Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Morsel Of Romance - "Jennifer" by A.H. Scott

A tasty crumb from "Jennifer".

Excerpt from author A.H. Scott's "Jennifer":

Jennifer never could be mistaken for a twig or toothpick in her shape. And, her fence of self preservation always had an invisible aura of electricity to protect this wounded sparrow.

With a single word from Teddy’s lips, her defenses dissipated.

“Beautiful” Releasing her hands, Teddy cradled Jennifer’s cheeks in his own hands.

One word flourished into implemented actions by a determined man.

Several deep and passionate kisses were planted on those lips of Jennifer, as Teddy began to show this woman what beauty was in his soul.

Jennifer felt a tingling sensation within, as Teddy’s warm hands motioned down her back slowly. Fingers fanned out around each butt cheek and scooped her ass upward.

Her posterior was not an apple shape of firmness, but a cream puff of fluff.

Teddy was eager to explore every morsel of this bountiful woman standing before him, as Jennifer cast off those crumbs of embarrassment about herself.

Kisses so tender began upon her left cheek and down onto the corresponding shoulder, as she couldn’t help but whisper “Please, be gentle with me, Teddy…”

“Like a feather, dear Jennifer” Hands motioned along her torso gently, as Teddy circled each plush blossom with his tongue. He was going to make a scintillating feast of her with every touch this night.

Bending downward slightly, his mouth met pillowy stomach with a trail of puckers towards a patch of dark pubic hair.

Teddy’s tongue darted inside of her and Jennifer tittered.

His head returned upward and kissed each breast once more “I want you, Jennifer” Taking her by the right hand, Teddy and she sat upon the bed covered in rose petals.

Scent of red and pink scattered petals were the aromatic accent to an aria of arousal which was about to take place for them.

Lightly, he pushed her body into a reclined position. Teddy’s hands parted plush thighs and tongue tip made contact with her pearl.

“Ooh, Teddy” Breathless, Jennifer wiggled a bit with every touch.

His head became like a martini shaker, moving in a frenetic movement around the entirety of pussy. Juicy lips and clit were the fruit a tempted man feasted on for several moments.

Jennifer rubbed her hands past stomach and twisted fingers around brown hair.

She was about to come and didn’t want him to know just how divine his technique was, while trying to hold back.

Teddy’s head was flittering furiously onto Jennifer’s pussy, as he became the bee intoxicated by her pollen.

Jennifer could no longer contain the ecstasy she was experiencing “I’m gonna come, Teddy! Damn, I’m coming…..!!!”

Skillful fingers replaced tongue, as Teddy snickered “Come for me, Jenny!!” Gazing up at this woman in full flourish, “Your pussy is so alive and I want you to enjoy it all”.

Two and then three fingers probed inside of her silky folds, while she swerved to the left and right in some kind of spastic sexual release.

She came again.

And with that, Teddy wasn’t even at the gate of his own fulfillment’s start on this evening. Desire which he had for Jennifer wasn’t restrained any longer “Now, we shall rise together Jennifer”.

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