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"Over My Head" - A Wife Steps Into The Wolf's Den by A.H. Scott

Angela thinks she can handle
anything that comes along in life.
Yet, she was about to be put to
that test by Nicholas Bell.

Devotion comes with a price....
.....Angela will know the
ups & downs of paying the piper

Lawrence Chase owed a debt. His wife, Angela, took a gamble. Pity for both, that losing a few dollars would be nothing compared to higher stakes in their marriage.

What begins as a bargain of assisting a spouse with a problem, takes a woman down a rocky road of self reflection, desire and unraveling a secret from the past.

Go "Over My Head" with A.H. Scott!

Looking at a portrait of a man and wife, the fractures of a marriage aren't easily seen. Smile and supportive caress hide the barren wasteland of a relationship.

They were a happy couple once. With fresh air and laughter. Chuckles fade. Gone is the optimism of youthful exuberance.

Blissful petals have withered on the vine of time

Symbol of an affair is permanently erased.

A wife, who has acted upon her own desires, has taken a carefree step into a world she never expected would come at the end of fate's rainbow.

She is a woman who exists amongst four joined stages of life's square. Exploration is the first angle. Love comes as the second turn of degrees. Passion takes third angle. Obligation is that fourth angle of completing the cube of this female's world.

Lace cradles creamy flesh. Yet, warts of a soul's disfigurement can never be truly obscured.

A husband's secret is the cornerstone of events, which lead to triumph and tragedy in a shortest span of time.

Veiled agendas beneath soft kisses are bitter in daylight's exposure, as intrusions of many forms take several by surprise.

Man of varied lies and devilish alibis has snaked his way into the lives of this couple. Certain word of support or smile of comfort had the effect of making all the difference in gaining entry into another's life.

Before either knows it, they are submerged in something beyond their control.

For what was a frivolous flirtation, became a shower of a heart's hidden obsession onto a floor of doom's dance.

It leads to that moment of culmination's wondering by this wandering wife to staying afloat in a marriage's rickety vessel of distress or forever being "Over My Head".

Eau Claire society had never been plagued with such a scandal.

An affair that had begun under less than pleasant circumstances, unraveled into a hazy sunset of sorrow for Angela, Nicholas and Lawrence.

The Chases' marriage had a ribbon of secrets and lies that each held closed to the other. Lawrence's lies led Angela to harbor secrets of her own to him.

In some ways, actions by her husband propelled this dutiful wife into the arms of another man.

No one gets out of this life without paying a price.

Singular event on a sexually charged night with Angela Chase at it's core, turns from a bubblegum pop song of simplicity into a Wagnerian symphony of doom within the pages of "Over My Head".


Lies and secrets are like molecules of fat. They always rise to the surface.

In the swirling stew of seduction, two persons draw a wife into a web of corruption and condemnation. First of which is her husband, who harbors a secret that she has found out about. Secondly, a man whose intentions towards her have been well known for many years.

Her husband's secret is bound to a lie that the an acquaintance uses to his own benefit. This wife decides to take a gamble of her own, which leads to places that unseen consequences roam.

"Over My Head" is a contemporary romance, filled with smothered aspirations, smoldering sparks, and an explosive conclusion.

Woman at the heart of this novel is Angela Chase. Sexy brunette with a pouting sense of privilege, she always has been spoiled by her tycoon father.

Sometimes a spoiled child becomes a brat that thinks the world should bow down to her. For Angie, she'd enjoyed having her stocking clad knees onto a floor also.

Angela Chase may have been a married woman, but she was far from a shrinking violet on passion's scale. Tiny fractures of her relationship to Lawrence Chase began widdling away at this woman's self esteem.

Neglecting Angela was Lawrence's first sin. Racing into second place behind neglect, came an act of omission.

Events in the lives of the Chases could have taken such a different road, if only a husband told his wife the entire truth about a secret he'd been holding.

Alas, what Lawrence Chase set in motion, Angela Chase would barter with in skin of perfumed lotion.

Desire can take us to places that the heart can never capture. A simple hand out to a stranger can be all that a lonely person could ever need. Even if it were from someone you never thought would be a part of your life. In this tale of crimson conclusions and titillation's triumph, only a single notion of being submerged in an ocean of delights is whispered into a longing soul's ear.

Shall my world remain one of mendacity or should I go, "Over My Head".

"Over My Head" has a few twists amongst the pages, that will leave the reader wondering how did A.H. Scott make the pea vanish from beneath that obvious shell.

A wife. A husband. A lover.

Sex. Money. Power. Lies. Obsession. Murder.

That's "Over My Head". Submerge Yourself Into Seduction's Sea.

And, with that, A.H. Scott offers you an introduction to the players in her novel, "Over My Head":


Angela Carter Chase -
(Heiress and Lawrence Chase's wife)

Angela Carter had been given the world on a silver platter by her tycoon father, Arthur Carter. Even with that, this feisty woman was now a wife to an accountant, Lawrence Chase.

Even with that life that seemed very serene, Angela wanted more. In this case, more came in the unlikely form of a quite titillating restauratuer and businessman named Nicholas Bell.

No one gets out of this life without paying a price.

Singular event on a sexually charged night with Angela Chase at it's core, turns from a bubblegum pop song of simplicity into a Wagnerian symphony of doom within the pages of "Over My Head".


Lawrence Chase
Accountant and Angela's husband

Lawrence Chase may not have been what Eau Claire society may have expected to be married to Angela Carter. Yet, he made his own luck in love's field. Being an accountant at Arthur Carter's business, Lawrence enjoyed the benefits of being married to the boss' daughter.

Chase may have been lucky in love, but when it came to other high stakes games, Larry was a loser. And, the person who sat in the catbird's seat of having this tender plum of information would be the last person Lawrence Chase could trust.


Edward Longfellow -
(Lawyer and Carter family friend)

Edward Longfellow knew the law inside and out. But, his greatest asset was an ability to read people. This came from his varied clients in Eau Claire and other locations throughout Wisconsin.

Being a longtime legal counsel and friend to industrialist Arthur Carter, Edward became privy to many aspects of the Carter family goings on.

Having known Angela since she was born, Edward had been a quite protective force in her life. Certain secrets between this lawyer and young heiress would be quite catastrophic for both of their reputations, if anything were ever disclosed.

Angela Chase confided many things to Edward, which neither Arthur or Lawrence would ever know.


Nicholas Bell -
(Businessman and Angela's lover)

Nicholas Bell was owner of a local nightspot (The Eight Ball) for many years, when he met Angela Carter. As she became Angela Chase, now restauratuer (Tulip) Bell remained a quite captivated man by this woman from afar.

Bell climbed the social ladder in Eau Claire, from the lower rungs up towards the top of that structure. Arthur Carter's nod of approval for his restaurant, proved the tide of acceptability in a higher social circle was turning in Nicholas' favor.

From a young age, Nicholas learned the best way to get ahead was to sit back and observe. And, then pounce on whatever weakness your opponent may have.

Thus, whenever he'd gotten a chance, this smart man would use information his own benefit. Be it in the form of a digits' ascendency or cradling of perfumed skin.

Timing was everything and Bell took full advantage of that fateful factor.


Arthur Carter -
(Tycoon and Angela's father)

Some businessman try to pretend to be something that they are not. This was not the case for a mid-Western industrialist. Arthur Carter was an arrogant man. That is a statement of fact. He never tried to runaway from who he was or how he amassed his vast fortune.

Steel was the ticket to Arthur's fortune. And, it also was the will he had to make his business a success in Wisconsin.

This was something that he'd passed down to his daughter, Angela. She'd thrived under that armor of his arrogance to her own detriment at the moment.

Arthur Carter was always fair in business. But, no one would ever be shocked if he had taken an invisible razor from his tailored suit pocket in the boardroom.

Money became a sheilding column of bricks to the real world. But, there always were fissures in that seemingly solid wall that the rich built around themselves.


Gennaro Esposito -
(NB Auto Repair manager and Bell's friend)

Primarily, Gennaro Esposito was a longtime friend of Nicholas Bell. Manager of Bell's auto repair business, Esposito enjoyed similar interests of pleasure as Nicholas.

Gennaro shared many a secret with his socially ascending friend in Eau Claire.


Iris Mendoza -
(The Cat's Paw Tattoo Parlor owner and Bell's friend)

Secondly, Iris Mendoza was also a friend to Nicholas Bell. Owner of a local tattoo parlor, Iris and Bell shared many a laugh and drink together.

Mendoza may have seemed like an unlikely ally to Bell. But, each of them knew the power of association.


Archie Hamilton -
(Bartender at The Eight Ball & Part-Time Tulip Restaurant manager)

Archie Hamilton was a man who knew all the key players in this drama. From a previous position working for Arthur Carter, to the present day employment at two of Nicholas Bell's businesses, Archie Hamilton had a faint finger on the pulse of the main characters in this novel.

Working as a bartender at that nightspot and a part-time manager at the swanky restaurant, Archie didn't have much free time to dream of a better life for himself and his family.

Yet, this man of multiple obligations did just that.


Madeline Hamilton -
(Physical therapist and Archie Hamilton's wife)

Physical therapist Madeline Hamilton worked at the local hospital. Wife to Archie and mother of two young sons, Madeline had a quite pleasant existence in Eau Claire.

Madeline's world was her family. And, even with any flaws that were behind closed doors, she would do anything to protect and love her husband, Archie.

The Hamilton's marriage may not have been sparkling. But, they were a union of stability with their two sons.


Julius Baxter -
(Wisconsin court Judge)

Julius Baxter was an Eau Claire County Judge that had played a part in the lives of three of the other main characters. He knew the Carter family and Edward Longfellow had stood before him at the judicial bar.

Restraint was never truly Julius' strong point. And, one of the other characters in this juicy novel feels the brunt of his ever increasing ego.

Judge Baxter was an ambitious man, as time would prove him to rise to the head of Wisconsin's Supreme Court.


Ann Marshall Baxter -
(Socialite and Julius' wife)

Ann Marshall Baxter was not only the wife of Judge Julius Baxter, but thrived as a socialite in Wisconsin society. Ann wasn't a wife who bit her tongue in criticizing a spouse.

In fact, it may have been Ann's ballbusting of Julius that prompted the rise of this mid-level judge on the Eau Claire County circuit.

Ann knew that behind her powerful husband, remained a woman of charm and elegance, who wasn't above twisting a few arms in maintaining their place on that platinum peak of society.


Darlene Morrissey -
(Tulip restaurant waitress)

Darlene Morrissey had known Angela Carter in their years at the local Catholic high school together. Morrissey hadn't the fortune to have a rich father provide for a smooth existence for her, such as Angela had.

From Darlene's point of view towards Angela, envy smoldered within this woman who saw her own dreams of a better life doused by choices she made in years past.

So, she became a waitress at a local, high end restaurant.

Looking at them on the surface, both women were as different as a crepe and poundcake. Alas, scrape away the fluffy finery of a father's wealth and the world would realize both women were equal halves of a whole.

Beneath Angela's silk and Darlene's polyester, both had many things in common. This included a layered relationship with Nicholas Bell.

Explore the world of A.H. Scott's "Over My Head' in this extended excerpt:


Angela Chase was an heiress who seemed to have the world on a string. Nicholas Bell held the scissors of destruction to the lives of both she and her husband, Lawrence.

For those who think they are the cream of society's crop, there are always bottom feeders who worm their way up.

Nicholas cradled the marker of Lawrence Chase in his palm and had an inkling that Angela would come into his life once again....



Angela and Nicholas didn't travel in the same social circles in Eau Claire. Yet, over the years, each had been cordial in many a public event. Maybe being a charming woman to every person she'd met, would give her a leg up in assisting Lawrence's debt to becoming just an unpleasant memory.

Parking down the street, a few quickened steps would bring Angie face to face with the person who held Larry's marker in the palm of his hand.

As if some things never changed, that flashy red spider was once again parked outside of the Eight Ball on July 21st.

Motioning inside, Chase gazed to the right and saw the booth that she'd sat at with those weeks before her eighteenth birthday. To Angela's left, an unattended bar had a trio of paper coasters strewn about it.

Marty Balin's milky voice washed over an entering Angela Carter Chase, as she walked towards that bar. On a jukebox to her right, "Count On Me" played moderately in this almost empty establishment. Jefferson Airplane's melody filled that July afternoon's air. For this motivated wife, Angela quite aptly understood meaning of those lyrics. Larry could always count on Angie.

Slightly bending neck and head over the bar's edge, Angela spoke with familiarity, "Archie? Is that you?"

Archie Hamilton placed several inventory slips down on an empty crate and looked around to see where that light voice came from. Quite taken aback at Angela Carter's presence in this location, he moderately uttered, "Angela Carter? What are you doing here?"

Turning hesitation to a happy smile, Hamilton added, "You haven't been in these parts in a long time. It's good to see you again".

Relieved to see this acquaintance, Angela returned a subtle smile, "You too, Archie. It's good to see a friendly face".

Standing upright, he grasped the papers and put them onto that bar counter, "So, can I get you something to drink?"

"Oh, I'm not here for that", Angela was determined to get through this unpleasant task rapidly, as brown eyes gazed towards a pool table area in back, "Is Nicholas here?"

"Nick?", carelessly shrugging at hearing the reason why this female was there, Archie calmly conveyed Bell's whereabouts, "Sure, he's in the back".

Slim form in white dress cautiously moved near the billiard tables and smiled back at this mellow barkeep, "Thank you, Archie".

"Listen, Angela", calling out to her, he smiled, "I could have him come out here and talk to you", walking out from behind that bar, Hamilton could sense a glimmer of discomfort in this brunette's hesitation to be in Nicholas Bell's establishment, "It would be no problem".

"Thanks for your kindness", nibbling bottom lip, Angela started to walk away, "I've got this situation in control".


"Yes, Archie", flipping head and hair to face him, this woman replied.

"Take it easy, okay", Hamilton smiled.

"I will", woman on a mission motioned to the back of the Eight Ball.

White pumps tapped against green tiles, as she saw Gennaro Esposito and two other men playing a game of pool with Nicholas Bell.

As Nick has his back to an approaching Angela fifteen feet away, Espo nodded head to get him to turn around. The holder of that large debt would see for himself what the Rabbit's Foot had dragged in. A white pearl from shoe to dress stood in an arena of ash and dim lighting.

Lawrence Chase's losing streak in an unlicensed Fairwater casino had led his wife to this unlikely place. Fabric of lightest color revealed more about the lady who wore that dress.

She was queen of diamonds in a deck of destiny that he'd frittered away. In a high stakes game of a husband's multiple hands of poor choices, Angela held onto the wildest card of all.

Nicholas Bell's life of varied fortune had proceeded with an abundant arrival of Angela Carter Chase.

Dressed in black tee and pants, Nick slowly twisted himself around, "Right on time", softly whispering to Espo.

"An hourglass, my friend", Esposito sighed at the sight of such beauty in their midst, while moving towards those other two men.

Butterfly of mixed emotions that fluttered in her throat were swallowed and confidence emerged from Angela's soft lips, while stationed on one side of that pool table, "Hello, Nicholas".

A false air of being surprised at her sight filled Nick's voice, as he spoke to this woman in white, "Angela, it's good to see you again".

"Gee, that's what Archie just said to me", Chase felt a bit of gallows's humor would break the ice of this awkward moment of being reintroduced to him, "Can we talk?"

"Surely", Nick rested pool stick against table and grinned at her, "We can sit over in one of the booths", pointing towards that almost empty bar area.

Angela was pleased at his offer, but declined, "I'd like to speak with you in private".

"Private?", Bell was puzzled with Chase's request to be alone with him. Yet, he knew exactly why that conversation would need to be without an audience, "No one will bother us when we sit down to talk", slyly winking over at a trusted friend, who knew what was actually going on, "Isn't that right, Gennaro?"

Adorned in white, silk shirt and tan pants, this male had the appearance of a tropical toreador. Putting away pool stick in rack, he looked like a cool coconut cocktail to her.

Gennaro Esposito had known Angela from being acquainted with her at various public events, "Oh, yeah", giving a smile to this attractive visitor, Espo rolled out the welcome mat to their unfiltered world, "Hello, Angela You look like a blue cloud of joy".

"Hi, Gennaro", polite to a fault, Arthur Carter's daughter smiled back, "Thanks for the compliment", returning to the point of this visit in the first place, "Please, Nick. I really need to talk to you, alone".

"Hey, how can I resist a request from such a lovely lady", nodding head in direction of Esposito, he added, "Hold all my calls, Espo", holding right hand outward to Angela, this male in his 30's pointed towards a back office, "We can talk in my office".

Angela Carter Chase slowly sauntered down a small hallway that led to Bell's office, as he followed behind her in the mode of a wolf salivating at a juicy mouse. Nicholas turned head and winked back at a stationary, smiling Gennaro Esposito.

As this woman entered that office, Nick closed the door behind her, "Please, have a seat, Angela".

"I think I'll stand", calmly replying to Bell's offer.

"It's your decision", smiling at her, he sat down behind his desk, "Well, how cliché it would be of me to ask", slightly snickering in a quizzical tone, "But, what brings you by?"

Angela pulled a few loosened strands of hair behind her ear, as she took a deep breath, "I think you know why I'm here, Nicholas".

"Angela, Angela", with glint of cheer in his voice, he cleaned teeth minutely, "You remember all my friends call me Nick", remembering their meeting years prior.

"Okay", uttering a modest sigh, she relented, "Nick, you do know why I'm here", fidgeting fingers began tapping against white purse, "My husband".

"Maybe you should spell it out for me, Mrs. Chase", letting Angela feel a quick sting of hearing herself as the spouse of an unlucky gambler.

Wife in white wardrobe placed her cards of purpose onto Nick Bell's desk, "I'm here to talk to you about Lawrence's debt".

Brows arched in response, "Ah, so I guess your husband can't handle this himself?", unable to avoid chuckling at this vision of loveliness taking on a responsibility of paying Larry's losses off.

"That's not funny, Nick", taking a small inhalation of courage, Angela turned rigid in place.

Seeing this female's frigid air about her, Bell used a few words of accommodation, "Have a seat, Angela".

"I'm fine standing", not wanting to chitchat with this male of dubious demeanor, Chase stood still.

"Sit down, Angie", with a statement of ordering his visitor to recline into a chair, Nick smiled at Angie in a mixture of smoothness and rocky resolution, "This is going to be done under my terms", placing palm out in a motion for her to relax, he let this female know exactly who she was dealing with, "And, definitely not yours".

Arthur Carter's daughter had the air of a profitable lineage, which Nicholas Bell hadn't been in contact with in many a year. Members of Eau Claire's society would not look down the Eight Ball's owner again.

Slowly her body rested into a chair, "Okay, so now I'm sitting here", giving this male compliance.

"You see, Angela", glad of the way she heeded that insistence of descending action, Nick grinned with sense of relief, "Everyone can comply when they want to".


Behind the doors of the wealthy, there's always something stirring...;)

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