Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ambrosial Melody - A Romance by A.H. Scott


Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can be just the pick me up or diversion from the everyday grind of life. Maybe, it's time for grind of a different kind. Hmmm.....

A.H. Scott brings you a story of an average encounter, which leads into an erotic explosion.

Here's a short riddle, which might make you ponder & let your imaginations wander: Way back in the 70's, events were wild. Nothing was off the table for rock and roll Gods. A pair of which enjoyed many a lovely lass. Even as an event of 1974 was about to come soon to pass, it made an impression on all which would forever last.

Rock and Roll is dependent upon four things. One is talent. Two is luck. Three is ambition. Fourth is inspiration. Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can come out of the blue. And, that's what happens to a waitress in a California diner. What she thought was just another boring night working in a greasy spoon, turned to be one she would soon never forget. Let the rhythm move your soul. A.H. Scott is serving up a side of titillation with a few dollops of carnal cream..;)

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