Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Ode To The Oblivious: Of Bliss And Butter - Commentary by A.H. Scott

(artwork: "Oblivious" by A.H. Scott, July 2013)


........All men are not equal and all rights are not equal.

Now, I think I've got your attention.

Of course, as children we are told just the opposite in the hymns of brotherhood.

Yet, such lofty visions of judging men by the quality of their character than the color of their skin, can fall short of glory.

Grand words take second place to that heralded circle of victors in this world.

These are the people that I call "The Oblivious".

Oblivious they are, without breaking a sweat.

Validation of who they are in this society is never challenged in a court of law.

Full breadth of their rights is exhaled with every breath they take.

Oblivious is the slacker's credo. And, it cradles them in a blanket of unquestioned security.

Those oblivious are on the front side of pendulum of validation. While those not so fortunate in their placement in society are on the back side of validation's pendulum.

Let's get married!! Let's do it, right now!

For the oblivious, this blessed event is done with frivolity and light.

Ah, yes, the flowers, cake and presider with a holy book in hand giving a happy couple a friendly smile. Take the picture. Make it perfect for a family album.

It won't matter if this marriage lasts only a splash of weeks or less than half a yearly Nielson rating season. Because, for the frivolous and oblivious; it's just the way things have always been.

But, then again; there are those who don't get to walk that yellow brick road so easily.

Their road to justice is one which is not guaranteed by citizenship.

They HAVE to fight for equality.

It's a tough fight. It's a hard fight. But, it's one battle which those who are oblivious never have to worry their pretty and petty brains about - ever.

Fly that rainbow flag with pride!!!

Alas, those glasses of obliviousness don't only blur the sight of romantic bliss.

Optics also focus upon other hues of human interaction.

Hold the butter!!!

Six letters form a single word.

But, beyond this noun come the actions of an oblivious soul takes in rubbing salt into an eternally opened wound.

A person can be oblivious to the changing nature of history around them. If they can't, well their bread won't be slatherd with as much butter as they had in past days.

The word is poisonous to speak out loud. The action of treating another human being as nothing more than a prop of being parallel to the color of a blackboard is venomous.

Now, of course no one truly knows another heart.

But, when the butter hits the fan - "The Lady" is not one without sense. She is simply OBLIVIOUS!!

When a person does not have to go to court to get the stamp of legal approval to get married or not be discriminated against in any manner; then those spectacles of obliviousness are perfectly fitted upon their eyes and souls.

They have that luxury and go on with their lives without worry.

"Reflection can come from the person we see in the mirror; but also from a stranger we may pass as we walk along the street. We can either give them an open smile or closed frown. It all depends on your soul's focus". - A.H. Scott

- A.H. Scott


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