Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Cotton candy colored mouth of Max brushed against Rina’s soft forest of follicles. Red nails parted her younger associate’s bush, as tongue lapped between those sugary slits.

Turina’s body was pushed into a prone position by a right hand, while Maxtina started pulling her own panties to one side with a free left hand. Statuesque beauty fingered her, as this tan temptress was continuously attended to with a swirling tongue.

Turned on in a Vancouver hotel, Turina Karrelli sat herself upward. Maxtina Sammprino waved right index finger to motion this sexy partner to stand on her pedicure feet.

Karrelli stood there in soft bra and twisted lace at those bare lips. Max’s mouth worked her over, as she wiggled from left to right. That light haired lady of lust rolled those yellow panties onto the floor, while a dark diva of desire placed bended left leg up onto that soft bed.

Head shook like an uncontrollable hose, as she buried mouth into waiting pussy. Rina couldn’t stop from moaning in response, shaking with joy.

Rina slowly unhooked her bra with both hands, as Tina stood upward and took that item from her friend. In a quick fling of fingers, it was thrown over to Anzo’s chair. Both lusty wenches laughed, as this pirate of passion tried to simultaneously continue to jerk off with one hand and catch lace treasure with the other.

Anzo Ninzionni was a man of many gifts. One, which he didn’t have, was an ability to juggle him and fabrics at the same time.

Caramel skinned courtesan bent Max over the edge of their bed and smacked her ass on both cheeks. Sammprino’s right calf reflexively moved up and downward with surprised glee.

Karrelli’s crafty hands hiked those emerald green panties upward and into this blonde’s snatch with a strong pulling movement. Max howled wildly, as she enjoyed this rougher aspect of arousal. Clear polished nails stripped off that elasticized undergarment, giving a sexually famished Anzo Ninzionni another treat of discarded cloth.

Rina starts polishing panties back and forth into a warm pussy slit. Maxtina began dripping with every touch of emerald lace, as Turina rolled those panties downward.

Magic of a ringmaster took her over, as Karrelli fingered and licked a ravishing Maxtina Sammprino. Almost as if the bed were center stage, that body was pulled onto the bed and kneeling with ass facing an appreciative Anzo.

Anzo the unfortunate juggler suddenly let his cock go for the sake of those green panties. Picking them in a circling motion, Ninzionni took a deep sniff of fragrant feminine odor and began jacking off hard once more.

Tanned palms spread milky cheeks and placed three to three digits in and out of a shivering swan. Tina laid her head onto the pillow, squeezed it and bit down softly on it. Feeling an upper hand with her, Turina smacked ass with one hand and placed shimmering fingers of overflow into Max’s thirsty mouth.

Sammprino sucked that essence from Karrelli’s hand, with partial happiness and sense of sorrow. Objective of happiness remained quite obvious. Alas, the sad side of what just occurred came with a swift completion. Maxtina didn’t want to reach orgasm so fast. Yet, since she did, it would be Turina who would receive payback at the skilled hands of Sammprino.

Positions changed, as Maxtina pulled Turina down onto that pillow. Lusty growl escaped Sammprino’s lips “You made me almost come like a flash. Oh, you naughty little bitch. I’m going to punish you for that.”

Rina coyly pouted, “Ooh, please do.”

Sammprino’s sensitive side evaporated, as she began plunging polished fingers in and out of her with rapidity of an engine. Right hand smacked ass twice and shoved its middle finger into Karrelli’s tight asshole. Its symmetry and angles, gave the look of Maxtina using Turina as her own personal bowling ball. Dark skin being invaded by pale flesh remained a sight of contrast.

Maxtina’s finger in an asshole would knock down any pins of doubt over that retained raunchy control.

Anzo’s cock got harder while watching this spectacle of sexual battling between two beautiful women, as he started to moan.

“Tell me that you love it,” Sammprino would be her mistress of the moonlight. Lady of light follicle became a victor of minutely vicious eroticism, “You like my finger in that asshole, don’t you, Rina?”

Lightly murmuring, “Shit. Yes, I do.”

“And, you love a man jerking off, while watching me take you higher, right?” Maxtina’s mouth was within inches of her left cheek, as she winked over at Anzo.

Stream of vaginal fluid motioned down Turina’s toned right thigh. Guttural groans of a woman about to explode filled the room, “Always.”

“When I move this finger from your asshole, I want you to show me just how appreciative you are, Turina,” awaiting actions of reciprocation from her partner in passion.

“I will, baby. I will,” wishing this invasion wouldn’t come to an end too soon; Rina also desired the thrill of being filled with Tina’s capable digit.

“Good girl,” removing finger from asshole, Sammprino slightly touched it against wet pussy slit for another effect of fullness for her.

“Oh, Tina,” panting in excited relief, “You opened me up, so fucking much.”

Karrelli’s pussy and asshole throbbed in a continuing vibration of ecstasy from those fingers removal. Her clit was a gem, just polished off for display in a wicked jewelry parlor. Those brown nipples gave off an appearance of a duo of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. For Turina, she was Maxtina’s sugary snack.

“Show me, Turina,” reins of the ringmaster of ribald ways, Maxtina snapped, “And, then we’ll show our guest what happiness truly is.”

Karrelli turned her over and spread Max’s legs wide open on that bed, “A pussy like yours must be cherished.”

“That’s good to hear,” holding herself open as an altar for any being’s devotion of ascending decadence, Maxtina smiled, “Treasure it, Turina,” tongue tip slithered against slightly opened mouth, “Eat me out, baby.”

Each had found the opposite sex might have brought pleasure. Cock and balls banging against pussy were the sounds of a coital symphony.

But, the same sex brought grace. Friction of dripping snatches slicing against one another released an eternal howl of heavenly serenity.

That sisterhood, which Maxtina Sammprino and Turina Karrelli shared, remained a bond that no cock would ever disunite.

Turina dove into that honey pot, as if she were Winnie the Pooh. Dyed hair in the penthouse never matched the darkly trimmed basement of Sammprino’s skyscraper. Yet, she was a metropolis of many mellow moments. Twirling tip of tongue around pink pearl, it gave a slight wiggle with every touch.

Many a lucky European made Maxtina’s pussy an erotic destination. Foremost of those who’d had her was Turina Karrelli.

As Maxtina’s arousal ascended to its full flourish, her pussy almost looked as if it were a breathing entity all by itself. That erotic emporium was so expansive; it could have been mistaken for a beluga’s blowhole.

Within moments of munching the magnificent Maxtina, both women were in a glorious combination of numbers. Six and nine fit perfectly for them. Not to be left out of this cornucopia of fantasy, Anzo jerked off in a frenzied hand motion. His cock became a compass of Northern delights.

As Maxtina Sammprino came, those legs formed a rising semi-circle. As for Turina Karrelli, she sat straight up against the headboard, from being down on Max’s mouth. Fingers clung to that periwinkle blue wall above that bed, as she also came with a thunderous pounding.

A rod of restrained rage ascended to ejaculatory elevation.

“Oh, shit!” Anzo’s chair began to shake, as his lake of life flowed onto the carpet. Feeling this release, his tongue smacked against lips and eyes surveyed those hot bitches of carnality on a large bed.

Max and Rina smooched on the bed for a few moments, while looking over to Anzo. Spanish dynamo seated in that chair with stiffened cock and a few drops of shimmering liquid at its tip, shook himself a bit longer. Horny duo of perfumed flesh laughed and locked tongues once again, as they watched Ninzionni.

“Now, was that good,” Max chuckled, knowing it was so obvious that each reached the peak, “Or, was that good, Anzo?”

“Heaven,” reaching over to a nearby table, he pulled a tissue from a box and rubbed liquid off his manhood.

“Well, we are far from being angels,” Sammprino snickered.

Turina piped into this saucy mix “You speak for yourself, sexy Sammy” Licking Maxtina’s bare shoulder.

Anzo gazed at Turina, laying there as if she were muse for Amedeo Modigliani’s nude masterpiece ‘Nudo Disteso’. Ginger hued flesh of feminine youth and follicles mysterious as the Black Forest gave this sole audience member of masturbatory toleration, a concluding paying of his attentive auger in that hotel room.

Anzo Ninzionni stood and zipped his pants, “You are my ravens of rigidity,” strolling over to their bed.

“We’re glad you enjoyed it, Anzo,” body slid out of bed naked for his attraction.

“We enjoyed it; too,” Karrelli remained on bed, while pulling a sheet around her.

“I guess our business is settled here,” adjusting maroon tie subtly, Anzo walked towards the door.

“Let me walk you out, Anzo,” drops of sweat glistened on Max’s soft flesh, as she moved with him.

Sitting up against headboard, Turina Karrelli gave a farewell, “Ciao, baby.”

“Adios. Turina” Anzo smiled and waved at her.

Sammprino placed a hand onto his back softly; “Your offer was more than we could have longed for.”

“As was your show for me, Maxtina,” twisting the doorknob and opening her hotel room door, Anzo grinned in gleeful memory of what just happened.

“Ciao, Anzo,” draped in success, Sammprino closed the door behind him…..



Murder in a small French village of a grand dame of collectibles, leads to the doorstep of a Vancouver auction house. A harried, antiques dealer is the man under an added level of pressure, with prospective buyers from around the globe clawing for the heralded goods at an upcoming auction.

Pair of bodacious Italian belles and a woman of gentle grace from China proved to be something extra this unsusupecting man in Vancouver. As for their male counterparts from Austria, Spain and South Africa, they had a harder task at hand.

Each had been given their marching orders to a victorious capture of those items, no matter what it took to get their financially flushed fingers on them.

Curled lash and perfumed flesh seemed to have more entrees into this antique dealer’s life, than smoking a stogie with a member of the same sex.

Seduction’s game is about to break.

Question is; can a man fight temptation or join in?

Only one move is left to make. Sexy voice whispers into an awaiting eager ear, “Rack Em”.

Maxtina Sammprino – bold blonde from Italy, who enjoys the chase and capture of precious fare from days gone by. She is a woman with a thirst for fulfillment, which goes beyond marble boardrooms of the international jet set. Spicy and sassy, Sammprino takes the bull of chauvinism by the horns.

Turina Karrelli– Italian purchaser of arousing artifacts from around the world. Brunette on a tracking mission of priceless goods has always been fond of caring for the wounded. This includes her fellow Italian associate. Cunning and curvaceous Karrelli has ability to charm the pants off of anyone..

Anzo Ninzionni – Purchaser of varied collectibles from around the world, has an eye out for the ladies and something beyond platinum. His journey has taken him from solitude into an arena of being in the company of lust and financial flourish. Bidding on those gilded goods would be a moment that could take him from anonymity onto a higher plateau of notoriety.

(Well, of course, the hidden agendas are played by winks, smiles and naked thighs throughout “Rack Em”…)

Purchase A.H. Scott’s “Rack Em” from my publishher, Eirelander Publishing ( and also the following:






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