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Justice is just right when a hero is in sight. When an honest man takes a stand, evil schemes don't go as planned. This is "Trouble At Timber Trail (A Russell Harmon Western)".

In 1863, a stranger in the tiny town of Appleton, Montana comes to the aid of the locals in their battle against a greedy land baron. When an honest man takes a stand, evil schemes don't go as planned.

The stranger was Russell Harmon, a drifter from back East.

Just looking for a fair day's work and a meal along the way; he and his old paint, Sugarfoot, are in the right place and time to save the day.

Everyone who came in contact with Russell Harmon called him Dusty. As for gallantry, this man's armor was never rusty.

Come along for the adventure in A.H. Scott's "Trouble At Timber Trail (A Russell Harmon Western)".

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Excerpt -....Riding through the town of Appleton, Dusty and his horse, Sugarfoot, stopped to wet their whistles. Dusty held a bucket in the trough to feed Sugarfoot. The water was cool and the air was dry. As Dusty sat on the edge of the trough, Sugarfoot guzzled from the bucket.

A sudden blast of screams from within the Jones Bank. It was Henry Jones and his assistant, Barney Smith, arguing with cattle rancher, Hiram Wilson.

Bank clerk, Barney Smith, wearing gold rimmed eyeglasses and grey pinstriped suit; made an attempt at standing between both older men.

It was a futile attempt at calming the situation.

Henry Jones, whose Jones Bank of Appleton was the heart of this small town; had a silver head of hair and expanding waistline.

Land baron and cattle rancher, Hiram Wilson. was slender with a trimmed mustache and tidy haircut.

Jones kept telling Wilson that there was no way that he would sell the property at Timber Trail. This property was recently brought by Jones for he and his Family. Timber Trail was located twenty years fro the cliff that overlooked Appleton. Watching like a mischievous child, he gazed at this explosion of vocal chords.

"What are you looking at pardn'r?" , Wilson screamed at Dusty with a growl in his voice.

Stranger in this town with ashy blonde hair and a fit build ran a hand along Sugarfoot's back, as he was roped into this argument.

"Hey Mister, I'm just soaking up the flavor of this town, that's all" Dusty replied with a smile on his face. Even Sugarfoot neighed at his response with a knowing glee.

"Walker!! Get the carriage! We're leaving right now!!" Wilson screamed at his ranch-hand. Willie Walker was short and slim, like a weed. His slimy grin and limp made him look as if he slithered.

Dusty watched as the carriage grew smaller in the distance. Henry Jones came over to Dusty with a grin on his face, "Son, you are one brave tadpole! I have never seen anyone tell Wilson which way is up, like you have! What's your name, kid?"

"I'm Russell Harmon. But, my friends call me Dusty" , he said with a wink in his brown eyes......- end of excerpt

Watch the trailer, "Trouble At Timber Trail" here on YouTube - "Trouble At Timber Trail (A Russell Harmon Western)"

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