Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ambrosial Melody by A.H. Scott

(for mature audiences)

Two travelin' wolves on the prowl in Cali, were about to tempt and ensnare a golden mouse. Or, was it actually the other way around? I guess time would tell.

Le Jardin was one of L.A.'s hippest hotels. This was going to be our meadow of decadence within future moments. Limo driver let us out of the car and we walked towards their room.

Each of their bands had been booked into Le Jardin for a performance in the area within a couple of days. As we passed several closed hotel doors, sounds of an adult playground reverberated from within those walls.

Well, what a lucky girl I was in getting to be with two of rock's greatest musicians. Each band that they were in, had taken the world by storm. And, of course they could have any lady of finery on an arm any evening. But, they chose a babe from Bakersfield to spend time with. I must have been the coolest chick in California on this night of 1974.

As I entered the garden, I knew it was I who was going to be the bouquet of delights to be partaken of on this quite interesting night.

My customer who received that order of onion rings entered the room first. I followed behind him, and the final man closed that hotel door quickly.

I satisfied a pair of stomachs. Now, ecstasy became a mutual match for me.

Exploration overtook us, as sexuality's freedom flourished. Here I was, hesitant and naked before them in a swanky suite. Feathers of fear were blown away with the first kiss on my neck. I was safe in their lair and loving every touch from each man.

I was a wise waitress who knew how to work an angle for a bigger tip. And, this time the bonus was about to be all over me.

Strands of a golden rose became thoroughly primed by plush petals of veined virility.

And so it begins......

On exposed red satin sheets I'm laying there in a harmonic haze. Black mink bedspread playfully whistled against bare breasts. That object of feathery softness temptingly tickled against my silky skin.

To one side of me there he was. As to my other there he was also. Brothers of bliss were mine in evening's illumination.

Admiring both from only from vinyl and stadium there had been many a feminine companion in their solo achievements around the globe.

They shared a talent that was envied by both colleague and audience. Yet it was I that was about to take part in an enticing trio with these virtuosos of varied abilities.

Onyx manes brushing against my shoulders as my milky white skin lay tangled beneath a web of dark follicles. Each male's skilled hands of artistry rubbed up and down my hips while warm lips kissed each bare nipple. In the swirls of actions by them my words of ecstasy babbled from my lips "So divine. Oh, so deliciously divine this is. A duo of glorious gifts brought to me this night".

Skipping a beat of seconds each head moved like Union soldiers taking the South by sizzling storm. Cool craftsmen's hands by both parted my quivering lips. Night wind began to blow against my exposed clitoris. As angel's wings brushed against my valley of Venusian discovery I couldn't help but giggle in glorious reaction.

In response to these coy chirps male on the left whispered into my accepting ear "The night has just begun". As to which his equally dexterous counterpart on my right mounted a few words "The treasure of pleasure is within our grasp".

Merlin's mystical majesty came forth as each man held my thighs open for their approving view. My shoulders and collarbone were the only body parts that remained onto mink. They held these open limbs of lust upward while one began an action that could only be imagined as an Oreo twist. Uncovered revealed in the light and lapped for success......

(and, this rose is about to be rocked - hard....!!!)


Way back in the 70's, events were wild. Nothing was off the table for rock and roll Gods. A pair of which enjoyed many a lovely lass. Even as an event of 1974 was about to come soon to pass, it made an impression on all which would forever last.

Rock and Roll is dependent upon four things. One is talent. Two is luck. Three is ambition. Fourth is inspiration.

Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can come out of the blue. And, that's what happens to a waitress in a California diner. What she thought was just another boring night working in a greasy spoon, turned to be one she would soon never forget.

Let the rhythm move your soul..

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explore the mystery of melody.....;)

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