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“….I – Ronald Wilson Reagan….”

Crackle of a Presidential swearing-in came through a small television on the reception desk, as a group of people streamed off the elevator and signed the log on a counter nearby.

FBI Headquarters was almost barren that morning of January 20th 1981, as seven people approached a conference room on the 5th floor.

Head of one of the Justice Department’s Divisions, Laurence Addams, stood up from the far end of a dark brown conference table and greeted them, “Right on time, everyone”.

Man who was leading the others into this room spoke first, “Would’ve figured you’d be down at the swearing-in, Larry”.

Addams walked towards this man dressed in dark blue suit and shook his hand, “Me, too, Eddie”.

Special Federal Investigator Randall Edward Skylark laughed, “Well, the more things change…the more they change, huh?”

“You are so right, my friend” Patting Edward on his back, Laurence began to walk around to the others, “I just wanted to personally thank each one of you for your accomplishment on this case”.

Members of Skylark’s team; Alberta Jankes, Ginger Rhodes, Cecil Lilly, Mitchell Pearson, Elliott Graves, and Randall Clarke were given the golden treatment by this political appointee.

And, none of them was about to shy away from the good words coming from Laurence’s lips.

Laurence Addams, a Jacksonville, Vermont native, proceeded to get down to business with them, “Okay, enough of the small talk, people. Let’s sit down and tie up the loose ends on this one”.

Skylark placed binders in front of eight places that each sat at, as the light air of this sunny morn became heavy with the details of the investigation.

“Edward?” Laurence asked, “Give me what you got”.

Edward Skylark pulled two items out of a white folder and placed them onto the table, “This is the reason we are here, lady and gentlemen”.

Addams slightly motioned out of his chair and gazed at what was there, “Yes…it is”.

Two photographs of two victims.

One was murdered. The other was left to pick up the pieces of a life in ruins.

Man and woman.

Edward Skylark placed right index finger upon the image of the female, “Margaret Dolores Howard. 31 years old. Born January 28th,1948 in Hoxeyville, Michigan”. Next, he placed left parallel digit onto picture of the man, “Kenneth Carter Peterson. 33 years old. Born 1946. Birthplace is Evart, Michigan”.

Laurence began to shake his head in disbelief of what happened, “It’s a sad thing, what happened to them. Gosh, they’re so young”.

Assistant Special Investigator Alberta Jankes nodded in agreement, “If only youth could be protected from pain”.

Addams sighed, “Yes, that is so true” Biting his bottom lip “Go ahead and tell me what you’ve got here, Skylark”.

“Ugliness of the human soul” Edward began to unravel the events that occurred back in October 1979.

Sometimes the easiest secrets are those that are hidden in life's blind spots......- END OF EXCERPT

This is "Buckets Of Rain".


Danger is closer than you think..........

Murder in a sleepy Michigan town leads to an investigation that uncovers a conspiracy just beneath the cloak of civility.

A couple attacked. Two lives destroyed. Truths become exposed in the harshest way to avoid.

When "Buckets Of Rain" cascade, illusions of secrets in life's blind spots begin to fade.

A.H. Scott pulls the trigger on a thriller that's truly a killer.

Even days when the sun shines brightest, "Buckets Of Rain" fall.

The most dangerous place to be is at the helm of hubris.


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