Friday, November 2, 2012


..I could only think about those clamps on her nipples. I whispered to Wan-Lu “Isn’t he going to remove those clamps? Won’t he give her mercy?”

“Mercy comes in many shapes and forms, my dear” Wan-Lu gave coy smile.

Soft ass had a gentle sway, as Morris ran hands around both posterior cheeks. Without a word, his light touch became heavier with a tightening grip.

“Sir….ooooh” Daisy tried to motion away from his fingers pressing against her ass.

Morris compressed and parted those cheeks a bit, as his favorite game of question and answer began “Whose ass is this, huh?”Growling further and pinpointing his command and control of her “Is it yours, slut?”

“Yours…” Knowing exactly how she should answer him, Daisy did not address him properly. And, she waited impatiently for a prompt correction.

“Daisy….Daisy…Daisy” He knew exactly what she was doing in replying to him that way “Spread your cheeks open for me” Giving her instructions “Use your spit to get that hole nice and ready for me, baby”

Holding small hands in front of mouth, Daisy spit globs of saliva into the palms of her hands and lubricated a hole that wasn’t made for a smooth ride.

Blonde strands of hair brushed around her shoulders, as Daisy expanded cheeks with both hands.

Wan-Lu and I watched, as she prepared to take his tool into her shed of salaciousness.

“Now, I’m going to ask you again” Morris motioned forward against her back “Whose ass is this?” Feeding cock into asshole, he used a slow amount of pressure.

Daisy sputtered “Yours…..sir”

“Good girl” Morris motioned head past blonde hair and kissed her cheek “Since we now know whose ass this is” Rolling tip of tongue along that cheek, he added “What should I do with my ass……hmmm?”

“Fuck it….hard” She gave a careless answer to him.

Morris didn’t appreciate her insolence and his cock made her ass pay “Hard?” Thrusting cock several times inside of asshole “You think I should fuck my asshole hard?”

Daisy howled “Sir…yes!!” Clasping back of that wooden chair, red painted fingernails motioned up and down “Your asshole needs to be fucked hard…..”

One word was missing from her lips.

And, I knew what it was.

But, more importantly than me knowing what she should have said; Morris knew.............


Jasmine needed a special type of tutoring in her first year of study at Tokyo University.

A friend of hers, Kapaya, suggested she get a mentor instead.

His name was Teyoko.

A.H. Scott unfolds, “Origami: Jasmine's Journey”.

Fantasy by design…..

Take a peek at the trailer for "Origami: Jasmine's Journey" here: Origami: Jasmine's Journey

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