Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Chimes Of Nine - THE POEM by A.H. Scott

(for mature audiences)

The Chimes Of Nine - The Poem

A lady enters a lair of lust
She blows four before they bust
Then there's two swans upon the sofa of white
They take this lucky lady to the highest of heights
Toy of black went in and out like that
Then she moved into the circus ring of plush delight
Two men and she made a sandwich in moonlight
Not over yet, for the best was yet to come
Lady of exploration's apex of ecstasy was near
Even a magnum of a rare vintage was sampled there
She exited beyond midnight with a smile that was clear
The chimes of nine ring forever in her ears
Four, Two, Two, One
A number's game is the arithmetic of adult fun
The Chimes Of Nine are waiting for you....

- A.H. Scott

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