Sunday, May 6, 2012

He Was More Than Just An Initial - "A Special 24 Hours" by A.H. Scott

Rebecca and her friend from across the Atlantic had a sunset and sunrise that warmed their souls and curled their toes. This is "A Special 24 Hours"...


August wind twisted around Manhattan, as Rebecca prepared the hotel suite for her visiting lover. J. was driven directly from JFK Airport to a luxury hotel in downtown New York.

He was due at that hotel at 6:45 that evening.

Before J. came into the hotel suite with the bellman and his luggage, Rebecca was preparing herself and other items for the arrival.

Changing into light pink bra and panties, she fluffed her hair for decadent presentation. Spritzing some Rive Gauche perfume upon shoulders and chest, an aromatic air filled that area.

Door key slipped into lock, caused a slight beeping sound from the entering bellman and his important hotel guest. Rebecca stayed out of sight and waiting inside of the bathroom.

Rebecca could hear J.'s mellow voice speaking with the bellman for a few moments. After five minutes passed, the bellman was tipped and he exited the hotel suite.

J. parted the sliding bedroom doors to find a quite pleasant surprise - Rebecca standing there in pink panties and matching bra alone.

Pink was the perfect color for the blushing affair that was occurring between them.

J.'s smile was so light and generous, as he walked over to Rebecca. Their hug was tight and much desired by both.

J. looked around the room and grinned, "So, you did this all for me?"

Slipping away from his grasp, Rebecca shook her head and tapped a finger upon a silver-serving cart, "For us".

Dressed in dark suit with blue shirt and red tie, J. was an image of international flair.

He walked over to where she stood and removed covers from the three items on the cart. Strawberries, a silver bowl of whipped cream was nice to start. But, it was the bucket filled with ice and a half dozen bottles of Orangina.

No champagne for this day, for each wanted to be inebriated on one another alone. J. took off his royal blue jacket and was wearing a red tie with a light blue shirt underneath. His body was quite fit for Rebecca's aroused eyes to view.

J. snickered, "You are a breath of fresh air, Rebecca".

Slightly motioning towards him, Rebecca placed hands on either side of J.'s jacket lapels, "And, J., you take my breath away".....


"A Special 24 Hours" - The Tempting Trailer

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