Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Explore - A Poem by A.H. Scott


Explore inner space
Explore outer space
Explore the wrinkles of time upon my face
Explore experience, which youth hasn’t a clue of
Explore my hands with kisses from your lips
Exploring you like a sojourner, is such a trip
Truth be told, we’re not so old after all
Few flakes of snow in your attic, doesn’t mean the fire doesn’t still burn below
Gravity sent a farewell peck on my buns and melons many days ago
Lying here together, I rest my hand on your chest
You lay your hand upon mine gently
Feels nice to know a man who can truly appreciate a woman
Not a girl am I with a giggle and vacant sigh
Nor you a boy with a constantly descended fly
Explore the moments to treasure one another
Exploring you as my lover
My lips meet your chest and make it’s acquaintance
Soon, I’ll be giving you full maintenance
Manicured nails roll onto flexing muscles
In the night of blue moon and stars, my hands are exploring your galaxy
Bodies braided lightly on that bed as we emerged in love again and again and again
Stars in my eyes, are nothing compared to the tingling in my thighs
Neither of us were chicks at heaven’s dawning
Yet, when I wanted to go one more time, it was you that started yawning
Exploring is fun
And, not just for those of slim age
Quality is an experience that gets better with time
Exploration is the care that a woman and man share when they toss away society’s clock
Morning came and we awoke in each other’s arms
Refreshed and revived, our hearts are alive
Exploring the day anew
It’s nice to share tender gems of my life with you…

- A.H. Scott

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