Wednesday, July 11, 2012



"If you look in the mirror and see a stranger standing before you, then you know it's time to change your trajectory in life. If you look in the mirror and see an old friend, then you know your soul is home again. Mirrors can be a snapshot in time. But, also an ever evolving and revolving reflector of mind, body and soul. Some moments sparkle with light. Some moments diffuse in contrast shadow. Yet, the mirror doesn't lie in the corner of your eye." - A.H. Scott

"A classic is a classic, no matter who may turn their noses up to it. A person who doesn't open their mind to something on the edge of stark realism in any form, will never absorb an expanding horizon." - A.H. Scott

"Deepest recesses of the human soul are darkest before the crimson flag of eternity" - A.H. Scott 6/16/12

"The day that Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/TheLeft stop being sprinters; maybe they will catch up with the Conservatives/TheRight/Republicans, who are running a marathon. Short distance is as far as the tip of your nose. Long distance is a memory, which gets a person to see decades down the road. Now, that's what those who sprint should learn and ALWAYS remember." - A.H. Scott 6/24/12

"Walls can't contain the human spirit. Some people are imprisoned with impoverished souls. While others find tranquility in the solitude of the smallest of spaces. It doesn't matter where you may lay your head at night, if your mind is adrift in the dark abyss. Three hots and a cot can be more priceless than the gilded ransom of a king. Behind the wall, there is wisdom of life's purest form. Some who have been on the inside are smarter than many of us on the outside." - A.H. Scott

"Not everybody in the world will love you. But, if at least one person likes you; then you don't have to convince anyone else of your worth. You know you are a good person inside. And, besides, if everyone you meet will love you; that concept of affection will be so watered down that you won't know champagne from cherry Kool-Aid." - A. H. Scott

"Backwoods doesn't mean backwards. Gotham doesn't mean gifted. Wisdom is beyond location." - A.H. Scott

"It's not where your feet land that matters most. It's where your head is, when it's time to find your way out of the wilderness. From the greenest grass to the grayest concrete, your path is what you make of it." - A.H. Scott


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