Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The Quotable A.H. Scott:
February 22, 2012

"The strangest thing happened to me. I looked in the mirror and a new person was standing before me. She had my looks (for whatever good or ill they may be). Yet, something was new about this woman I see. She accepted the tender tidings from near and far. Her brain had a complexity of beauty, which some could see. Maybe I finally found the miracle of me. Or, was it my twin?" - A.H. Scott

"If neither raise their voices, both will be mute of mind, body & soul. Raise HIM up! Raise HER up! Raise HUMANITY up! And, if the 'they" in society wants to call you a bitch, then wear it with the pride of a lioness on the hunt to annihilate anything (or anyone) in their path. Those who won't want your opinion are probably too afraid to know exactly what you think about them anyway..;)" - A.H. Scott

‎"A spark can keep a candle flickering in the dark. A spark can set the sun ablaze with the rising temps of Death Valley in a wicked haze. A spark can burn the fingers of carelessness. Cells scorched from listless limbo of sunrise to sunset.. A spark is seen as a bright star across the midnight sky of an eclipse of a universal kiss. Burn, baby burn and sweat becomes a waterfall's cascade within your mind. The flame warms the imagination and stirs a dormant soul, which now is mine". - A.H. Scott

"A pure heart can never be broken. It may be wounded by events beyond it's control. Or, pierced with sorrow and tears in the darkness of departures over the years. But, it's strength is solidified by a core knowledge of oneself". - A.H. Scott

"When a line of people tell you that you are worthless, never let the last person on that line of haters be yourself. Pat yourself on the back, even if you strain your shoulder when doing it. You already have worth, because your living proves all the haters wrong. Standing with the wind in your back is the golden coin of joy tossed in the eyes of the envious and small-minded haters that slither about. That priceless heart is balanced on the head of heaven's scale, in the ways you treat your fellow man, woman, and creatures big and small. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of peace. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of all the little things in life that people may ignore. Like hearing the laughter of children playing. Or, even getting a breathtaking glimpse at a rainbow after a rainstorm. Even the sound of an ice cream truck jangling down the street outside of your home. You are WORTHY. Believe you me". - A.H. Scott

"There is a thin line between esteem and arrogance. It's called a tightrope. Arrogance is an asphyxiant to the polarity of esteem's ethereal essence. Never let that ego boost become a noose". - A.H. Scott

"The key is within us all. We might not always see it in the palm of our hands. But, it is there; if only you look close enough. Crumbs turn into our daily bread. A single brick transforms into a sturdy wall. And, that person who didn't want to shake your hand a day ago, is now the one who places a supportive arm around your shoulder. Life is a bounty" - A.H. Scott

"Whatever the cards of fate will allow, will be what comes to your doorstep. Besides, if it passes you by, the wheel of fortune might just come round once again at a later date in your life. It might just be the person that will put a smile upon your sad soul and hollow heart". - A.H. Scott

(February 22, 2012)
A.H. Scott

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