Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Chimes Of Nine by A.H. Scott

Helen entered the room. It was dark and she heard the sound of a person clearing their throat.

She knew what would come next.

And, she approached the middle of the room and silently waited.

Helen sniffed the air and a distinct scent of coconut flowed throughout the room.

A voice of a female, maybe in her late 50’s or 60’s was suddenly heard, “Tell me, my dear” pausing, “You know what this situation entails”

Helen lightly replied, “Yes”

Female once again spoke, “You must speak with a confident reply to me” She snickered slightly, “And, treat me with respect”.

Helen, a woman in her 30’s suddenly spoke with a stream of confidence towards this elder female, “Yes” Slightly squinting in hopes of seeing more than just a silhouette, “I do know what I am responsible for” Her voice calmly added, “Please, excuse my disrespect. I truly apologize”.

“Now, that’s better, my dear” The elder woman was reassured with Helen’s response and made a request of her own, “Let me look at you under the light”.

A small spotlight flickered on just above where Helen stood.

Helen was a bit nervous, as she stood there with a gentle smile on her face.


Helen knew this was her moment to begin the recreation for this evening. She wasn’t going to disappoint those in the darkness.

Silver robe of silk fabric fell onto the black and white marble floor.

Small breasts and light brown hair listlessly brushed against her nipples. Helen stood there waiting for approval or disapproval from this disembodied dame of decadence.

“Turn around”

Spotlight shimmered upon her hips and ass, as she turned around slowly.

“Close your eyes and stand still”.

Helen obliged.

Distinct patterns of high heels approached closer to this anxious woman, as she waited for contact.

The voice which had been further in the distance suddenly was within feet of her and spoke, “Open your eyes”.

Helen opened brown eyes and gasped, “You?”

“Yes, my dear” Female who had been speaking to her previously was standing there naked with a smile.

Helen had only known of this woman as a quaint purchaser of several of her pieces of artwork from the gallery on Christopher Street.

“I would have never imagined you” Helen almost bit her tongue at the irony of this present situation.

Silver haired woman with wrinkles and a body which wasn’t that of a desired gem of youth, smiled at a taken back Helen.

She stood with a sense of liberation and pride at her position of being completely naked and accompanied by two beautiful women on either side of her.

“My position here is as facilitator for your evening’s pleasure” Her name was Francesca and was frank and to the point, “You will receive the best of attention here with us, Helen”.

A simple phrase that came from those slightly withered lips was all the assurance of ecstasy that Helen needed to give herself an inner core of confidence

“Ladies” Francesca nodded and each woman moved away from her and stood next to Helen with smiles on their faces, “You will be in their capable hands from now on”.

The blonde was named Tanya.

The red-head was Esmaline.

Helen couldn’t help herself but felt compelled to ask, “Will I see you again, before I leave this evening, Francesca?”

“Oh, Helen” Francesca took a deep breath, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be around, my dear”.

Francesca waved the three of them through to the other door across the dimly lit room and walked back into the darkness she came from.

Helen became a little nervous and began to ask the woman to her left a question, “Um, have you gone through this process, also?”

Tall blonde with large breasts was adorned in a blue silk robe with blue stilettos nodded and added, “Every woman who is lucky should experience this place”.

The red-head with curves to the right of Helen slightly chuckled, “Not just for the girls to experience this place” Brushing left hand against Helen’s shoulder, “Boys are lucky to be here, too”.

Opening the adjoining doors, a stream of more modest light filled Helen’s green eyes.

A white sofa with two women kissing was to the left side of the room.

To the right, four men were seated with women going down on them.

Yet, directly in the center of this room was a smattering of stacked pillows with one woman being serviced and servicing two men.

Helen’s mouth gently muttered, “This place is truly special”.

Blonde softly whispered, “Not as special as the participants who experience the heights of pleasure here’.

“Where would you like to start, Helen?” Red-haired beauty asked, as she ran hands along Helen’s hips.

Helen nodded in the direction of the men who were seated to her right.

Blonde and red-head giggled slightly, as they realized Helen’s hunger was for meat in her juicy mouth first.

Each woman wandered over to the four which were on their knees and made a path for Helen to approach.

Helen descended slowly and gazed up at the man in the third chair. He had dark black hair and gray eyes.

Red-head and blonde bent down to either side of her and in unison spoke, “Helen, all four are yours”.....

(And, so, Helen's journey has only begun.....)


A silver etched invitation to an exclusive club leads a woman into a world of enlightenment, excitement and erotic enchantment.

When you've got a golden ticket, you get to take a chocolate ride to Willy Wonka's.

When you get a silver ticket to this factory of fantasy, you are pampered in pleasure's delights..

A.H. Scott charms you in “The Chimes of Nine”

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