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Never Leave 'Em Hangin' - "Over My Head" First Book Review

***FOUR STAR REVIEW***(the first review of my book - "Over My Head". Wow!!!)

Reviewed by: Aphrodite Vixen at Reviewing Vixens

Review: Prepare to go on a rollercoaster ride!! This is a page turner that keeps you guessing. I experienced lust, anger, rage, sadness, and happiness all in one book........(READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW AT REVIEWING VIXENS)
Take a peek at the review for yourself and take the ride to go "Over My Head" with A.H. Scott. Just 99 cents...

(of course, I can't just leave you all, here's a juicy slice of my novel to salivate over....)

.....Angie's assertiveness was a turn on for Nick, to a point. Angela Chase had reached her limit with him, although she didn't know it.
Nick Bell held a secret that he didn't tell her before she entered his lair. This captivated male wanted others to experience the passion awakened from within her. The door had been left ajar for Angela's performance with him to be viewed by Iris Mendoza and Gennaro Esposito.
As she pulled his shirt open, two buttons popped off and rolled under Nick's desk. Her hunger for him was heading to full tilt. Engulfing this beauty in his arms, Nick winked over her shoulder at two audience members for Angela's finest performance. He knew this evening would be one to be locked in memory banks of all.
Moist kisses of multiplicity continued, as Nick let out a seductive whisper into Angie's ear, "I want your lips on my meat".
In a feminine flurry of action, Angie's hands worked those pants off of him and Nick's cock was a fitting morsel for her appetite. Those inches filled her mouth, as he began a stream of raunchy words, "Yeah, baby. You suck that cock with everything you've got. Take it all in. I want every inch to fill that mouth. That's it, Angie. Deeper, baby", holding both hands on Angela's head, moving it back and forth on him. Waves of brown hair were intertwined between those strong fingers of his.
Getting harder with every passing second, he pulled this swan upward and a stream of saliva passed from his lips to hers, "Oh, Angie. This is going to be so good".
Ablaze with heated desire, Angela Chase gave Nicholas Bell fair warning of what she expected, "It's going to be far better than just good, Nick".
As if Angela's remarks were a sign of all he'd ever needed to go farther with her then they'd gone before, Nick was ready to climb onto a higher plateau, "Sit down in the chair, Angie, And, spread those delicious legs, nice and wide for me", knowing the chair's location had it's back to that slightly open door, "I'm going to bury my face. And my cock".
Feral essence took over him, as Nick gazed down at this willing female and ripped those red panties off her. Legs motioning skyward in that chair, Angela wanted to fly to amazing heights with Bell.
Labia licked and clit sucked, caused Angie to let out a constant moan of joy, "Oh, Nick, it feels like heaven. Your tongue is so divine".
Those red shoes of hers were like the mythical red balloon, flying higher and higher in that office's atmosphere. Nick's mouth gave Angie the attention she hadn't received in several lonely nights. As he ate her out, Angela let out a low squeal of carnal ratification.
Rising from off his knees, Nick stood above this seated female and smiled downward, with a finger motioning to her, "Come here, Angela".
As she rose, their mouths locked and his tongue gingerly licked against her sweaty neck. With that action, he gazed over with a smile at Iris and Espo.
Angie unhooked red bra with a dangling left hand, as she made a growling request, "I want you inside of me. I want you to fuck me, Nick".
"Don't fret, my pet. You'll get what you ask for from yours truly" ,Bell picked up this naked woman and propped her onto the edge of that desk. With Angie's back to Nick, he pressed inside of those sweet lower lips.
Lack of satisfaction with Angie's positioning on that desk's edge, Nick snarled, "Fuck this, sugar. I want you on that couch".
"Ooh, the boy needs space", fingers clung to the desktop tightly, as she motioned from side to side.
Snapping back with blissful yearning, "Almost as much as the hole between your thighs, Angie", taking her by the hand, to a small red couch almost fifteen feet from that desk.
Bare ass being smacked to a reddened blush, Angie's fingernails clawed the couch's headrest. Rivers of sweat and audible notes of ecstasy swirled around them, while cock and pussy melded together. He grunted to her in a deep voice, "I want you to sit on my cock, right now".
Taking him and out of that dripping slit, Angela began to place those manicured hands against a wallpapered wall behind that couch, "Oh, I'm ready for that ride, Nick".
Turning Angie's sweaty body around to face him, Nick kissed her and she pushed him onto that red piece of furniture. As he sat there with legs wide and a stiff cock in right hand, Nick gave her a commanding smirk, "Get down here, now".
Viewing that solidified piece of flesh, Angela pulled tongue across her lips with a purring pant, "Is that all for little 'ol me, Nick?"
Chuckling over this female's penchant for being quite playful in the presence of a concrete cock, Nick made a suggestion of his own, "Sit on it and you'll find out, Angie".
Descending onto his cock, she began to slide up and down slowly. Feeling those inches inside of that accepting pussy, Angela moved a bit faster. Released from the shackles of repression, she tossed brown waves back and proceeded to grind on Nick's steady drill.
With Angie bouncing up and down on him, those hands squeezed that soft ass. Those blue eyes were affixed on his cock and balls becoming a singular entity with a slim stretch of snatch. Moderately scratching nails against his chest, her fingers gently rolled through a few follicles.
In their mutual frenzy of exploration's animation of this moment, Nick placed a finger into Angie's unsuspecting orifice.
"Ooh, you wicked boy", surprised at this sensation of a man's finger in her ass, Angela's body almost became still with Nick.
Trying to continue the momentum of lust between him and her, Nick whispered, "Maybe next time".
"What makes you think I'll let you, Nick?", slightly regressing into that woman he'd had in a motel room, and Angela quizzed him.
"Another hole, another time", speaking as a wishful explorer of erotic adventures, Bell smiled at her.
"It might be a new experience", dropping a little hint of further endeavors Nick would think of partaking in.
"For the both of us?", thinking about the level of varied partners Nick had before her, Angela relaxed and began to giggle, "Or, just me".
"Would you like to take that journey?", as a woman was positioned on his cock, Nick made Angela an offer that could be filled with many possibilities.
Lightning bolt flashed a specific name and prior action of Nicholas Bell, as Angela Chase tensed up, "Did you take Darlene?"
"Angela, you're sitting here, riding my cock", stroking hands against her hips, Nick tried to turn the conversation back to the two of them, "And, you bring up that name".
"Oh, come on, Nick", pussy began grinding against cock once more, "If I can chew gum and walk", girlish giggle escaped lips, "I definitely can ride you and talk" ,Angela coyly cooed, thinking about the lady with many a piercing, "So, she lets you do anything, Nick?"
Intuitively, Nick's invisible rating of those diverse women came into his view, "Don't compare a porterhouse and ground chuck, lady", clapping palms against her juicy ass.
Roar of the grizzly revivified, with his light as a lily Lorelei in clasping paws of mauling gusto. Angela was the pleasing maiden that brought delight to Nick, as he strived to harness her.
"And, which am I?", fit figure slid up and down a warm pipe of passion, as Angie's plush pussy flourished with every movement.
Like a vision of a phoenix, Angela Chase was in full flight of feverish fulfillment. The ashes of yearning's hollow chasm were whisked away with every plowing of Nick's dick inside of her.
"An unblemished gem, who should only be bathed in diamonds", using his thighs as anchor to this sexy schooner on an orgasmic ocean, Nick's flattery conveyed the infatuation he'd had with her since they'd met.
Angie's hands playfully began to mess up that slicked back hair of his, as a quartet of kisses were planted on both cheeks, forehead and lips, "You fill me up just right, Nicholas".
Transformed from dashing and debonair, Bell became an image of an amused puppy with flyaway follicles, "Now, that's what keeps a smile on this man's face", tempted by every touch Angela granted to him.
Reaching arms behind back, Angie took his hands from around her ass. Nick planted them onto those swiveling hips, as she laughed a question of feathery intent, "And, I make you happy, baby?"
Bell compressed those tits, as his body sprung up and down with hers, "So, happy, I'm about to pop my load all over you, Angie".
Changing positions on that couch, Nick continued to drill that sizzling hole of Angela's. She moaned with every insertion of his cock, "Do it, baby".
Holding her soft shoulders firmly down onto that red sofa with both hands, Nick's face dripped perspiration on those jiggling breasts, "You want me to come in your mouth, Angie?"
Taking Nick in and out, Angie's audacity came into full focus, "Do you want to shoot it into my mouth, Nicky?", tongue wagged and laughter prevailed, as that rigid rod furiously tunneled into her.
"Angie, you're so nasty", tittering with ecstasy over Angela's reaction to being with him, Nicholas heaved flesh to and fro.
"Not as nasty as Darlene, huh?", Chase thought about Darlene Morrissey being on the low end of that totem pole of women in Nick's life.
Concentrating completely on the woman that laid on this red sofa beneath him, Nick smirked, "The only piercing this hot body of yours is getting", panting and grinding into Angie, "Is my cock in that slot".
Iris and Espo muttered lightly to one another in that slightly opened doorway, as they watched Nick spreading her wider and Angie accepting such a deep drilling by a man's cock.
"Happiness is a warm pussy", a tiny overhead light glistened on Iris' baldhead, as he whispered.
Espo's eyes consumed every pore of Angela's being and took a deep breath, "And, she is on fire".
Tight lips parted slowly, "Oh, yeah", Mendoza thought back to the moments he'd privately spent with her at The Cat's Paw, wishing she could have been his that prior night.
Beads of sweat started forming on Gennaro Esposito's top lip, "Put her out of her misery, Nick", watching Angie writhe in lust's lake with Bell's savage fucking taking her to that unseen plateau.
Arousal's simmering overtook this silent pair, situated at that open office door.
Nick withdrew from Angie, as a trail of his essence flowed onto her 38C sized breasts. Joyfully sighing and wiping her index finger against that liquid, Angela sucked its contents with a giggle, "Am I nasty enough for you, Nick?"
Nick tingled all over, as he looked down at the image of this wanton woman sucking his fluid off her finger, "I wonder what your father would say. Little Angie Carter Chase, splattered with cooze in Nick Bell's office. How inappropriate, huh?"
"Inappropriate?", Angela pulled that sweaty and wet body upward, as her tongue tip touched Nick's still throbbing cock, "What he don't know, won't hurt him. Right, Nick?"
"I'm not telling a single soul. What went on in here stays between the occupants of this office", sudden surge of energy filled Nick, as he lifted Angie upward. Warm mouth pecked slim shoulders and fingers raced down her moistened back, as he slyly winked over to a captivated Iris and Espo.
Nicholas Bell completed conquest of Angela Chase that evening. His cock opened up her flesh and soul, as no man before him ever could. In that office, she became almost as untamed as he was.
Archie Hamilton could see illumination coming from that location, as he made his way around the corner and down that hallway. He saw two motionless beings standing outside of Nick's office.
Before returning to handle some customers who'd just been seated in the dining area, Archie heard Angela's high pitched voice and was almost caught listening by Iris and Espo. Slowly, as their heads turned make a retreat from Nick's naughty hideaway with Angela, part time manager of Tulip got away from there quickly.
It was Archie watching Iris and Espo. While Iris and Espo watched that occupied pair.
These were the three rings of seduction in the back office of Tulip that night.
Iris pulled the office door almost closed, leaving Angela unaware of Nick's secret of seduction. He and Espo left Tulip through the kitchen exit.
As for Tulip's owner, he and his guest for that sizzling encounter dressed, primped and returned to life's lane of normalcy.
Angela Chase got home a little after 10:30. Entering the master bedroom, a familiar sight greeted her. Lawrence Chase was in dreamland. And, in some ways, so was his wife.
The fantasy, which Nicholas Bell lavished upon her, gave Angela a sense of feminine worth. His hands, lips, arms and stiff cock, could never be fashioned as a nightmare to this desperately lonely woman.
In reality, it was one of his own long-standing desires to bed this heiress for many a year. Nick getting inside of Arthur Carter's daughter became a coup for this social climbing man of meager means. Having Iris and Espo salivate over watching him fuck her, was Bell's ultimate thrill of conquering this willing female.
This was something, which Angela would never know, as Nicholas' whispers filled her ears with the words she forever wanted to hear......
So, now it’s up to you to pick up my novel and find out the truths that come to light in Over My Head -
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Over a kiss.

Over the limit.

Over the edge.


Over My Head.
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