Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shell Shocked - Commentary by A.H. Scott

(artwork: "Shell-Shocked" by A.H. Scott, June 2013)


......What happens when a piece of landmark legislation or legal ruling becomes a shell of it's former self?

It leaves citizens "Shell Shocked".

A shell is all that is left for the historians to archive.

No victory for any type of rights is hollow. But, it has to have an infrastructure that is maintained and optimized.

Two pieces of history, which many thought were set in stone; have been slowly gutted.

Bit by bit, varied levels of opponents to 1965's Voting Rights Act and 1973's Roe V. Wade decision have been chipping away at the foundation of what was considered settled law.

It's as if those who wish to turn the country in a backwards motion has snuck into the backdoor and begun to dismantle pillars of equality for all, while the front of the structure has continued to maintain a facade of inpenetrability.

The tactics chosen have not been a full-on frontal attack, which is primarily howled through bullhorns. But, a more stealth diminishment of civil and reproductive rights.

Affirmative action and voting rights are given a slight of hand by ideological magicians who twist history of discrimination into pretzels of duality. Black becomes white and white becomes the slighted.

Reproductive rights are also under a slow march of destruction.

As of January 22, 2013, there are 724 abortion clinics throughout the entire United States of America. (source: The Daily Beast)

By lawmakers from across the country in 2013, more than 300 abortion restrictions were introduced during state legislative sessions. (source: ACLU)

"Rights are not just a list of words strung together and written upon parchment. They live and breathe with the blood, sweat and tears of Americans willing to stand up for them" - A.H. Scott

WE as American citizens, need to SHOCK the SHELL back to life!!

- A.H. Scott


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