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Homecoming by A.H. Scott



A.H. Scott

In midday Manhattan, directly in front of the 5th Avenue branch of the New York Public Library, the pair of marble lions had a constant breeze of visitors passing by and entering this institution of varied volumes.

In the busy metropolis, faces become blurs and the speed of life whistles past each soul. Sometimes, people have to just take a deep breath and reflect on where they've been in the past.

As a man and woman passed each other on that busy street, both realized that they knew the other.

Her mane was a bit grayer and pinned up. Unlike when they'd been together earlier, only a few wisps of golden hair caused his memory to be teased. It was her.

Sylvia's coy smile was what he could never forget.

He had a few wrinkles forming around his eyes, yet still she knew that smile. His dark brown hair had a few flecks of gray in it. It was him.

Daniel's gentle voice enraptured her once more, "Sylvia?"

"Daniel?”, her light brown eyes danced with flirtation to this man she'd known years prior.

"You want to get a cup of coffee".

"You and I don't do coffee, Daniel".

He nodded and whispered in her ear, "You're right. We do each other, Sylvia".

Giggling, as she'd done so many times before in his presence, "So, just like old times, huh?"

"If it were like old times, we'd be in a hotel under the next five minutes”, Daniel smiled.

"Well, with maturity, things change”, Sylvia’s wicked wit drifted from her lips, "Make it twenty minutes, Daniel".

A simple concurrence of what both desired came, as they continued walking down the avenue together. Fate must have brought them directly across from a hotel.

Daniel was a gentleman and paid for a suite. Sylvia followed him into an elevator up to the third floor.

Entering hotel room 34, both gazed at the object that would complete the hustle down memory lane. A king sized bed with yellow crocheted coverlet, greeted this unexpectedly aroused couple.

Daniel closed the door behind them, as Sylvia touched the yellow cover and removed it. She turned her head to face him, "I guess this is what an afternoon delight is, huh, Daniel?"

Placing hotel room key into a glass ashtray on a bedside table, Daniel chuckled, "No, darling Syl”, walking over to her, he held this woman in his arms; "This is what we can call unfinished business".

Sylvia let out a laugh and kissed him, "Never thought I'd call being with you business, Daniel".

Running hands up and down her back, he squeezed this plush form, "You feel so good in my arms, Sylvia”, pecking her neck, "You smell just like always before".

Draping arms around his neck, "So do you, Danny”, her eyes gazed up at him, "You still have the strongest grip I've ever known, honey".

Briefly, they giggled like high schoolers, as each tossed off their clothes and ended up beneath those cotton sheets.

Daniel penetrated Sylvia with the rapid pace of a rabbit. Just like instinct, each remembered the feel of the other person. Pussy moistened and opened for him. Cock throbbed and built towards marble for her.

Sheets of pale blue were gathered beneath Sylvia's fingers, as an exploration of eroticism began between them.

Although they'd made love many times over the years before, this time seemed different. Purity's sea washed over their bodies, as droplets of quintessence mixed with sweat.

Sylvia's pussy came alive with every thrust of Daniel's cock. In their younger days, it wouldn't take this much energy at all, for either of them to get off. But, aged flesh became drenched in sweat; from the heated exertion it was taking from both of them.

Daniel's chest heaved towards Sylvia's grinding body, as both twisted and moved together on that bed. Like some slow motioned, elder version of Cirque de Soliel, each regained their acrobatic flare for fantasy fulfillment.

Her breasts wiggled from side to side, as his hands shifted Sylvia's sweaty hips into another familiar position, "Oh, I bet you remember this one, sexy Syl".

"Mmm”, Sylvia smiled, as she suddenly was positioned on all fours at the head of that king sized bed. "Oh, I definitely remember what you like, Danny".

She slightly spread her legs, revealing a moist snatch for him to enter. He slowly licked his lips and pressed that building bulge into a dripping sliver of life.

Back and forth, Daniel and Sylvia became a locomotive of lust.

His strong hands squeezed those plump cheeks, as she moaned in a low tone. He knew her body and the curves of years gone by. Now, a few smacks of that sweet ass and a grinding thrust, led to that moment when Daniel was about to bust.

"I'm coming, Syl!!" ,he howled.

Sylvia's silky voice rose a few octaves, as his hands smacked her ass again and again, "Give it to me. Fuck me harder, Danny!"

Daniel pulled is cock out and Sylvia spun around and down onto the mattress. She patted her hands onto her own sweaty chest, as this man was given a tempting target.

Stream of cum against heaving breasts, were mixed with the sounds of relief from both. Pale blue sheet was used as a sponge to collect that precious cum.

Daniel and Sylvia lay motionless on that bed for a brief period of time. No words were needed or desired by either towards the other person in that bed.

He was far from being the varsity athlete anymore, as his job in an office had him behind a desk most days. And, she had a few extra pounds from the ├ęclairs that she'd grown to love over the years.

Biceps and bellies may have sagged a bit. But, it still was the same fire beneath the skin.

Daniel and Sylvia had a college romance over twenty years ago. Although a marathon of steamy entanglements in the backseats of cars and unmade dorm room beds, each knew their lives would change with graduation.

Little would either have guessed they'd meet each other by happenstance on a New York City avenue.

Daniel and Sylvia were home again, in each other's arms. It felt good and so right, to be together again.

Feelings of days gone by drifted to the surface once more. Yet, both knew this would only be a brief retreat to those carefree moments of their younger days.

Lives were complicated by responsibilities anew. Hourglass drifted beyond the joys of the past and they both took a final deep breath to move forward.

They dressed and gave each other a final hug in the center of that silent hotel room. She began to speak, but he placed an index finger against her lips.

"I know, Syl”, giving this woman he'd experienced such passion with, Daniel smiled, "We'll always have our memories".

Sylvia nodded her head and kissed the tip of Daniel's finger, as a sign of assurance, "My pussy just shed a tear".

It was joy that Daniel just brought into Sylvia's life. Just a brief return to the years of days gone by, was more than fulfilling to this lady with graying blond hair.

Both sighed and began to embark on returning to their lives outside that room. Spouses and children would be the present and future for both. Yet, that bittersweet ride back to their past was filled with a highway of effervescence.

Lazy afternoon of Sylvia running a few errands and Daniel finishing up some business, turned to be a magical encounter in each other's arms.

As they exited the hotel room, he rubbed her shoulder and each looked back at the bed they'd just made love in.

They kissed once more and pulled the door closed behind them.

Onto the street once again, streams of people passed by them quickly. The sun was setting with the speed of a turtle, as each waved goodbye to one another.

Homecoming was complete for a man and woman who'd known the pleasure of getting in touch with the past perfection of carefree joy.

Going home wasn't returning to a location of brick and mortar. Coming home was the refocusing of frayed hearts in a world whizzing by.

Sylvia and Daniel found it on a sunny afternoon in Manhattan.


- A.H. Scott
October 2011

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