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Author A.H. Scott presents a contemporary romance with spice and sparks of suspense. This is "Over My Head".

"What may appear as a simple seduction of a wife into a web of a husband's secret, takes turns that the reader will never see coming. When you think this novel is winding down, it's actually revving up onto a hidden highway of twists and revelations. No one gets out of this life without paying a price. A wife. A husband. A lover. Sex. Money. Power. Lies. Obsession. Murder. Devotion is at the heart of "Over My Head". Devotion comes in many shades. And, what you will find in the pages of my novel is that my characters sacrifice many things for devotion - including themselves. Devotion came in a single kiss.." - A.H. Scott

In this novel set in Wisconsin, a husband's debt becomes a wife's gamble. What begins as a bargain of assisting a spouse with a problem, takes a woman down a rocky road of self reflection, desire and unraveling events from the past. Question is: Can a secret from the past stay submerged forever? Find the answer in the pages of A.H. Scott's "Over My Head".

Please enjoy an extended excerpt from my novel, "Over My Head".

Excerpt Description : An afternoon delight becomes a nightmare in blue....

Excerpt : ....As Angela arrived at the Eight Ball on July 31st, a seated Gennaro Esposito greeted her on a barstool outside of Nicholas Bell's office. Dressed in mint colored silk shirt, forest green slacks, and black leather belt with gold buckle, Espo looked at Chase with a smile and Winston dangling from lips, "Angela, you're looking quite fine, today".

"Is he in, Espo?"

Shifting himself off that barstool, this man in dark green suede boots began to wander towards the sparsely inhabited bar, "For you, yes".

Turning doorknob, a golf ball rolled directly to Angela's nyloned big toe, which darted out beneath a pair of white strapless sandals, "Now, that's a way to greet a lady, Mr. Bell", her red blouse and white skirt, exuded this female's independent feeling in his presence, "Nick, I didn't know you were a golfer?"

"Angie, I'm a Renaissance man", Nick held that silver putter in right hand with the precision of a maestro grasping a baton. Pointing it into Chase's direction, a sly grin and snicker appeared.

Slightly pushing sleeves of that red blouse upward with both hands, Angela rolled a curling wave of cynicism his way, "Hmm, I guess we all have our tricks up our sleeves".

As Nick put putter away in a closet, Angie approached him at the edge of his desk. Kissing one another, Bell's raising hunger culminated in feeling her up, right then and there.

Nick's cotton shirt of sky blue, black pants and dark blue leather belt with silver buckle, continuously pushed against Angie's slim form, "Oh, baby, I just can't wait", as hands massaged her through fabric.

A blushing Angela Chase was being feverishly handled by Nicholas Bell in his office at the Eight Ball. Daughter of Wisconsin society, being taken to heights of ecstasy by a man who'd purchased cache into circles of privilege.

"Do you want me to get out of this, sir?", propping herself back against the edge of his desk, Angela started motioning those curvaceous thighs around Nicholas.

"As I breathe, baby", sighing and smiling with adolescent arousal, Nick squeezed Angie tightly, "As I breathe".

With blistering speed, Nick pulled off Angie's lace, blue panties, "Is this treat for me?" ,placing a warm finger between bristling pussy hairs, getting this woman to moan for him.

As he did so, Angie kissed him and pushed Nick away from her, "Treats come in all shapes and sizes". Desirous instinct took over, unbuckling this man's pants and beginning to unzip his fly. Angela wanted him inside of her, as much as Nick yearned to come in from the cold of solitude.

"Ah, I love an eager beaver", taking in the moment of oncoming satisfaction, Nick was mesmerized by Angie's lustful actions and getting a peek at Iris Mendoza's succulent accomplishment.

"That's good to hear", pushing white fabric up above her hips, Angela was ready to do anything he wished.

She unbuttoned his blue shirt with red manicured fingernails running against bare chest. Blue eyes surveyed red fabric, hankering for what laid beneath.

Angela gave Nicholas what he wanted, as her blouse was unbuttoned to reveal a powder blue bra. Turned on by the way this man was looking at her, those nipples darted against cotton.

Both lips met once more, as he wrapped arms around her back. A lunchtime snack of flesh and fire would fulfill their appetites. Nick's mouth pressed against perfumed neck, with Angie simultaneously handling his awakened cock inside of a pair of white briefs.

Both were sizzling together, when suddenly a familiar sound caught this couple off guard. Two voices were heard talking outside of that office.

Gennaro Esposito was the first person they heard. Yet, it was another male's voice that captured attention from within the environs of Nick's sanctum.

An unexpected guest knocked on that black door, "Nick? I need to talk to you, right now".

Nick moved swiftly away from Angie, as she turned around to pull that blouse closed. Beginning to approach that doorknob, he was stopped by a pleading female with a low voice, "Don't open that door, Nick", holding onto his left arm moderately, she nodded to Bell, "Please, for me. Don't do it".

"You can't go in there!", Espo groaned to this person who wanted entry.

Alas, the doorknob was turned and a harried being looked around that location for Nicholas Bell, "Oh, there you are. Why didn't you answer me, Nick?", seeing him seated behind his desk, the visitor was revealed.

Not shying away from anything or anyone, Nick calmly placed hands on desktop and waved his guest over to a chair, "What brings you by, Larry?"

Lawrence Chase, unaware that his beloved Angela was kneeling beneath Nick's desk, began to make a plea to the man holding a sizable marker, "I wanted to talk to you about the debt".

Angela found the only place in that office, where she could stay unseen. Palms to carpet, she could see the shadow of her husband's feet on the other side of that desk. She closed those eyes and took a deep breath, not knowing what would occur next.

"Now?", questioning this unpleasant choice of Larry Chase's timing, Nick muttered.

"Yes", without invitation, he walked towards a chair, "Can I sit down for a bit?", resting body into seat.

"Um", Bell's eyes glanced around that desk and finally at a cloistered Angela beneath it, "Sure".

Sounding like a man on a mission of saving his own financial neck, Lawrence spoke with a sense of resolution over this matter, "I don't want Angela to find out about this".

"Why not?", Nick calmly asked this determined man a question, which he knew the answer to.

Trying to cling to that final fiber of pride, Lawrence Chase swallowed deeply, "She wouldn't understand how I could fritter away that amount of money", being sank in debt to the Rabbit's Foot Casino in Fairwater, to that extent of $250,000.

Earlier in the Chase marriage, that smaller amount of debt had been taken care of by his wife. This time, Larry couldn't let that burden fall to those silken shoulders of grace.

"Oh, I don't know that", exposed cock in left hand, while grinning at that silent swan in blue bra, "From what I've seen from Angela", releasing that rod of lust, Nick tapped a finger against the desk, "She comes off as being quite tender".

Timidly turning to those attributes that led him to asking Angela Carter to become his wife in the first place, Lawrence barely contained a feather of sorrow, "Her gentleness is the reason why I can't let her find out".

"Can I ask you a question, Larry?", Nick didn't want to go down this lane of somber memories from a remorseful spouse, as he was sitting behind that desk with an aroused ruler of rigidity. Bell wanted this conversation to conclude quite quickly.

Brushing hair with raised hand, Larry tried to relax in that office, "Sure, Nick".

Elbow against armrest and right hand pressing against cheek, Nicholas Bell began to dig in, "Why are you sitting in my office? Especially at this moment in time?"

Holding a marker the size of Larry's, there was no way that this unlucky loser would be able to pay it off. Nick knew this fact, even before the whiff of Angie's perfume wafted over him in room 4 of the Tropical Palms Motel.

He sat waiting for Chase to come up with a plausible response. The words, which came from Larry's mouth, surprised a trio of beings in the Eight Ball.

"This amount of money can't be paid back to you overnight", deep breath taken, "Look at it from my point of view, Nick", reflecting on life with a spouse that wasn't a mental midget, "Angela, isn't stupid", Larry drifted to thoughts of previous blots of physical shortcomings in his marriage, "She can sense things".

"I bet she does", agreeing with Lawrence Chase's assessments, Nicholas Bell referred to his own thoughts of Angela's sensuality when they were together.

Nick's exposed cock, engorged with excitement, dangled at a degree from his unzipped pants. With a carefree smile on that face, he gazed down at a shaking Angie.

Crouched under desk, Angela's lips of regret released a few whispered words, "Don't tell him, Nick".

Paying little attention to what Larry was saying, Nick nodded affirmatively at Angela and got a glimpse of a forgotten gem. Right suede shoe rubbed against those blue lace panties next to it. Opening a desk drawer, Bell placed this treasure inside.

Larry's sighs filled the room, "She's the biggest gamble I've ever taken in my life".

Seated there, Nicholas Bell finally contained that cobra inside those black pants, standing and sitting on the edge of his desk, "Look, I'm not a marriage counselor, Nick".

"Shit, I'm not asking you to be", Larry's spine turned to marble when it came to Angie, as flickers of dejection filled the room, "But, I don't want to let her down".

"How could you let down a woman like Angela?", giving the person sitting in his office a squint of disbelief at that statement, Nick wanted to jump over that desk and remind Larry just how lucky a man he actually was. Not only marrying a beautiful woman. But, having the hand and heart of his boss' daughter. This is what Bell viewed.

"It's the gambling that will make her see me as nothing more than a fraud", realizing the depth of mistakes he's made over the years, Lawrence wished for a marriage to be on solid ground again.

Bell felt suddenly triggered by Chase's use of that word of deception, "Fraud? What are you getting at?"

"I know this sounds dense. But, my wife would give you the shirt off her back", saying something so simple to fill the void of explaining how allowable Larry's spouse was, caused Nick and Angela to react.

Nick's eyebrow slightly rose, while Angie's head sunk in distress.

Lawrence continued rolling out his feelings, "Oh, God, what kind of pun have I made", hands covered face in a blushing shame, as he exhaled, "Angela would feel like it's some kind of duty for her to step in and save me".

"Maybe you should talk to her about this, Larry", slowly motioning head from side to side, "And, not me", fingers tapped side of desk twice more.

Sad eyes of brown looked down at carpet with a sigh, "Damnit, if I did that", Larry raised head and looked Nick directly in his blue eyes, "I couldn't bear the look of disappointment in Angela's eyes".

Angela Chase cringed, as she heard those words of Lawrence's diminished pride. Reflexively clasping both hands to mouth, this hidden female gently began to weep beneath Nicholas Bell's desk.

As one eye surveyed a depleted Angie and the other focusing on her spouse, Nick had to come up with some sort of diversion of getting this man's attention, "Larry, I know it's not my place", walking with deliberate speed to this depressed guest, he gave a feign touch of an understanding hand to right shoulder, "But, I think you should go home and think about what you've got".

"You mean, Angie?", slowly motioning upward, Larry's sense of envy flowed towards Bell. It was the first time in months, that he'd felt a need to sternly sway a man's implications of attention to his wife.

"Hey", noticing the sudden change in Chase's demeanor at that moment in time, Nick gave an assuring smile to him, "You're wife is a beautiful woman" ,making an obligatory compliment to that unseen spouse, Bell gave an underlying reason, "But, I don't mean Angela. I'm talking about that life you lead, Larry".

"My life isn't so wonderful, Nick", exhaling loudly, he starting shaking his head, "I've got this 250 hanging over my head".

"But, then again", an invisible sword of destruction to Lawrence's world mysteriously evaporated, "I'm definitely not Damocles" ,a tiny smirk came to those lips, "Come on, you get yourself home and relax" ,breathing loud enough to cover the low sighs of Angela's tears, Nicholas turned into a seemingly generous man, "There's enough time for me" ,left hand patted him on the back, leading Larry to that closed door, "And, telling Angela the truth".

"Your time will come before hers", courage that Larry had in standing up to this man that held an enormous financial marker, vanished when thinking of revealing an unpleasant truth to a trusting wife.

Opening door, Nick shrugged at that response, "Well, at least I know I've done my part", knowing Larry was far too weak to tell his wife the truth, he smirked.

"Thanks, Nick", initiating a handshake with him, Larry felt a sense of relief as he walked out of that office.

"Don't worry about a thing", in a jovial tone, Nicholas Bell closed the door behind a departing Chase, while Esposito walked Lawrence down the Eight Ball's hallway.

Crawling out from beneath that desk, Angela's frame shook with shame over hearing those words of devotion and inefficiency from her husband.

Panting, Angie stared at her aroused associate, "What just happened?"

"That was close", Nick slowly began rubbing Angela's shoulders up and down.

"Too close", Angela softly replied.

Nick's strong arms caressed that soft flesh, as he comforted her, "Angela, you have nothing to be ashamed of", taking this discussion somewhere that was uncharted, "In fact, it's Larry that should be ashamed in not loving you the right way. And, even in some ways, he wants to make you proud of him".

Bell said something to this neglected woman, which she knew was true.

"I better go", gently pulling herself away from his grip, she knew the moment had been lost.

"Come on, babe", ,with a wink and a smile, he tried to charm her again, "You owe me a gander at Iris' handiwork".

"Well, that will have to keep", Angela began buttoning red blouse, "Tight as my thighs will be shut".

Nick felt his black covered crotch, as that cock remained in raised motion for her, "Angie, I'm still stiff for you".

"Hmm, that's good for my ego", unrolling white skirt down from her waist slowly, Angela grinned, "This lunch date has been more than I bargained for", beginning to step towards that door.

Closely walking behind, Nick wrapped those longing arms around Angie, "Just think about this as just a quick bite".

"And, next time?", turning herself around and smiling at this anxious male.

"The full course", letting out a moderate laugh, Nick returned to his colorful conquest on Angie's flesh, "With a lemonhead as a luscious dessert".

Turning silver doorknob with left hand, "You do have a way with words, Mr. Bell".

Blowing a few words of desire into her ear, an appreciative Nick moaned, "As do you with a cock, Angela".

Door opened slightly, as she gently began to tease this male, "Maybe you should get a bigger guard dog, Nick".

"And, why's that?", Nick held door open, as she walked down that hallway in a slow strut.

"Interruptions", flash of brown curl whisked away from Nick, as her body brushed past Esposito, "Bye, Espo".

"Goodbye, Angie", Espo grinned over this exiting vision of lust, as he strode into that office and Bell closed the door behind him, "What was that all about?"

"Nothing to worry about".

"She's in here. Then he's in here", slyly smiling at his old friend, he inquired about that couple, "What happened?"

"Let's just say it's two peas passing in the midday", Nick began acting as if nothing out of the ordinary just occurred in his office.

"What?", placing hands on the hip area of those forest, green slacks, Espo snickered in disbelief.

"Ah, Espo", waving his hand downward, "Don't worry about it", buttoning up sky blue shirt and sitting down, "He's hiding shit from her. And, she's hiding shit from him".

"Oh, I see", arms covered in mint silk folded, as Esposito looked at him, "And, you're just the piece of wood she's decided to fiddle with, Nick?", tittering at this situation.

Life's melody broke this sarcastic symphony, as Nick held both hands upward and began to work them like a violin virtuoso, "Call me Stradivarius, my friend".

Chuckles and laughter filled that location, as both men thought of those prior moments of an afternoon interruption.

In Angela's haste to leave Nicholas' office at the Eight Ball, a pair of blue lace panties had been left. Being in Nick's presence, she began forgetting many things. One of which was the vow taken to be Mrs. Lawrence Chase. The second remained the loneliness of not being touched by an inattentive husband. ...End Of Excerpt

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