Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Quotable A.H. Scott

The Quotable A.H. Scott -

"To look at something and seeing it, is two aspects of the whole. At face value, when we look at another human being, what we see is obvious on it's surface. Seeing that being's soul beneath the camouflage over covering is illuminating". - A.H.Scott


"The slightest action can redeem a soul in ways unseen in daylight. As for moonlight; clarity comes to us all". - A.H. Scott


"Miracles don't have to be something which changes the world around you. You are the miracle that can transform your own world". - A.H. Scott


"The best things in life are those which are unexpected. When you least expect the unexpected, a rose of life blossoms upon your heart". - A.H. Scott

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