Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now Is (Live It Or Lose It) - a poem by A.H. Scott

Now Is (Live It Or Lose It)

Now is the time Now is forever

Now or never

Now is war from without and within

Now is conflict of hating that which is other

Now is seeing the enemy as our brother

Now is the time to make the most of it

Now is peace if ego steps aside

Now is a rocket to the moon the kid in us wants to ride

Now is nowhere quick

Now is everywhere fast

Now is me

Now is you

Now is all the which the past has put us all through

Now is the scent of a baby fresh and new

Now is that smell of an old person who stews

Now is those celestial wheels which churns

Now is the death machine and ensuing rage that burns

Now is that single spot which holds you

Now is the distance to Timbuktu

Now is MINE

Now is YOURS

Now is THE time

Now is that snore that holds off morn

Now is that yawn that cradles a new dawn

Now is the moment

Now is the reason

Now is the oxygen that inflates your lungs

Now is the season for singing those special songs

Now is right

Now is wrong

Now is memory of a first time

Now is cold ocean water engulfing your ankles

Now is those snowballs plastering your coat

Now is being at the local pool learning to float

Now is children at play

Now is hoping innocence will stay that way

Now is knowing the Devil's card tricks make a play

Now is knowing that God's love has to give sway

Now is a laugh

Now is a tear

Now is telling a stranger that you care

Now is nature pulling the brakes on mankind from time to time

Now is a blanket of snow which covers blanket of leaves

Now is a hot cup of cocoa to take off the chill

Now is being lucky enough to have heat inside of a home

Now is hands pressed in prayer for those who have none

Now is trying better for yourself and others around

Now is an opportunity that abounds

Now is the flame of curiosity in the twinkle of your eye

Now is a miracle on this mortal earth

Now is proving courage is stronger than dirt

Now is making a way out of nothing

Now is recognizing there is no room for punting

Now is building a better world for generations to come

Now is not a sprint, but a long, long run

Now is gone as you read along

Now is sun rising at dawn

Now is rain cascading down

Now is a rose beginning to bloom

Now is a petal cast to the wind too soon

Now is a whisper of hush and roar of WOW!

Now is not yesterday

Now is not tomorrow

Now is this second not to waste

Now is to live without haste

Now is what it is

Now is NOW

(live it or lose it)

- A.H. Scott


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