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"Over My Head" - (EROTICA) Angela Is All Grown Up - by A.H. Scott

Two Chapters
A.H. Scott's

Take a dance with Temptation..;)

Lawrence Chase owed a debt. His wife, Angela, took a gamble. Pity for both, that losing a few dollars would be nothing compared to higher stakes in their marriage.

What begins as a bargain of assisting a spouse with a problem, takes a woman down a rocky road of self reflection, desire and unraveling a secret from the past.

Go "Over My Head" with A.H. Scott!

Looking at a portrait of a man and wife, the fractures of a marriage aren't easily seen. Smile and supportive caress hide the barren wasteland of a relationship.

They were a happy couple once. With fresh air and laughter. Chuckles fade. Gone is the optimism of youthful exuberance.

Blissful petals have withered on the vine of time

Symbol of an affair is permanently erased.

A wife, who has acted upon her own desires, has taken a carefree step into a world she never expected would come at the end of fate's rainbow.

She is a woman who exists amongst four joined stages of life's square. Exploration is the first angle. Love comes as the second turn of degrees. Passion takes third angle. Obligation is that fourth angle of completing the cube of this female's world.

Lace cradles creamy flesh. Yet, warts of a soul's disfigurement can never be truly obscured.

A husband's secret is the cornerstone of events, which lead to triumph and tragedy in a shortest span of time.

Veiled agendas beneath soft kisses are bitter in daylight's exposure, as intrusions of many forms take several by surprise.

Man of varied lies and devilish alibis has snaked his way into the lives of this couple. Certain word of support or smile of comfort had the effect of making all the difference in gaining entry into another's life.

Before either knows it, they are submerged in something beyond their control.

For what was a frivolous flirtation, became a shower of a heart's hidden obsession onto a floor of doom's dance.

It leads to that moment of culmination's wondering by this wandering wife to staying afloat in a marriage's rickety vessel of distress or forever being "Over My Head".

Eau Claire society had never been plagued with such a scandal.

An affair that had begun under less than pleasant circumstances, unraveled into a hazy sunset of sorrow for Angela, Nicholas and Lawrence.

The Chases' marriage had a ribbon of secrets and lies that each held closed to the other. Lawrence's lies led Angela to harbor secrets of her own to him.

In some ways, actions by her husband propelled this dutiful wife into the arms of another man.

No one gets out of this life without paying a price.

Singular event on a sexually charged night with Angela Chase at it's core, turns from a bubblegum pop song of simplicity into a Wagnerian symphony of doom within the pages of "Over My Head".


Lies and secrets are like molecules of fat. They always rise to the surface.

In the swirling stew of seduction, two persons draw a wife into a web of corruption and condemnation. First of which is her husband, who harbors a secret that she has found out about. Secondly, a man whose intentions towards her have been well known for many years.

Her husband's secret is bound to a lie that the an acquaintance uses to his own benefit. This wife decides to take a gamble of her own, which leads to places that unseen consequences roam.

"Over My Head" is a contemporary romance, filled with smothered aspirations, smoldering sparks, and an explosive conclusion.

Woman at the heart of this novel is Angela Chase. Sexy brunette with a pouting sense of privilege, she always has been spoiled by her tycoon father.

Sometimes a spoiled child becomes a brat that thinks the world should bow down to her. For Angie, she'd enjoyed having her stocking clad knees onto a floor also.

Angela Chase may have been a married woman, but she was far from a shrinking violet on passion's scale. Tiny fractures of her relationship to Lawrence Chase began widdling away at this woman's self esteem.

Neglecting Angela was Lawrence's first sin. Racing into second place behind neglect, came an act of omission.

Events in the lives of the Chases could have taken such a different road, if only a husband told his wife the entire truth about a secret he'd been holding.

Alas, what Lawrence Chase set in motion, Angela Chase would barter with in skin of perfumed lotion.

Desire can take us to places that the heart can never capture. A simple hand out to a stranger can be all that a lonely person could ever need. Even if it were from someone you never thought would be a part of your life. In this tale of crimson conclusions and titillation's triumph, only a single notion of being submerged in an ocean of delights is whispered into a longing soul's ear.

Shall my world remain one of mendacity or should I go, "Over My Head".

"Over My Head" has a few twists amongst the pages, that will leave the reader wondering how did A.H. Scott make the pea vanish from beneath that obvious shell.

A wife. A husband. A lover.

Sex. Money. Power. Lies. Obsession. Murder.

That's "Over My Head". Submerge Yourself Into Seduction's Sea.

And, with that, A.H. Scott offers you an introduction to the players in her novel, "Over My Head":


Angela Carter Chase -
(Heiress and Lawrence Chase's wife)

Angela Carter had been given the world on a silver platter by her tycoon father, Arthur Carter. Even with that, this feisty woman was now a wife to an accountant, Lawrence Chase.

Even with that life that seemed very serene, Angela wanted more. In this case, more came in the unlikely form of a quite titillating restauratuer and businessman named Nicholas Bell.

No one gets out of this life without paying a price.

Singular event on a sexually charged night with Angela Chase at it's core, turns from a bubblegum pop song of simplicity into a Wagnerian symphony of doom within the pages of "Over My Head".


Lawrence Chase
Accountant and Angela's husband

Lawrence Chase may not have been what Eau Claire society may have expected to be married to Angela Carter. Yet, he made his own luck in love's field. Being an accountant at Arthur Carter's business, Lawrence enjoyed the benefits of being married to the boss' daughter.

Chase may have been lucky in love, but when it came to other high stakes games, Larry was a loser. And, the person who sat in the catbird's seat of having this tender plum of information would be the last person Lawrence Chase could trust.


Edward Longfellow -
(Lawyer and Carter family friend)

Edward Longfellow knew the law inside and out. But, his greatest asset was an ability to read people. This came from his varied clients in Eau Claire and other locations throughout Wisconsin.

Being a longtime legal counsel and friend to industrialist Arthur Carter, Edward became privy to many aspects of the Carter family goings on.

Having known Angela since she was born, Edward had been a quite protective force in her life. Certain secrets between this lawyer and young heiress would be quite catastrophic for both of their reputations, if anything were ever disclosed.

Angela Chase confided many things to Edward, which neither Arthur or Lawrence would ever know.


Nicholas Bell -
(Businessman and Angela's lover)

Nicholas Bell was owner of a local nightspot (The Eight Ball) for many years, when he met Angela Carter. As she became Angela Chase, now restauratuer (Tulip) Bell remained a quite captivated man by this woman from afar.

Bell climbed the social ladder in Eau Claire, from the lower rungs up towards the top of that structure. Arthur Carter's nod of approval for his restaurant, proved the tide of acceptability in a higher social circle was turning in Nicholas' favor.

From a young age, Nicholas learned the best way to get ahead was to sit back and observe. And, then pounce on whatever weakness your opponent may have.

Thus, whenever he'd gotten a chance, this smart man would use information his own benefit. Be it in the form of a digits' ascendency or cradling of perfumed skin.

Timing was everything and Bell took full advantage of that fateful factor.


Arthur Carter -
(Tycoon and Angela's father)

Some businessman try to pretend to be something that they are not. This was not the case for a mid-Western industrialist. Arthur Carter was an arrogant man. That is a statement of fact. He never tried to runaway from who he was or how he amassed his vast fortune.

Steel was the ticket to Arthur's fortune. And, it also was the will he had to make his business a success in Wisconsin.

This was something that he'd passed down to his daughter, Angela. She'd thrived under that armor of his arrogance to her own detriment at the moment.

Arthur Carter was always fair in business. But, no one would ever be shocked if he had taken an invisible razor from his tailored suit pocket in the boardroom.

Money became a sheilding column of bricks to the real world. But, there always were fissures in that seemingly solid wall that the rich built around themselves.


Gennaro Esposito -
(NB Auto Repair manager and Bell's friend)

Primarily, Gennaro Esposito was a longtime friend of Nicholas Bell. Manager of Bell's auto repair business, Esposito enjoyed similar interests of pleasure as Nicholas.

Gennaro shared many a secret with his socially ascending friend in Eau Claire.


Iris Mendoza -
(The Cat's Paw Tattoo Parlor owner and Bell's friend)

Secondly, Iris Mendoza was also a friend to Nicholas Bell. Owner of a local tattoo parlor, Iris and Bell shared many a laugh and drink together.

Mendoza may have seemed like an unlikely ally to Bell. But, each of them knew the power of association.


Archie Hamilton -
(Bartender at The Eight Ball & Part-Time Tulip Restaurant manager)

Archie Hamilton was a man who knew all the key players in this drama. From a previous position working for Arthur Carter, to the present day employment at two of Nicholas Bell's businesses, Archie Hamilton had a faint finger on the pulse of the main characters in this novel.

Working as a bartender at that nightspot and a part-time manager at the swanky restaurant, Archie didn't have much free time to dream of a better life for himself and his family.

Yet, this man of multiple obligations did just that.


Madeline Hamilton -
(Physical therapist and Archie Hamilton's wife)

Physical therapist Madeline Hamilton worked at the local hospital. Wife to Archie and mother of two young sons, Madeline had a quite pleasant existence in Eau Claire.

Madeline's world was her family. And, even with any flaws that were behind closed doors, she would do anything to protect and love her husband, Archie.

The Hamilton's marriage may not have been sparkling. But, they were a union of stability with their two sons.


Julius Baxter -
(Wisconsin court Judge)

Julius Baxter was an Eau Claire County Judge that had played a part in the lives of three of the other main characters. He knew the Carter family and Edward Longfellow had stood before him at the judicial bar.

Restraint was never truly Julius' strong point. And, one of the other characters in this juicy novel feels the brunt of his ever increasing ego.

Judge Baxter was an ambitious man, as time would prove him to rise to the head of Wisconsin's Supreme Court.


Ann Marshall Baxter -
(Socialite and Julius' wife)

Ann Marshall Baxter was not only the wife of Judge Julius Baxter, but thrived as a socialite in Wisconsin society. Ann wasn't a wife who bit her tongue in criticizing a spouse.

In fact, it may have been Ann's ballbusting of Julius that prompted the rise of this mid-level judge on the Eau Claire County circuit.

Ann knew that behind her powerful husband, remained a woman of charm and elegance, who wasn't above twisting a few arms in maintaining their place on that platinum peak of society.


Darlene Morrissey -
(Tulip restaurant waitress)

Darlene Morrissey had known Angela Carter in their years at the local Catholic high school together. Morrissey hadn't the fortune to have a rich father provide for a smooth existence for her, such as Angela had.

From Darlene's point of view towards Angela, envy smoldered within this woman who saw her own dreams of a better life doused by choices she made in years past.

So, she became a waitress at a local, high end restaurant.

Looking at them on the surface, both women were as different as a crepe and poundcake. Alas, scrape away the fluffy finery of a father's wealth and the world would realize both women were equal halves of a whole.

Beneath Angela's silk and Darlene's polyester, both had many things in common. This included a layered relationship with Nicholas Bell.

Explore the world of A.H. Scott's "Over My Head' in this extended excerpt:


Extended TWO Chapter Segment


A year after Angela Carter's court-ordered, community service ended in July 1971, an unexpected admirer let himself be known. At Eau-Claire Country Club, an annual charity fundraiser for the local children's hospital was underway on a July day.

Arthur Carter, Edward Longfellow and several others, were golfing for a good cause. Alas, it would be Angela that would be proposed a hole in one, during this event.

Being noticed by a man in a way other than just parental seemed to be a welcoming experience for this free spirited female in her twenties.

Edward Longfellow stood closely behind an orange adorned Angela, at the fifteenth hole. Unlike all the other times he'd given this young woman advice, an aroused whisper flowed into Angela's ear, "I have a present for you, Angela".

Angela had known how a man speaks to a woman he wanted to be with. This time, those words came from Edward's lips. Capable of getting a man aroused, the flattery of being desired filled this 22 year-old woman with glee.

Supportively rubbing her extending shoulders, Angela responded as such, to Longfellow's not so platonic intentions, "Eddie, I can come by your place around nine tonight, okay", swinging golf club briskly. Sleeveless orange dress slightly rose, as those bare arms motioned upward.

As she concluded, an attentive Edward swung his club and smiled at this receptive rose, "Perfect".

Attorney Edward Longfellow had just made a pass at the daughter of a longtime friend, who was standing within twenty feet of them. Carter Manufacturing Corporation's legal counsel might be swimming in that shallow end of employment's ocean, if this proposal of passion were known by anyone.

By the 18th hole in July 1972, a flirtatious Angie had gotten Eddie's attention with a few flicks of curled hair. After pictures were taken for the local newspaper, Carter and his daughter returned to his estate. They both had an early supper at 6:45.

Telling Arthur that she'd be visiting a girlfriend in Madison later that evening, Angela drove to Edward's home a little bit before nine.

When Longfellow married Wanda Kelly over three years ago, Edward thought it was a union that would last. Thus, when Wanda filed for divorce, a woman who'd seen the riches of being a defense attorney's wife leaving her a quite wealthy former spouse took this skillful attorney to the cleaners.

Ink on the divorce papers dried two weeks before Edward made an explosive decision of changing the aspects of a prior relationship with another member of the opposite sex.

What made for a messy divorce, was a wife who knew all of her husband's secrets in business and bed.

Not being a defender of the virginal, it was obvious that several of Mr. Longfellow's highly paying clients wanted to find the jail door opened at the end of their court cases. Knowing the law and massaging it, were something Edward was quite accomplished at doing over his career.

As for what went on behind closed doors of the Longfellow household, that was grist for Kelly's greedy mill. A husband's fantasies and desires with her, were twisted to the point of taking marital experimentation towards the fringes of something macabre.

Wanda Kelly loaded that shotgun of exposure and pointed it squarely at Edward's withered pride. He backed down, turned tail and gave a bitter wife what she wanted. In this case, it was a sizable chunk of this male's hide.

Parking down the street from Edward's home, Angela pulled a tan raincoat tightly closed with a belt. Beneath it, were a blue skirt with a slit and evergreen silk blouse. Her blue pumps softly tapped along the concrete in the alley behind his home.

Two persons lives were about to change forever.

An open sliding glass door was Carter's entry into the partially lit first floor. Taking off that raincoat, she tossed it onto a white easy chair. Looking around the living room for the home's owner, Angela heard a familiar sound.

Eddie's voice traveled downstairs, "Angela, open the box on the downstairs sofa. It's my present to you".

Making her way over to a blue floral sofa, a hatbox sized lilac colored box with red bow was positioned. Pulling that ribbon loose from this box, Angela opened this container of the unknown. Those manicured hands pulled out a garment of bright red. A note which accompanied it, asked for that item to be placed onto its reader.

Unsure of what the night would hold from this interesting point, Angela walked into a bathroom and disrobed completely. What Edward had left for his guest to wear when going upstairs to the master bedroom, was a red, vinyl corset.

With all the bells and whistles to tempt a man with, it had silver zipper at its crotch. Angela's bare breasts were covered with tiny silver buckles and zippers. This stretchy plastic would be a sight to behold for her mate of this evening.

Not knowing what Edward wanted from her, she pulled hair back into a ponytail. She opted to take off those blue shoes and place them next to a small clump of clothing on a hamper in his downstairs bathroom.

Climbing the blue-carpeted stairs, her feet made no noise at all. Located at the end of a hallway, a master bedroom door. Twisting the doorknob, Angela found an interesting visual with it's opening.

Edward Longfellow laying on a king size bed wore only black silk shorts. Situated on a burgundy comforter, this male gazed at his approaching guest, "Over on the nightstand, there are four ropes. I want you to place them on me, Angela".

Ponytail started to sway, as Angela began to shrug at his request, "Eddie? I don't know".

"Angela, you do trust me, don't you?", trying to reassure her that everything he wanted to be done was desired by Edward.

"Of course, I trust you, Eddie", tiny chuckle flowed from her lips, as she looked over at the nightstand.

"Angela, let your hair down, also", pleased with the sight before him, he wanted to see that hair flow downward.

Rolling rubber band off of clasped hair, Angela shook waves of curls free against her shoulders, "Like this, Uncle Eddie?"

As each hair fell lower, Edward's tongue passed through his lips, "My God, you are a stunning sight, Angie".

"Thank you", relishing the attention this man was giving her, Angela softly shook that mane around those milky shoulders. Her breasts were tightly stuffed into that crimson corset, and moved as she took each breath. Edward watched her with a horny hankering.

"Flashbulbs would lick your flesh with fire", Longfellow's dexterous dialogue filled the air, "Angela, photographs could never do justice to that body of yours"

"You know how to make me melt, Uncle Eddie", cheeks slightly blushed, gazing at those ropes and listening to the male lavish such words of devotion to her.

"Place one each on my legs. Tie them around the bedpost", Edward held his right foot towards the edge of that large bed, while placing a hand onto the dark wooden post, "Then, I want you to tie my hands, also".

Angela began to slowly pull one of those red ropes from the black nightstand into her hands. That right foot was contained with a moderately tightened knot, "Like this?"

"Yes, Angela. That's very good", training this adorned angel in the art of rope work, Edward led the way.

Left foot was held in place with Angela's thigh against his ankle. As she secured this limb, Edward began to motion a toe against her soft skin, "Eddie, that tickles".

"It does for me, too", feeling that object twisting his foot into place, an eager Edward murmured a wish, "Continue, sweet, sweet Angela".

Walking over to the right side of the bed, Angela's hip was touched by Longfellow's mobile arm. Third rope was tied to its post quickly. Returning to contain the final limb of this male, Angela needed to hear his approval on what she was doing, "Eddie, are you sure about this?"

As that question came from those slick lips, there was only a nod that expressed what he felt towards this female's actions. Edward Longfellow was before her, with a mountain beneath those silk shorts. And, tender young Angela Carter enjoying that erotic power over this male.

The man looking at her was different than the person she'd known since early childhood. Pigtailed girl Edward had known transformed into swan of dulcet delight. Person who lay on that bed with yearning in those eyes, came to be a male that expressed interest in the beautiful woman Angela had become.

"Is this what you want, Eddie?", shyly holding arms behind her back Angela squeezed fingers tightly together. As she did so, those pink nipples began to peek out of their vinyl container. Unprepared for what was expected of her in that brightly lit bedroom, Carter began to shiver.

"You know, Angie. Better than you realize", Longfellow's lips moved, as eyes took in the full package of feminine presence in that master bedroom. That corset clung to every curve of soft skin, as Angela smiled.

He knew he wouldn't be the first man that she'd been with. But, Edward did want to make this night a memorable one.

Still reeling from what she wearing in this man's bedroom, Carter exhaled lightly, "I can't believe I'm trussed up for you", taking in the image of an always in control Longfellow being constrained by her hand, "And, you roped up for me".

"Believe it, beautiful. Just looking at you in that, is more than the wettest dream I've ever had about you, baby", letting known his building lust for her, Edward swallowed a lump of arousal in throat.

"Yeah", playfully squeezing Edward's big, right toe, Angela slightly grilled him, "How long have you wanted me, Uncle Eddie?"

Calling him Uncle Eddie ever since she was under ten years old, Angela knew their relationship would be taking a trip out of life's previous stratosphere. Although not related by blood, Longfellow had been a friend of Arthur Carter for over three decades. In some ways, Angie's referral to him as Uncle could heighten the events that were about to take place.

"When you came home from graduating college, I saw a woman", inhaling a whiff of lavender fragrance on Angela's skin, Edward gently sighed, "A fully formed woman. Who could make any man melt for her".

"Does my father know?", flicking index finger against that big toe, Angie spoke like a crafty kitty, "That you wanna fuck his little girl?"

"Angela, you're not anyone's little girl", Edward felt a tinge of nervousness over the tone of that questioning, as a glimmer of her telling Arthur could be possible, "This is between us".

Letting that big toe go gently, she smiled down at this excited male, "That's good. I wouldn't want to disappoint him, if he found out what I'm up to".

What was about to take place in Edward Longfellow's master bedroom was between only two beings, he and Angela Carter.

Wiggling body slowly, he gazed up at her, "You could never disappoint anyone, sweet Angie".

"Did you and Wanda ever do it like this?", touching vinyl with fingers, Angela brought up the name of Edward's former wife, Wanda Kelly.

"Sometimes, when we were naughty", grinning at the thought of his escapades with his ex-wife.

"So, do you consider me naughty", taking a lock of brown hair and twisting it with left index finger, Angela began to enjoy this coming game of longing with him.

"Hmm", Edward's smile broadened, "Looking at how well you wear that, you seem as comfortable in that corset", his teeth glistened, while thinking of her undergarments, "As you are in a pair of those tight lace panties you wear".

Hearing him say that, Angela knew he'd been scoping her out with keen eyes. She also realized this garment fit her flesh quite well. Tight cinched waist and nipples almost popping out, this must have been what Edward wanted from her many a moment. His choice of size, was right on target for temptation, "You notice that, huh?"

"I notice what makes me happy. And, you definitely do that, Angie", Longfellow moaned moderately, longing for her to take the lead in that vinyl.

"Have you ever jerked off thinking about me, Uncle Eddie?"

"Angela", admonishing this alluring lass, with the deftness of a highly paid attorney that Edward was, "You never ask a man a question like that".

Holding head to one side, she couldn't resist finding out his past private actions, due to her, "I was just curious, that's all".

Still reeling from Angela's previous question, Eddie began to shrug at this inquisitive ingenue, "About what?"

"I just want to know what you do when you think about me", wondering out loud, as her hip began brushing against Edward's foot again, "Have you ever?"

"In the past couple of months", Edward relinquished the veil to her, "I have, Angela", honesty rolled from an enticed tongue, "Last time, when you came by the office. I was doing some work in the legal department. You didn't see me, but I definitely saw you", inhaling, as he thought about Angela's jiggling walk, "I had to go to the restroom and jerk off".

Blushing slightly at this information, Angie giggled and batted her eyelashes at him, "I can't believe that I've affected you like that, Edward".

"If you haven't noticed already, Angela. You have", looking up at this vision of milky loveliness, Edward Longfellow used events that were about to take place, as a raunchy preview, "I'm here tied up and my cock so hard for you, baby".

"That's nice", Angela's right thumb gently outlined that bulge under black silk, "I get you hard, Uncle Eddie?"

"Without a doubt", thinking of that smooth flesh being touched by his eager hands.

Putting thumb to mouth, Angela began wiggling it in front of Eddie's face, "Do you like me to suck your cock, Uncle Eddie?"

"Angela, your lips would be like angel's wings, taking me to eruption", darting tongue to that thumb, Eddie wished it were his cock in her mouth, right then and there.

Feeling moist between those her legs, Angela began to bathe in the adulation of having a hungry Edward, "Why didn't you tell me earlier, Eddie?"

Wrists dangled under red ropes, as Eddie tried to explain himself to Angie, "I thought you'd give me the cold shoulder, honey".

Red vinyl almost causing her tits to pop out, Angie stood over him, "Well, I'm here now. Does it look like I'd give you a cold shoulder, now, Uncle Eddie?", prepared to be that red siren of siren to fulfill this stiffening male's dream.

Curly locks flowed around Angie's shoulders, as he noticed every movement of that sexy body. Raven haired ravisher in his bedroom, washed over Edward, "Anything but that, Angela".

"Uh, hmm", Angela gave this tied tiger a glimpse of what he'd be getting very soon. Unzipping that vinyl crotch, she revealed a soft brown bush, "So, do you like, Eddie?"

Seeing that exposed pubic hair, his dream of delights in between those golden thighs would be coming to full bloom soon. Frustrated and fired up, Eddie tugged hands against those confining ropes, "Yes, oh yes".

As she climbed onto that bed, he could see the parting of that vinyl apparel at an unzipped crotch. Longfellow licked tense lips, longing for those plush contents to be filled with his mounting pole.

"My pussy is almost at the point of dripping", coldness of an opened steel zipper began to cause a glimmer of friction between Angela's thighs and southern lips, "Do you like that?"

"Yes, Angela", knowing that pussy will be filled with his hardening cock, Edward's fantasy about her was coming true, "It pleases me".

Bouncing onto the edge of that bed, Angie reached into those black silk shorts and pulled his cock out, "So, um, you are very affected by me, huh, Uncle Eddie?"

"More than you'll ever know", touch of her soft hands, sent Eddie onto a plain of erotic realization. She would be his within moments.

Angie began to giggle, "If I untied you, what would you do to me, huh?", from the looks of his member, she could guess what Eddie's answer would be.

"I'd fuck you 'til that red vinyl melts off you", all four restraints were tugged to release himself, as the thrill of being in her midst was getting to Eddie.

"Well, I guess they'll stay", Angela began jerking his cock to the left and right, realizing her touches were driving him wild with titillation, "I can feel just how hard you're getting".

Expressive honor spilled from Edward's lips, as stray strands of Angela's hair dangled against her filled mouth, "Keep on doing what you're doing, sweetheart".

"Don't tell me what to do", releasing his pride from her touch, Carter felt a rush of power in the moment, "Tonight, I tell you what to do, Mr. Longfellow", as if that costume's meaning were taking over her gentle demeanor, Angie took control.

"I'm at your control, lovely", Longfellow softly sputtered, as he felt a building brook inside of himself.

"You promise", taking cock into her mouth, Angela began to lick its juicy tip, "Just between us?"

Feeling his flesh getting such tender care, Edward became a man barely able to speak, "Uh-huh".

Enough sucking of a man was done, as Angela let his ascending member go. With a single hand, she placed him inside of her awaiting folds. Already wet, her snatch motioned downward on him. Gasping gently, Angie realized just how big Eddie actually was. That sizable penis extended itself inside of a grinding pussy. Snarling, as she rode him, "You're really enjoying this snatch, ain't you, Eddie?"

"Damn yeah!", Eddie's body moved in constant motion with this sexy brunette on top of him, as that red vinyl clung to every inch of her, "I want you to undo those and show me your tits, baby".

"And, what then, hmm?", giggling at him, Angie teased Eddie a bit more, "You dress me up and almost suffocate them", licking lips slowly, "And, now you wanna see these juicy tits of mine".

Silver buckles undone, Angela pulled both zippers open for Edward to see her contained mammaries. They bounced like balloons, as she continued to move around. Making biting gestures with snapping teeth, his animalistic lust raged towards this female, "I'd love to nibble on your nipples, honey".

"Maybe, if you're a good boy, Eddie", slightly grinding downward on him, Angela moved breasts within inches of his lips and teeth; "I'll let you".

That red vinyl glistened under an overhead ceiling light in that bedroom, as he moaned with ecstasy. Angie gave into his hungry demand, as Eddie began to lick those pink nipples and gnaw on them. Angela's breasts were not huge knockers, but they could fill many a man's mouth.

Angela's comely measurements were 36c cups of pillowy petals with 24-inch waist and wonderful hips of 28, for a lucky man to grip. And, eager Eddie held that enviable ace on a July evening.

"Ooh, Eddie, you feel good inside of me", hair shook about her cheeks, as that bolt and screw action began to boil within Angela's fantasy of fulfillment, "Your balls are banging against my ass, every time I come down on you, Eddie" ,making a circling movement on top of him, "You're gonna make me come soon, baby".

Swirling tongue around those blushed breasts, joy came in relief, and "Your pussy is heavenly It's so warm and open for me".

"You love my nipples, Eddie?", feeling this man suckling at her breast, like a defenseless babe in the night, Angie gently sighed, "I bet you wish you could pop your jizz all over them, when you jerk off, huh, Ed?"

"Yes", Edward Longfellow lay tied to a bedpost with mouth to breast and cock into dripping snatch, what more could a man want or need, "They're so soft and supple".

"You love my pussy, Eddie?", bouncing hard on him once again, she wanted him to respond to her, "It's so wet and pink".

"Yes", barely audible, he felt consumed in the sensuality of sweet Angela.

Lifting spine upward, Angela gazed down at the man moving inside of her, "Remember, I'm the one that made you feel like this, Eddie", licking lips, she filled that bedroom with a purring, "I'm going to make you explode all over me and these sheets".

"Do it, baby", grappling with the thought of being brought to orgasm by Angela, he moaned.

As Angie pulled his throbbing cock out of her dripping snatch, she pivoted backwards between those red roped legs. Holding Eddie with her left hand, she gave it several long licks. She could taste him and her, all at once, "My slit and your cock. How good a mix is that, huh, baby?"

"Keep doing it, baby", exhaling, "I'm almost there".

"Mmm", working lips along that stiff shaft, Angela surprised him once more. She would prove herself as being the woman worthy of catching Edward's roving eye.

Feeling a tightening pull on his penis, Eddie almost exploded right then, "Angie, honey, what are you doing?"

"Giving you full service, honey", grasping harder on hardening flesh, Angela began to suck on those unattended balls. She may have been young, but she had many an unspoken trick up her sleeves.

"Shit, girl!', letting out a yelp, as that sensual sensation of having his scrotum serviced by Angela began driving him up a wall, "Where did you learn how to suck cock, you sweet thing?", making a fist with both tied hands, he wished to break free and ravish her, "My balls! Oh, my balls!"

Letting go of him completely, Angela partially pouted and whispered with a hint of dejection in his response, "You don't like it, Uncle Eddie?"

"Angie, I love it", praying this luscious lady would bring him to orgasm, "My cock's on fire, because of you", Eddie insisted, "Keep on sucking those balls, baby", still pulling at those red ropes against wrists, "Get me off".

"Mmm, that sounds better, Eddie", recapturing this man in hand, that mouth murmured, "Do you know what I'm feeling, right now?"

Reacting to each motion of Angela's hand, Edward's arousal remained high, "No, sugar. Tell me".

"I've got my right hand working myself over", digits twirled inside of Angela's wet slit, starting to soar, "And, I'm about to come too. You made me so wet, when you were inside of me", breathing heavily at the tingling that she was feeling within, while starting to inquire, "Does that turn you on, Eddie?"

"Girl, you know it does", Edward's eager eyes darted from both busy hands, as she held him in one and played with herself with the other, "Tell me how you feel, Angie?"

"My pussy's dripping all over your bed, Ed", gently working right hand in between hairy lips, "You like the fact that I came all over your sheets, Uncle Eddie?", Angie continued to kneel with Eddie in left hand, "You might have to burn this comforter and sheets, too".

A definitive statement came from this stiff litigator's tense mouth, "Never!", watching Angela masturbate in front of him, would be a vision burnished in Edward's soul, "I'll keep them as a memento of our evening of exploration

Removing right hand from within, Angela revealed a trio of dripping fingers as evidence of clitoral culmination. With left hand still full of Edward's almost bursting cock, his shaft was continuously stroked, "Oh, so will you remember this night, Edward?"

Tongue wagged to taste those fingers, as an ever-mobile Longfellow lavished, "Forever, Angela".

"Good boy", trio dangled into Eddie's parched mouth, as Angie had completed her task for that evening. She'd masturbated herself to climax, in the presence of a roped male about to shoot his load.

Angela Carter would have never fathomed something so wickedly divine.

Seconds passed, until that burgundy comforter, red satin sheets and Angela's left calf got a full stream of Edward's overflow.

Eddie's ejaculation was Angie's treat, for she is the being that brought him to climax. This woman earned every droplet of this man's juices on her flesh.

As Eddie panted and writhed to break free, Angela slowly stood and undid both legs. Onward to his hands, she wanted to maintain those ties.

Kissing him on the lips once, her hair lightly brushed a bare chest, "Eddie, did you enjoy me?"

"Set me free, Angie", hands began to fight the tension of those ropes, as Eddie desired a second round of erotic target practice, "And, I'll show you".

"Ooh, I can see", those brown eyes gazed at that stream of liquid on his sheets, knowing Eddie wouldn't control himself if she let him go, "That's why I'm going to loosen them, until I'm almost ready to leave".

Starting to speak to this young woman as a man in position of elder respectability, a stern Edward motioned hands one more time, "Angela, don't play".

Angela began rubbing hand to his cheek, "That was a fun game, Eddie", kissing him again, "By the looks of it, you might not be up for a second helping of me". "Try me, you hot slice", his legs moved towards this standing female, trying to get closer to her.

"Nasty boy", unzipping that red corset, Angie held the loosened vinyl around her, "I'll leave this in the box on the sofa".

"Angela, please", his voice fell to almost a whimper, remaining aroused with her being.

"Please what, Edward?", Angie stepped out of that corset and walked over towards his still stiff cock in the nude. Without warning, she smacked it once, "Sit on my cock? Sit on my face? What, hmm?"

Edward's cock and balls went to the right, while gently bobbing up and down. Shock was on his face, but heavenly ecstasy filled this man's body.

She knew at that point, this would really take him to the edge of another explosion. But, with what had been given her to wear, Angela knew that dominatrix' gear would have to be matched with some disciplinary actions.

Trying to move away from her touch, Edward wiggled around that bed, "Come on, stop it", his erection continued for several minutes more.

"Okay, I'll be a good girl for you", relenting to this pleading man, Carter untied the left hand and quickly retreated from his grasp, "Now, you get out of that other one, all by yourself".

Walking naked out of that bedroom and into that downstairs bathroom, Angela tossed that corset onto the floor. Blue skirt and evergreen blouse were placed back on her. With blue pumps and raincoat put on, Angela was almost ready to leave.

Picking up red vinyl garment, she walked towards that sofa and placed it into the box. Thinking of what just happened upstairs, she smiled to herself. As Angela turned to exit his home, Edward kissed her.

"That was fun, Eddie", pulling raincoat closed, she looked at a man that just brought her to a slippery finish.

"You are everything I could have ever hoped you to be", inhaling the vision of beauty that stood there, a grin of bliss came to Edward's lips.

"Hmm", Angie's eyes were pleased to see his cock remained stiff after her exit from their den of decadence upstairs, "I'm glad I could make your night perk up, Eddie".

Kissing Angela on the left cheek, praise was openly lavished on this fascinating female in his home, "You are a walking dream".

"Dreams are nice", reminiscing the pleasures she'd just experienced in Eddie's bed were beyond her own dark daydreams of being with any man, "But, reality is surely better".

"I never knew you were so wild, Angie", reflecting on that scenario of erotic chaos that just occurred upstairs, Eddie knew she was beyond being that demure daughter of a trusted friend, "You're definitely not the little girl I've known all these years".

"I have my secrets, Eddie", being a woman who wasn't going to fuck and tell, Angela scribbled another male name in her life's book of life's amorous adventures, "And, now you're also one".

"It must be a nice club to join", even at this moment of standing there with an erect penis, Edward remained quite content in being a man who'd partaken of Angie's impressive assets, "To be with you, Angela

Running an index finger down his chest, "I'm glad I could fulfill your fantasy, Eddie", Angie let out a giggle, "It was nice", she pulled that door open, "I feel like I've just cracked into the majors", proud to have survived a tango on the dark side.

"Triple A doesn't have a damn thing on you, Angie", standing nude behind that door, Edward complimented this queen of quiet conquest, "You are definitely in a higher league".

"Maybe in the future, I could come up to your office and sit on that fat cock of yours", teasing this male with further sexual escapades, "Would you like that, Uncle Eddie?"

Standing in a state of arousal, Edward sputtered, "Oh, a lot, Angela", another suggestion of how he could contain such erotic moments, "You give a man many ideas, Angie".

Those silky hands slowly pressed together, as Angela took another rope of desire in turning him on, "Or, maybe you could take some pictures of me, to have as a reminder of tonight?", completely comfortable at having this man burn up flashbulbs, "From what we've just done, you know I'd let you, Uncle Eddie?'

Eagerly, Eddie panted, "What type of pics, Angie?"

"In that red vinyl", anticipating his desire for that costume to be her first image through any lens, Angie realized his interest was peaked and tempted Edward once more, "Or, maybe me with my legs spread, nice and wide for you".

Eddie Longfellow's chestnut hair stood on end, thinking of a sexually adventurous Angela in many types of poses for him, "Sounds interesting".

"What would make it even better", sucking the tip of her tongue between teeth, Angela was pleased at her bedmate's receptive attitude, "Would be for you to have them laminated", throwing Edward another curve ball of titillation, "So, when you jerk off on my image, you'll be able to keep the picture for another go round on that the jacking off express".

Impressed by this female's grasp of his libidinous intentions towards her, Eddie began grinning from ear to ear, "Little Angie, able to read my mind".

"Speaking of that", taking a deep breath, Angela Carter broached a subject that could never be spoken before Edward Longfellow's calling her name, "Does that get you even harder now, when I call you Uncle Eddie?"

"To have you bouncing up and down my knee, my cock, or my face", as a man whose flesh was taken to a point of erotic explosion a few moments earlier, Eddie licked his lips for her, "Is more than my nastiest desire of you, Angie".

"As for calling me, Uncle Eddie", not taking that question in a vulgar way, his true feelings were added to, "I love the reverence you give me, Angela, when you call me that".

"Even when I'm sucking your cock or riding you?", starting to laugh at the thought of what they were talking about in his home, Angela almost wanted to contain her squeamishness.

Letting Angela off the hook for feeling uncertain about bringing this subject to the forefront, Edward diplomatically smiled at this fascinating female and smacked lip together, "Especially then, Angela".

Wrapping arms around her, their lips met with warm extraction of feelings. Admiring Edward in his position of authority was easy. Gazing down at him beneath her, was fun for Angela. Brushing brown curls with a strong left hand, Eddie reveled in the rapture, which Angie brought him to.

"Night, Uncle Eddie", waving farewell to him, Angie's footsteps broke the silent night. She'd seen another side of him. It was one, which couldn't be forgotten.

What Angela always called Edward, was one of mutual respect over the years. Not based on blood ties or even familial responsibility.

"Sleep tight, sweetheart", closing that door behind her slowly, Edward knew Angela might have trouble attaining that closed nature. She was an open blossom of womanly delights to him.

Angela had always looked up to Edward. Being Carter family friend and attorney, she saw him as a kind and caring human being. But, it was now Eddie turn to find a new appreciation for Angie.

22 year-old Angela may have lost a father figure this July night. But, she did gain an aroused friend in Edward Longfellow in 1972.


Edward Longfellow's interest in Angela had been stoked by her reactions to his salacious suggestions. One of which came to fruition during a visit he'd made to Arthur Carter's home in April 1975.

An excuse for why he was in the home came to be a business meeting later that afternoon with Arthur. Although punctuality was something Carter appreciated, he would have never fathomed the real reason Edward remained beyond prompt for their appointments.

Walking up the carpeted staircase, Longfellow made his way towards a second floor bedroom. Turning the locked door open, he saw the now 25 year-old Angie changing in the midst of changing from a drab green business suit.

"Oh, my", turning around and seeing him, as she held that dress around herself, Angela gasped and began to chuckle, "What are you doing here, Uncle Eddie?"

"Don't stop what you're doing, Angela", holding that door open, Edward licked his lips, "Looks lovely from here"

"Close the door behind you", putting dress onto a wicker chair, Angela wondered, "How did you know I'd be home alone?"

Edward approached this feathery vision, "I saw you when you left the office a while ago"

"And, what reason will you give my father for you being here, hmm?", placing hands onto hips, Angie felt a bit exasperated at how she would explain Eddie being in that home.

"I've got a good reason to be here, baby", greeting Angela with a peck on the cheek, "I've got a business meeting with him", giving the reason for him being there, Edward pushed back on her need to lie to her father about him, "Ha, ha".

Angela Carter began snickering, "Very fortunate timing you have, Eddie".

"Oh, don't I know it, Angie", wallowing in luck, Eddie watched this young woman walk to the other side of her bedroom.

Angela lay on her bed, adorning only white bra and panties. Her smooth skin wiggled against a blush colored comforter with rose design on it. She enjoyed this man's attention.

Just looking at this female, gave him shivers of lustful longing. As Angela rolled onto her left side, Edward sat on the edge of that bed, "I don't think you have any idea of how I'm affected by you, Angela".

"I think I know", running fingers through her curly brown hair, she understood the change between them, "Every time we're around each other, you look at me differently than you used to", relishing the affection and attention she'd gotten from this formerly platonic male, "I like the way you look at me, Eddie".

Looking down to his left, Edward surveyed the swan before him, "Oh, you do, Angie?", knowing there must have been a slew of others who saw this woman the same way, "But, I know I'm not the only one, sweetie".

Almost in a consoling way, her manicured right hand rubbed against his back, "That night we had at your place was fun, Uncle Eddie", tapping a trio of painted nails onto navy blazer, Angela spoke as the young woman who'd known this lawyer since she was a child, "But, it would never be possible to keep it going past then".

"I wish we could", using some of his courtroom charm on this fascinating female, Edward desired another round in a bedroom court of coital maneuvers.

Angela loved Edward in many ways. Yet, the primary angle he wanted them to share, was something she didn't wish to continue. Giving into one of his prior requests would be the way Angie would keep a smile on Eddie's face.

A few moments of silence was broken, as Angie coquettishly whispered, "I'll let you take those pictures of me, if you still want to, Uncle Eddie".

"You would let me, Angela?", like a thunderbolt, the thrill of hearing those words coming from her sweet lips overtook him.

"If it would make you happy, I would", Angela offered herself for his Polaroid contentment, as she fed this male fantasy. When she was in Eddie's home that evening of red ropes and corsets, thoughts of being caught on film was the furthest thought from Angie's mind.

The man, who sat on that bed, was a person she could trust. Even with a few naughty snapshots, Angela knew Edward would never release such a stunning secret to anyone.

"Yes", engulfed in eager appreciation, Eddie rubbed Angie's right cheek, "I'd love that".

Upright, she sat next to him on her bed, "I guess you better get them laminated", Angie started giggling, when thinking about how moist his experience would be in the presence of a set of pictures.

"You are very perceptive, Angela", knowing Arthur would be coming home soon; Edward stood and walked over to the bedroom window to peek outside.

Beginning to fiddle with her front bra clasps, Angela playfully probed him, "Have you stroked off to me, lately?"

Head turned and smiled, "You're a bad, bad girl, Angie".

Knowing he was ascending under those pants, she began rubbing her breasts beneath that fabric, "Answer the question, counselor?", twisting the knife of inquisition to him.

Trying to avoid looking at Angela, he began to look out of that window again, "Many a moment of stiffness is chalked up to you, beautiful one".

Legs dangling over that ruffled comforter, Angie made another suggestion, "I could come down to the pool, while you two are going over business papers", locking one leg atop the other, she purred to this solicitor, "Would you like that, Eddie?"

"Angela, you know I'd love it", body turning attention around to her, Ed grinned at Angie.

"You can choose what I'll wear", pointing left index finger to top drawer of a wooden dresser, "Daddy won't be paying any attention to me", giving him some guidance on what she could model by the pool, "So, it can be as stringy as you want it to be".

Having peeled off those white undergarments, Angela stood there naked and waiting for something to wear.

Edward furiously went through the countless items that were in that drawer, as both heard the sound of Arthur's car pulling into the driveway. Finally, Longfellow pulled out a bikini and tossed it to her.

"This one is perfect".

Orange and white vertical striped string bikini was held in Angela's waiting hand, as a beaming smile came to her face, "So, you like that one, Ed?"

"Put it on, Angie", thinking of what she'd look like in those skimpy pieces of fabric.

Lawrence Chase, an accountant for Carter Manufacturing Corporation had been seeing her for over four months. It was this new man in Angela's life who had given her that as a present. How ironic it was for Edward to choose it for wearing down by the poolside in Arthur Carter's home.

"Larry gave me that one", rolling thong between that bare ass, Angela began tying up the bikini top to cover breasts with orange cotton, "Two men in my life, have such good taste".

Edward, taken aback a bit at that glint of information from her, nodded in accepting the fact that another had chosen such an appealing garment for Angela, "So, I guess we do".

Eddie left her bedroom to go downstairs to meet with Arthur. Slightly surprised to see Carter with the aforementioned Lawrence Chase, the three men made their way onto the patio. Ten minutes later, Angela goes down to the same location. She is quite happy about Larry being there.

Trying to be completely oblivious to the situation of Edward and Lawrence being there together, she feigned ignorance of this meeting. Greeting her father first, Angela kissed him on the left cheek, "Daddy, I didn't know you would be home so early".

Pecking his daughter on the cheek, Arthur waved an index finger in her direction, "Angela, I told you that I had a business meeting".

"I guess I forgot", acting like her brains were scattered in the sunshine of the afternoon, Angela smiled at a gazing boyfriend, "Larry, I'm glad you're here".

Clumsily standing from a patio chair, Larry almost choked at her almost nude flesh before him, "Angela, you're a lovely sight in that".

"I didn't even know you were coming here today", Angie let out a light giggle, giving a gentle shrug of those soft shoulders to him in a whisper, "But I really love this bikini you brought me".

Larry Chase is pleased to see Angie in a present that he'd brought her, "And, it loves you, too", laughing at the good luck he had in coming to this meeting at Arthur's home.

"Larry, I think we better get down to business", looking to get the attention of a smitten Chase away from the barely covered beauty, Edward smiled, "Right, Arthur?"

"He's right, Larry", Arthur sat looking through a pile of papers, "The sooner we get this over with", knowing Chase would rather spend a sunny afternoon with his daughter then himself, "You and Angela can enjoy each other's company".

Angela's wet lips kissed Larry's cheek, "He's right about that, Larry".

"Would you like to go do dinner after we're finished here, Angela?", Larry made Angie an offer he hoped she wouldn't refuse.

Her eyes darted over to an overhearing Eddie, while responding with pleasure, "I'd love that".

"Well, my daughter's happy", Carter let out a loud laugh at her response, "So, let's get to business, boys".

Situated across from him, Edward called over to a captivated Lawrence Chase and Angela Carter, "Larry, come on over".

"See you in a bit", smooching Angela's cheek, Larry smiled and walked back to the patio table.

"Yes, you will, Larry", walking over to the pool chair and rubbing some tanning oil on herself, as they began talking about business matters.

At one point, Angela slightly twisted that sweaty body and the bikini top untied itself. Revealing bare breasts, she knows Larry is watching this event. Pink nipples shimmered beneath a beaming sun. Slowly she pulled herself into those cotton cups. Angela Carter became soaked at the fact that Edward was also watching her intently.

Excusing himself from their meeting, Edward went inside the house to make a phone call. Angie knew Eddie went into the downstairs bathroom of her father's home to jack off. She'd gotten Longfellow so worked up with a tit popping free in the sunshine, he'd had to relieve himself.

When Eddie returned outside, Angie was sitting on that pool lounger with Larry making jokes and petting her soft skin. His hands stroked those glistening shoulders, as she began laughing at this witty male.

Tinge of green came over Edward at that moment. But, those pangs of jealousy vaporized, as he knew Angela would be his willing muse very soon.

As for Arthur Carter, he definitely paid little to no attention to his daughter's antics by the pool. He was just glad she was happy. Maybe, Chase might be more than just a passing amorous association for her.

Larry Chase and Angie Carter had gone to Chicago on a business trip three months ago, when he gave her that bikini. She wore it at the hotel pool, where they made love for the first time. It was a truly wet beginning for them both.

Inside of a two month period from that April conversation in Angela's bedroom, Edward Longfellow had set up his home for a photographing engagement in June 1975.

"Hello, Eddie", denim bag hung over her shoulder, as Angie smiled at this requesting male opening that front door.

Grinning broadly, Eddie kissed her on the cheek, "You are a sight for sore eyes, Angela".

"Hmm, from what you've relayed to me in the past, Uncle Eddie", revisiting those tart conversations that they had in the past, Angela's tongue tip licked slowly against cherry gloss, "Those baby blues aren't the only things that are sore on you".

Closing door behind his guest, Eddie enjoyed the back view, "Come on inside and get comfortable".

Brown eyes flickered, as she looked around that living room, "So, what's in all those boxes?", denim bag placed onto loveseat.

Fantasy coming to reality, Edward Longfellow took measures to ensure his wishes, "I brought a few things I'd like you to wear for me, Angela".

"You really put a lot of effort and time into this, Eddie", thinking of how organized this orgasmic mission was about to become, Angie warmly smiling at him.

"For you, I always will", arousal's spell was cast with Angela Chase's reception of Edward Longfellow in the past, which would play itself further in his home.

From that open box full of thongs, corsets and bras, Angela pulled out a handful of garments. Making the journey upstairs and getting out of those clothes, Angela stood naked in his bathroom.

Situated outside that small location, Eddie started to surprise his subject with a few camera clicks. Unexpected laughter and giggles came from her, as Angie tried to make several faux fashion poses for him.

Trotting into the bedroom, she placed a bra on, "Is this okay?", wanting to know if her choice was fitting for what he desired.

"Perfect", biting bottom lip with anxious glee, Edward affirmation rose several degrees for Angela.

"I think it might be too tight", slim hands constantly adjusted straps on that cleavage garment, as she fidgeted.

Not worried by this level of discomfort his model for the afternoon was feeling, "Your jugs are being suffocated under that lace", Eddie boyishly smiled at Angie, "It's brilliant", sighing at her bare bottom, "Your ass is delightful for these eyes" ,camera clicked again.

Pink lace tweaked those nipples, "You like me being constrained, don't you, Uncle Eddie?"

Eddie loved the sight of flesh restrained and captured by a variety of garment, "You know that I do".

"Oh, yes, I remember", visions of red ropes and corsets danced through Angie's mind.

Positioning camera onto nightstand, Eddie opened the top drawer and handed her a pair of red handcuffs, "Put these on, Angela", chuckling at the implication of having this tempting tulip under confinement, "It's my turn to see you under lock and key".

Clicking those shackles onto her, Angela motioned wrists back and forth, "You like this?"

"Hmm, mmm", holding camera in hand once more, a single click occurred, "Hold your arms outstretched in front of you. I want to see the cuffs down by that honey dam".

Straining those cuffed hands down by pussy hair, she purred at him, "Where do you want me to stand?"



"Follow me, my lady", walking this pleasing captive down those carpeted stairs and into the backyard, Longfellow's right arm began to point, "Stand over by the patio table, okay?"

Bare ass rested against green painted, resin table, "Like this?"

"Perfect", camera clicked with joy.

"It's chilly out here", teased by a July afternoon's cool breeze, her nipples began hardening. Wisconsin wind blew Angela's long, brown curls forward, leaving a few loose strands against those stiff pink pearls.

Looking through the lens, Eddie agreed with glee, "I can definitely see that".

"Is this enough?", red cuffs rubbed against exposed pussy lips, giving this raunchy photographer a saucy show.

Motioning camera to his left cheek, Eddie smiled and gave into this female's request, "Let's go back upstairs".

Tipping into that bedroom, whispering, "Are you going to set me free, Eddie?"

As if Eddie were returning a naughty favor of sorts to Angie, "Haven't I already done that, the last time you were here, Angela", snickering and loosening those cuffs.

"Ooh, yes, Eddie. Steady Eddie", excited over the events of this afternoon, Chase hadn't consumed anything all morning. Which left a growling stomach and lips smacking together, "I'm starving".

Angela sauntered into the kitchen, reaching over a walnut counter to grab a peach. Munching quickly on that piece of fruit, this female felt satisfaction.

Contorting naked body over that counter, Angie became a sight that Eddie appreciated. He had followed behind her closely with camera in hand.

Snapping a picture with the flash going off, she partially pulled body upright and turned around, "Eddie? I'm not ready yet", still bent over that walnut structure.

Admiring firm flesh before Edward's eyes, "Angie, you're just perfect in that position", camera lens caught the vision to film.

Chomping peach, she giggled, "Let me finish this and we can go back upstairs".

"Uh, uh", grinning and clicking, "Keep on working on that peach, baby" ,moving himself around that counter, slowly continuing to press buttons on camera.

Peach juice ran down Angela's chin and against her silky chest. She tittered and nibbled, while Eddie snapped and steamed for her.

Removing body off counter, Angie wiped that fruity liquid off with a paper towel, "What's next, Mr. Longfellow?"

"I want you on the sofa".

"Ah, you have covered all the bases in your home, haven't you, Edward?", buoyantly bouncing onto that sofa with legs crossed beneath her, Angela was ready for anything.

Pleased at her compliance so far, Eddie made a further instruction, "Angela, I want you to lie back and spread those luscious legs for me".

"Like this?", laying back and opening legs slightly.

"I want to see you, Angie", Longfellow continued to hold camera in front of his face, "All of you".

"Mmm, I feel like I'm a bunny or something more wicked, Eddie", left foot touched the floor, while Angie held the right leg over the top of that sofa, "Now, is this what you want to see, Eddie?"

Angela's satin sliver was spread for him, fulfilling all of his erotic whims at the moment, "God, you could give me a heart attack doing that".

Knowing how marbleized this man became, Angie couldn't resist a playful joust, "A hard attack, right?", instinctively knowing he loved looking at her breasts, she cupped them with both hands.

"Show me those nipples, honey", twisting camera into several angles, Eddie's tongue resembled a viper tasting the perfumed air.

"I'll get them good and hard for you, okay?", polished fingertips began pinching them to firmness Angela began rubbing her thighs.

"Yeah, yeah", camera continued to click, while it's owner panted at this sable haired cutie.

Nipples red with excitement, Angie's pussy glistened as she relaxed on this soft sofa, "Am I doing a good job, Uncle Eddie?'

She'd given him more than he'd expected. Taking in the glorious gem, Eddie held camera against right side of a pouting face, "If you were any better, sweetheart", clicking again, "You'd melt this lens".

Shifting body on that sofa with a giggle, "That's good to hear", resting arms above her head and closing eyes.

"That's delicious", smiling in relief at it's conclusion, he bent to kiss her, "We're done, Angela".

Opening eyes and licking lips, Angela asked, "Did you get what you wanted?"

Gingerly shaking camera in right hand, Edward Longfellow expressed gratitude to this glistening gal, "You've made me a man happy beyond belief".

"I can see that", Angela was aroused and amused at Eddie's never-ending ascension, while looking at a growing erection beneath his robe, "So, are you going to develop those yourself, Ed?"

"Without a doubt", feeling cock rising again, Eddie nodded in response.

Sitting up on the sofa slowly, "You really have an interesting imagination.

He sat down next to her, "And, you fulfilled over one of my wishes, lovely one.

Angela stood up and ran fingers through her hair, "I better get dressed".

His hand rubbed up and down her right thigh, as if that action would keep this delightful diva with him for a bit longer, "Why don't you stay for lunch", using the charm offensive, "And, maybe a little dessert afterwards?"

"The only thing you're hungry for is my pussy, right?", taking the direct approach to this male's veiled suggestion for a meal, Angie exactly what Eddie wished would be between them.

Smacking lips together, honesty prevailed, "Oh, yeah".

"Eddie, if I let you fuck me again, it might complicate things", thinking about how adventurous their prior erotic event was, she also recoiled at further implications for the both of them.

"What things, baby?", Eddie's fingers tip-toed up Angie's bare back, trying to find out what could stand in the way of another round in his bed.

"Well, for one thing", Angela began placing cards of consequence over a future physical swirl with Edward out for him, "My father might wonder why I'm over here with you", ticking tongue against teeth, "As for the second thing. Well, you know Larry and I are dating".

"And, you don't want any other cock in that sweet snatch, but his?", green glow of jealous came over Eddie, wanting to be another man that could enter her sweet pussy.

Head tilted to the right, as Angela caressed Edward's tense cheek, "I think those pics you just took, will keep you more than satisfied with me", giving warm smile and calm voice to this dejected male, "Right?"

Almost inaudible, Eddie murmured, "A bounty like you", letting out a deep sigh slowly, he was taking in the image before him, "How can a man choose between this film and your flesh?"

"It's your choice, Eddie", tiny spurts of laughter came from Angela's warm lips, knowing those pictures would be something he could treasure for years, "Live or Memorex?"

"I'll take Memorex, my darling, Angie"

"Good choice", bending down and kissing him, her actions reassured Eddie.

Angela's fleeting lips, left Edward almost intoxicated from her touch, "Thank God, for small gifts".

She walked upstairs with him following behind and placing camera onto nightstand. Pulling on jeans, shoes and tank top quickly, this fantastically friendly female bounding downstairs, "Eddie? I'm ready to go".

"If only Artie knew how his little girl has grown up", for the first time, Eddie felt comfortable enough to speak the name of his lover's father.

Squeezing denim bag up from that loveseat, Angela twisted handle around hand, "He'd wonder why his good friend can't resist jacking off when thinking of her".

"Ooh, that mouth, Angela", Eddie would not resist admonishing her.

"Exactly", grinning at him, Angie touched that sash on his robe, "And, if he knew what I can do with it, he'd be choking on his cigar".

Unrestrained laughter flowed from Eddie, "What a woman you have become, sweet Angie", this lusty lawyer kissed Angela on right cheek and slowly opened the front door.

"I'm glad I could live up to your dreams of me, Uncle Eddie", glad that she could please this male, Angie beamed with pride.

Edward relished this female's presence in his life, "I love it when you call me that, Angela".

Walking out of that entrance, flirtation flowed from Angie's lips, "I know you do".

Saying farewells to his moist mistress of mystery, Edward Longfellow walked back inside. Going upstairs, he changed from robe into faded jeans and a green t-shirt. Taking camera into downstairs bathroom, Eddie used that small location as a darkroom. Under three hours, thirty-six pictures were hung onto a trio of laundry lines in this excited photographer's bathroom.

As sun set in Eau Claire, a telephone rang in an upstairs bedroom of the Carter home. Angela held the receiver to a silver hooped ear, as Edward conveyed the captured magic that they shared earlier.

Even though he realized nothing sexual would ever occur between them again, Eddie pined to nestle against smoking lips of Angie's passion.

Angela Carter, on the other sweaty hand, moved forward in a relationship with Lawrence Chase. It was a friendship that led to September 1975 marriage.

- Extended TWO Chapter Segment END


Behind the doors of the wealthy, there's always something stirring...;)

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