Wednesday, January 30, 2013


In the world of international auctions, a Vancouver antiques dealer is at the center of an erotic & exotic quest for treasures from a pair of fated lovers of centuries gone by.

A woman's love for a man delivered danger onto the doorstep of Arlington Cross. Love was adventure he never saw coming his way. Yet, romance was beyond the bounds of time.

From a simple action in 1758 France, Manon was a woman who sacrificed her glittering bobbles to get a lover out of prison. Seems like something so innocuous to lead to a modern day mystery. Yet, her name was Manon Balletti. And, the man who held her heart was known more famously by his last name - Casanova...

A.H. Scott sets the game of life on edge in the pages of "Rack Em".

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romance is beyond the bounds of time.....

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