whisper naughty words that are twisted with my name

Whisper deep sighs, as tingles mingle between my thighs

Whisper in tongues global

Whisper in a game of seduction that isn't local

Whisper with wisdom which brings a smile to my face

Whisper with adolescent charm which vanishes lingerie of lace

Whisper words of admiration for a woman that's aged right

Whisper words of pleasure to me on any lovely night

Whisper in a humble hum

Whisper without qualms of how I may truly see you

Whisper with knowledge that I adore you through and through

Whisper words that descend my laughter to a fallen hush

Whisper words that I never hear much

Whisper words that make my senses curl

Whisper words that make my inhibitions unfurl

Whisper that you know I'm a woman and not a girl

Whisper to remind

Whisper to unwind

Whisper between contact and context of flesh and mind

Whisper words that are ever so kind

Whisper that line of tenderness that thrills my spine

Whisper in response to me as I gently touch your chest

Whisper with sweat on your top lip

Whisper as my legs lock around your back

Whisper with desire as you plow a plush field

Whisper a bit louder as we both know there's no turning back

Whisper together we do, as our bodies crest in joy's view

Whisper in exhaustion as I lay beside you

Whisper of a harvest that we share in the afterglow

Whisper to me.....anything that will set your heart free

Whisper for you

Whisper for me

Whisper your secrets

And, forever your secrets will be.........

- A.H. Scott