Friday, November 2, 2012

Thorn - a spooky n' spicy nibble by A.H. Scott


Excerpt -

.....As they arrived inside the castle gates, he made an offer of an ancient tonic

Standing in the grand hall, Sandra gazed at a portrait upon the marble wall

Oil painting of a raven haired beauty with eyes of green captivated this guest

Sandra’s brown hair was twisted in a luscious bun

Thorne appeared with two goblets and asked, “Want some?”

Liquid of amber swirled inside of silver, as he passed a drink to his attractive visitor

She sipped slowly and felt the room begin to spin

All he could do was grin

Goblet met floor, as Sandra was supported by Thorne

Carrying her up the grand staircase, she listlessly sighed

Barely any liquid was needed to ply

Into his bed chamber she was quickly taken

Sandra’s satin dress with slit on one side, revealed a bare left thigh

It was removed by Thorne’s skilled hands

Aroma of fragrant candles awakened this maiden beyond the hour of midnight

Naked and confused, she didn’t know what to do

She sat up and saw a sight that caused a pant

Thorne stood at the foot of the bed

He wore arousal and nothing else

Thorne set his sights on Sandra right then

Sandra was under a spell she had little control over

His hand reached out and she placed hers in it

Eyes locked in a waltz of wonder............

- End Of Excerpt

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