Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swoon - A poem by A.H. Scott


Swoon to the setting sun on a balmy day in June

Let your Keds glide like a trapeze on the porch swing

Creamsicle melts before I can finish it....stick tossed

Bowl of orange sherbert sitting n a patio table

I grab a spoon and scoop a bit before anybody sees

Orange treat cools my lips, but the one in the sky is beating down on me real quick

Cousins and grandkids running in the grass

Sitting up on this porch with the elders is a fine place to rest my soul

Children's laughter are like memories of my own in days gone by when I wasn't so old

Stars and fireflies transfer across the night sky, as if a whistler above were blowing them by

Porch-light goes on before too long

My distant cousin thinks he's a troubadour and sings a song

He ain't no Dylan, Havens or Ochs

But, at least he can carry a good note

Grands on both sides of the tree of harmony talk with grace

My branch of this tree is n the middle of the bark

Not a seedling or Redwood is what I'm talking about

Set here with eyes closed I swoon with the moon, for the jingle of the heavens never comes too soon


- A.H. Scott

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