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A piece of parchment paper and quill pen became instruments of a ploy to get Anna down to those stables alone.

Slipping folded paper beneath drapery of Anna’s bed chamber, Philippe’s plan for punishment was taking shape.

She awakened fifteen minutes later and read this note: ‘Come to the stables. I will meet you there, Anna’. And, it was signed ‘V”.

With that, the secret relationship that she and Valery had brought Anna down to the stables as soon as a royal blue dress was placed upon her body.

Swiftly, she walked down that path and entered the stables. Not finding Valery there yet, Anna walked towards a stall that had a chestnut colored horse inside of it.

Looking around the area, she found a basket full of apples and carrots. Feeding this horse an apple, Anna giggled with happiness in this gentle moment.

She heard a rustling sound a few feet from where this stall was located. Anna patted the horse gently and smiled to herself.

This smitten young woman thought it was her lover of the previous night who’d just arrived for their rendezvous.

Anna walked out of the stall with a grin upon her face, as those blue eyes filled with shock.

It was Anna’s lover who stood there.

Not Valery, but Philippe..

Stammering, “Sir, I don’t—I don’t—“.

Philippe wasn’t going to leave her in the dark for long, “Anna, did you think I wouldn’t know of you and Valery, last night?”

“Philippe, I –“ ,Anna approached him and tried to continue to speak, but was left without an explanation of how she’d gotten carried away in seduction’s sea.

“This time is for you and I, right now” ,brushing his hand through Anna’s long, black hair slowly, Philippe grasped it slightly tighter, “And, this location was chosen, because of you”.

Anna knew Philippe was not pleased with her.

“Get out of that dress and stand by the stall door, Anna” Philippe gave her simple instructions, which were about to lead to a scenario of sordid dimensions.

Anna undressed and stood naked in front of the wooden stall door.

Blue garment of this mistress lay against a small wooden stool, as if it were only a rag of a penniless peasant.

Philippe exited the stall area where she stood waiting for him. As he returned with a moderate sized, wooden crate under his right arm, another item slightly peeked out from under his left.

Anna slightly shivered in the morning mist of the countryside, as she attempted to cradle her hands around that soft body.

He placed the crate down and walked over to her.

“Remove your hands from around yourself, Anna” Philippe snickered and added, “I want you to turn around and face that door”.

“Sir, what are you going to do to me?”She didn’t move a muscle, as a sense of curiosity of this location and upcoming actions puzzled her.

“Turn around, Anna” He repeated his order.

She had faith in him and relented. Turning around to face the stall door, Anna waited for what came next.

Philippe stood behind her and pressed his strong left leg between hers. “I want you to spread your legs, dear one”

She obeyed and slid legs to either end of the stall door’s frame.

“Place your arms upward and against the metal bars” He added.

“Yes” Anna was now in a star shape position against that cold metal and wooden door.

Her heart began to beat a bit quicker.

Legs spread apart. Arms spread apart. All that was needed now was Philippe’s next action.

That item contained beneath his left arm was revealed. Philippe pulled this object between both hands.

A simple riding crop, proved an arousing sense of erotic complexity.

Crop was about fifteen to eighteen inches in length. The longest section was made of multiple straps of twisted leather. At the tip was a swatter in the approximate size of a small pancake. One side of this circle was dark brown suede. On the other side was thick black leather.

Philippe pressed the suede against Anna’s ass softly, “How does that feel, my beautiful one?”

Anna smiled, “Soft”.

Turning the crop’s tip over, Philippe ran the thick leather across her back, “And this, my dear?”

“Hard” Anna sighed.

The Duke of Givenchy knew she was prepared for both sides of this crop to take her to places he wanted her to be.

“I want you to hold this crop between your teeth, Anna” ,Philippe pressed his right hand against her back and snaked the crop into her mouth with his left hand, “Hold this and stay still, dear one”.

Anna nodded and thought to herself that this correction from her lover would be a chuckle of light fare.

Yet, what Philippe had seen the night before in Valery’s chamber, would require a heftier price from Anna’s flesh and mind.

She had no idea what he had planned for her.

With crop in mouth, she stood silent. As for Philippe, he emptied out a few objects from within that wooden crate.

Four black reins and a small jug of liquid were placed on the stable floor next to Anna.

- end of excerpt

Anna disobeyed. Philippe took the reins of her punishment very seriously…;)

In 1747 France, the Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour was a man of power and position. Philippe’s noble title gave him liberation of his most secret yearnings of debauchery. The Duke’s favorite past-time was taking female peasants under his wing as lovers and traveling companions across the French countryside.

This is “The Sentence Of Anna”.

Anna’s sentence at times, would have been intolerable to a lesser woman of her immature age. But, what she gained under the strict tutelage of Philippe was the skills of maturity and demure sophistication.

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La punition la plus douce est silence…;)

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