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Manon loved Giacomo with all her heart. She sacrificed her treasures to get him out of prison. Seems like just another couple. Yet, her name was Manon Balletti. And, he is known more famously by his last name - Casanova......

With a little luck, romance touches the heart....

Excerpt -

Romance is beyond the bounds of time.

Three years after Giacomo Casanova's release from Paris' Fort-l'Eveque in 1758, a nonchalant conversation between the prison's warden and a guard was overheard.

A 16-year-old jail cleaner, Pepon Larionne, was in the process of collecting garbage in the hallway outside of Lieutenant Hugo Arrieyenne's office, while the warden and longtime prison guard, Edgar DeSaviage continued speaking to each other inside.

Pepon was one of three men who had the task of cleaning the warden's office, guard tower, and guard barracks. This night, it was Larionne's job to handle the outer hallway, which led to Lieutenant Arrieyenne's office. The other two jail cleaners had already started going towards the barracks. This young man, who seemed an unlikely vessel of history, became Cupid's messenger.

It was at this moment in 1761, when Pepon's fate changed for the better. Lieutenant Arrieyenne spoke to Edgar DeSaviage about Casanova's imprisonment and release in 1758. Manon Balletti, one of Giacomo Casanova's great loves, procured his freedom with a pair of diamond earrings in 1758.

The fabled lover had received mercy from a long prison sentence at the bequest of a beautiful woman. And, this is the story which followed through the years.

Preparing his office for the cleaners, Lieutenant Hugo Arrieyenne and guard Edgar DeSaviage emptied out desk drawers onto the floor, revealing several varied sized items, including a small canvas satchel.

As Pepon entered the warden's office, he kept his head low and mouth shut in their presence. The lowly jail cleaner scooped up bits of food, papers, and that canvas satchel with his hands.

The warden and guard stood chuckling at the dirty work which Pepon had to accomplish as they turned their backs on him and went back to speaking about Casanova and the diamond earrings.

Finishing up the cleaning of Arrieyenne's office, Pepon excused himself and grasped a large canvas sack full of garbage. In the hallway outside of the office, another large sack of trash was gathered by Larionne. Pulling the sacks behind him, Pepon left through the lantern lit prison entrance.

Larionne joined up with his fellow jail cleaners in the courtyard near the guard barracks. He never told the others about the tale of Casanova and Manon Balletti's connection to Fort-l'Eveque. Yet, it remained in the back of his mind, while taking his share of the sacks of garbage down towards an incline to be dumped.

Something that the warden and guard didn't realize when tossing out the desk contents onto the floor was the small satchel that contained those precious items of devotion from Manon to the previous prison warden.

What had been tossed out amongst spoiled food, soiled sheets and vomit, were the pair of diamond earrings. Pepon was also unaware of the situation, until shaking the canvas sack empty. A final item remained in the bottom of the sack. As the satchel revealed its contents, Larionne's eyes were affixed on a pair of earrings, a pen, and a slip of fabric as the satchel revealed its contents.

The simple man of bare means retrieved the trio of items and silently finished his duties for the night. His fellow cleaners were none the wiser for Pepon Larionne's fantastic find.

A conversation which he'd overheard from Arrieyenne and DeSaviage was not just a myth. But a reality, which was now wrapped in a dingy cloth with spots of mucus against Pepon Larionne's body.

The items weren't contained in a satin lined mahogany box to be delivered to a royal consort. But, they were transported within a filthy, loosened blouse of a lowly peasant.

Returning to his small cottage Pepon placed small sack into maple table. Alongside those earrings of Manon, a quill pen and square of lace were laid out by Pepon. The peacock feathers gave Pepon visions of Manon and Casanova's tandem pen craft. Just to imagine what each would place to paper remained more than enough for this the young man's imagination. The slight scent of lavender remained upon that lace.

Night turned to morn as he left the cottage for a short journey.

Pepon Larionne's only thoughts were to give this newly found gift to his beloved Vivienne Coupette. The sixteen-year old woman with a gentle smile was the core of Pepon's undying devotion. Maybe some of the herald grace of Manon and Casanova's love would rub off on Pepon Larionne.

The prison jail cleaner would never be King of France. But as he presented the diamond earrings, quill pen, and sliver of lace to the lady he loved, Pepon Larionne would be forever the prince of Vivienne's heart.

- End of Excerpt

For what Manon and Casanova shared in the past, a modern day couple are attracted in a melange of romance, adventure & danger..

Come on the journey in A.H. Scott's international thriller, "Rack Em".


Eirelander Publishing Presents A Novel By Author A.H. Scott

What do you hold most dear? Pride or treasure?

Something, which is searched high and low for, could have always existed within us all.

Liquidator in fine fabric is woven amongst the glittering class of international buyers and sellers of collectible oddities.

Any ability to afford anything money can purchase, gives a certain power that keeps them in a heightened state of eternal inebriation.

That unseen suspect is right in front of everyone's eyes, but not known until it's too late.

Bobbles of bliss from two fated lovers of centuries earlier bring together varied egos into the life of a Vancouver antiques dealer. Price paid by some for these treasures, would be higher than the heavens.

Necessity makes many things necessary. In the end, all which may seem only business will forever be tied to the personal.

A woman and a man, who were strangers and adversaries in this arena, become bound in each other's arms and hearts.

Exposure of motive and murderer brings forth a climactic conclusion on the rooftop of a Vancouver location.

"Rack Em" is a contemporary romance with hints of mystery and thrills woven throughout it's pages. A.H. Scott invites you into the world of diamond lives and crimson lies. I give you, "Rack Em".

Captivating treasures from centuries prior has led many on a desperate sojourn to a Vancouver auction house. They all want their hands on these prized possessions of a passionate pair of lovers from long ago. Yet, some of the buyers have tricks of temptation up their silky sleeves.

When lust mixes with greed, the ball of the unknown is tossed across the billiard table of hidden agendas.

Take a scintillating excursion into the arena of international auctions, with sellers and buyers who trade trinkets, winks and nefarious agendas from around the globe.

Captivating treasures from centuries prior have led many on a desperate sojourn to a Vancouver auction house. They all want their hands on these prized possessions of a passionate pair of lovers from long ago. Yet, some of the buyers have tricks of temptation up their silky sleeves.

When lust mixes with greed are just one of the balls that roll across the felt table of "Rack Em".

Become acquainted with the characters of "Rack Em":

Arlington Cross - Vancouver antiques dealer and owner of Cross Collectibles and recipient of a package from the deceased elder female in France. He is a man under the faulty impression that making a move from the United States to Canada would make his life more simplistic. Little could Arlington Cross ever imagine how complex an antique auction would be.
Pao Tse-Ling - Chief of acquisitions for a Chinese antique house. Sent has been on a journey to Canada for a simple purchase during an upcoming auction at Cross Collectibles. Not just any items would bring this female across the world to North America. These are treasures that Tse-Ling and her employer have been quite interested in for many years. Little did she think any danger would exist at a humble location in Vancouver.
Jaqueline Niemann – Elegant woman of French charm, who has seen her share of fluctuating history. Prized package sent to a Vancouver dealer of antiques, is her final act of altruism. The treasure all have sought flows from her dainty fingertips.
Maxtina Sammprino – bold blonde from Italy, who enjoys the chase and capture of precious fare from days gone by. She is a woman with a thirst for fulfillment, which goes beyond marble boardrooms of the international jet set. Spicy and sassy, Sammprino takes the bull of chauvinism by the horns.
Turina Karrelli– Italian purchaser of arousing artifacts from around the world. Brunette on a tracking mission of priceless goods has always been fond of caring for the wounded. This includes her fellow Italian associate. Cunning and curvaceous Karrelli has ability to accentuate her assets to gain a positive result.
Freiderich Rothsberger– Art collector and dealer from Austria, who thinks the best years of his negotiating the big purchase, is winding to the end of success’ road. Chubby cheeks and a hearty laugh of this man have been used as the ultimate mask of constantly being brushed off by opponents.
Anzo Ninzionni – Purchaser of varied collectibles from around the world, has an eye out for the ladies and something beyond platinum. His journey has taken him from solitude into an arena of being in the company of lust and financial flourish. Bidding on those gilded goods would be a moment that could take him from anonymity onto a higher plateau of notoriety.

Isaac Moss – Peacock without apology is who this man is. Shining star of an African corporation has his sights set on a timeless trinket of temptation. Fine clothes, finer women, are this arrogant achiever's hallmark accomplishing his set goals.


Murder in a small French village of a grand dame of collectibles, leads to the doorstep of a Vancouver auction house. A harried, antiques dealer is the man under an added level of pressure, with prospective buyers from around the globe clawing for the heralded goods at an upcoming auction.

Pair of bodacious Italian belles and a woman of gentle grace from China proved to be something extra this unsusupecting man in Vancouver. As for their male counterparts from Austria, Spain and South Africa, they had a harder task at hand.

Each had been given their marching orders to a victorious capture of those items, no matter what it took to get their financially flushed fingers on them.

Curled lash and perfumed flesh seemed to have more entrees into this antique dealer's life, than smoking a stogie with a member of the same sex.

Seduction's game is about to break.

Question is; can a man fight temptation or join in?

Only one move is left to make. Sexy voice whispers into an awaiting eager ear, "Rack Em".

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Recapture Romance..;)
A.H. Scott

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