Thursday, June 21, 2012

See Love Clearly.....- "In Sophia's Eyes" by A.H. Scott

Placing hands on Sophia’s belly, each skillful finger worked upward to her breasts and parted the lace garment. Dale’s thumb and index fingers squeezed each nipple, as a smile came to a beaming face, “You are special, Sophia. No one knows me like you do”.

“I know” Sophia’s hands softly ran against either cheek, “Like this”, Strawberry scented lips motioned downward to left cheek with a pair of kisses, “And, it’s only beginning” Right cheek wasn’t kissed, but tongue tip tapped against it lightly, “Make love to me, Dale”.

Dale was respectful of her and always longed for those four words from Sophia’s lips.

Making love to her would make the outside world wash away until the next workday for Dale. Sophia was an antidote for chaos in Dale’s mind. Soft and sweet smelling, there was a hint of happiness in every smile and swerve of Sophia’s being.

A request to take the journey into ecstasy’s pond, turned to be what touched Dale’s heart most when being with Sophia. She was the only woman that cracked the armor of this wounded soul.

Holding Sophia’s left hand, Dale kissed it like a royal romantic and stood up. Looking down at this woman who was so inviting of joy and pleasure, Dale whispered, “Without haste, my love”.

Sophia draped perfumed arms around Dale’s neck, as those hands ran up and down her back.

Dale hummed their song once more and Sophia rested her head against firm chest. As she felt Dale’s heart beating with fire, Sophia ran her hands against the belt buckle and crotch area on those black pants.

She could tell how aroused Dale was at that moment. That simple twitch of tight fabric was the sign Sophia treasured in being Dale’s lady.

Painted nails unbuckled and unzipped those black pants, as she got on her knees for Dale.

Attentive and loving, Sophia’s mouth met Dale’s flesh with loving care. Dale’s dark eyes gazed down at her, as blue eyes became locked upward in a dance of lust.

Dale felt that grand expansion, as a moan flowed forth, “Sophia….”

Mouth busy with Dale’s most intimate part inside of it, Sophia’s head bobbed to the left and right. Dale’s hands became instinctually masterful, as all ten fingers pressed upon her head.

Sophia’s bare breasts were tapped with the movement of Dale’s limbs from side to side, as her nipples hardened with every contact of black fabric.

Dale did not want Sophia’s lips to lose their full impact of attention. Fingers suddenly motioned away from clasping so tightly to her head, as Dale exhaled, “You are about to get me to explode, woman”

Sophia licked her lips and murmured, “All over me, baby. Please, Dale”.

“Okay, baby. Get up on that bed, Sophia” Dale got out of those pants and was only left wearing a white t-shirt.

Sophia loved it when Dale took charge. It was one of the things she loved most about their relationship. Dale’s command of her in their bedroom was Sophia’s true turn on.

Red hair swung around her shoulders, as she got into position for Dale. Sophia placed hands on oak headboard and ass upward for Dale to take her from behind.

Dale’s ecstasy came in bringing Sophia to many an orgasm. And, this evening’s events would be no different.

With a drummer’s precision, Dale’s hands smacked that plush ass again and again.

Devouring Sophia’s dripping snatch with a hungry mouth, Dale’s teeth nibbled against her clit.

Sophia’s purrs filled that apartment, as if she were a kitten. Yet, Dale knew this ravishing red-head was a lioness beneath the cotton candy exterior.

Dale ran fingers in and out of Sophia and sucked digits dry. Thirst of temptation was being quenched, as Dale sighed, “Sweet as sugar. And, so is my candy, Sophia”.....


In Sophia’s eyes, Dale was the love of her life. Sophia always had a penchant for bad boys. And, Dale fit that mold of the rebel to it’s fullest. Motorcycle, leather jacket and muscles were Dale’s calling card of seducing sexy Sophia.

Sophia was bubbly and bright. Dale was a bit darker in character. Many saw them as two opposite to be attracted to one another. Yet, as they say – opposites attract.

A.H. Scott shows you love “In Sophia’s Eyes”.

Those who are not able to see the heart will be blind to the soul. ….


.............see love............

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