Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Reflected & Detected

Gazing into the mirror, she couldn't see herself anymore
She saw the wife and mother, but not the woman she'd been before
He walked up behind and her slowly and slide arms around that soft waist
She chuckled at bit over his actions of affection
No longer a babe or some kind of trophy
This was a woman who'd become just another spouse
But, her man never diminished this woman's arousing essence
They'd been married for over thirty years and each wrinkle had become a friend in the darkness
"I love you" ,he said, as his lips pressed against her back
She turned around to face him and the highway of life was upon that once youthful face of hers
"I'm not a babe anymore, honey" ,she shrugged
He wanted to assure her that he didn't want a scatterbrained sexpot
This man wanted his wife - a woman in very sense of the word
Against the sink, he pressed her body
She wasn't feeling desirous in any sense of the word
Yet, this man who wasn't a young stud anymore, still had a hell of a kick within him
Dark brown hair with a stream of grey hairs rolled around her shoulders
Both stood naked beneath bathroom light
His body pressed in and out
While her soft body began to wiggle about
His hammer may have been a bit slower with time's ascent
Yet, she enjoyed every nailing of this gentle gent
She held onto him, as her legs wrapped around his back
Draped in sweat
In that divine moment it was the best
Memory never fades away, when love is in two hearts....

- A.H. Scott

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