Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Venus Flytrap" - A Sweet Sprouting by A.H. Scott


Vanessa and Paul worked at the Garden of Eden Nursery

She worked roses

He worked trees

After the workday, they really got down

His place, her place

It didn't matter much

Because, each burned with every touch

This night Vanessa made it home before Paul finished up

When he knocked and twisted her doorknob, it opened with a breeze

She knew his eyes would be pleased

Her dark mane of black hair kissed her shoulders, as she stood with a smile

Betwixt Vanessa's thighs was a few wisps of curls

He unbuttoned his shirt and got down to work

But, Vanessa took the lead and gathered his rod

Grasping his oak in hand, Vanessa's blue eyes gazed up at this man

Paul sputtered a few words to no one's surprise

As the tip of Vanessa's tongue made his tree's tip soon make a rise

Paul was a sturdy sequoia that Vanessa's pouting leaves took in and out ever softly

Soft mouth and teeth worked this hardening meat

Vanessa loved the way Paul could plant a stake within her deep

Paul's limb became quite stout, as it furiously went in and out

Vanessa's thighs were glistening with sweat

Oh, just how good could this lusty interaction get?

Luscious legs wrapped around broad back

Almost like vines encasing a marble column

Venus flytrap held lover tightly inside

Tree of temptation continued the divine slide

Gliding up and down on him, Vanessa smiled

Paul's mojo was racing an Acqueduct mile

Flytrap released buzzing bee from its' clutches

Thank heaven's that Paul's third limb wasn't in need of crutches

Reclining onto the sofa, Paul called Vanessa over, "You are my rose, dear Nessa".

She hummed a few bars from The Time's "Oak Tree"....;)

- A.H. Scott

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