Monday, October 10, 2011

Over My Head - Contemporary Romance by A.H. Scott


A new novel from A.H. Scott.

A wife. A husband. A lover.

Secrets. Lies. Obsession. Murder.

"Over My Head" is a contemporary romance, filled with smothered aspirations, smoldering sparks, and an explosive conclusion.

Woman at the heart of this novel is Angela Chase. Sexy brunette with a pouting sense of privilege, she always has been spoiled by her tycoon father.

Sometimes a spoiled child becomes a brat that thinks the world should bow down to her. For Angie, she'd enjoyed having her stocking clad knees onto a floor also.

Angela Chase may have been a married woman, but she was far from a shrinking violet on passion's scale. Tiny fractures of her relationship to Lawrence Chase began twiddling away at this woman's self esteem.

Neglecting Angela was Lawrence's first sin. Racing into second place behind neglect, came an act of omission. Alas, what Lawrence Chase set in motion, Angela Chase would barter with in skin of perfumed lotion....

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Nibble on a slice of seduction...;)

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